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Top 10 Best Sword Art Online Wallpapers HD

Updated on June 4, 2013
Sword Art Online Main Characters
Sword Art Online Main Characters

Sword Art Online is an anime series which features a virtual reality game where being the strongest is what matters most. Kirito Kirigaya, the anime series’ main male protagonist spends most of his time playing video games to avoid real-life stress. He was a beta-tester of Sword Art Online giving him enough confidence to try out the game without any worry. However, he was among the thousands of players who ended up shocked after noticing that there the logout button is missing. All the players where then gathered and briefed about the situation. The man behind Sword Art Online intentionally deleted the logout button. He further explained that leaving the game without finishing it is impossible and will only set forth death to the player.

Kirito was among the few who accepted the drastic change of its rules without panicking. Others committed suicide while some decided to stay behind and forget about facing monsters in fear of dying. Kirito along with other brave players embarked on a journey to finish the game and be back to real life. He met Asuna Yuuki, a beautiful player who is known for both her power and speed in using a sword. They failed to get along well at first yet nothing can stop their hearts from drawing closer to each other. Will their love be enough to conquer the game? Can Kirito protect Asuna until the end? Is there dream to meet in real life be a reality or will disappear along with the game? Sword Art Online is definitely one of the hottest anime series today and a must see for every anime fan!

Probably one of the best aspects of Sword Art Online is its well-made graphics. Characters are vividly illustrated and the background scene in every scene is nothing but majestic. Fight scenes and special effects are among the best I’ve seen in anime as well. Are you a fan of Sword Art Online or is simply interested about is beauty? Here is my list of Top 10 Sword Art Online Wallpapers HD to fire-up your urge to watch this amazing anime series.

Kirito and Asuna first met when they were just low level. Back then, Kirito is a much knowledgeable player because he was a part of the game’s beta release. Asuna on the other hand, knows nothing. She simply gained enough courage to get out of safety and face horrifying monsters since she wants to go back in the real world. Their first meeting happened simply because both of them were alone. None of them imagined that their paths will soon tie up together in the near future.

The game Sword Art Online involves no magic. It’s all about swordsmanship so apart from unparalleled skill, having the best sword is a must if you’re aiming for the top. Asuna and Kirito have two of the most powerful swords in the game making them a seemingly unbeatable duo.

Don’t misunderstand Kirito as lazy. He just wants to enjoy a wonderful day which is why he rarely joins dungeon sieges during the day. Kirito loves to take a nap under a tree’s shade. Asuna scolded Kirito for being so carefree but she ended up joining Kirito having a great time relaxing.

Asuna and Kirito’s relationship suddenly sparked when a situation arose where their unity is crucial. Kirito was still reluctant about having a partner because of his past experience but Asuna was eager. She convinced Kirito to form a party with her and their long-lasting devotion to protect each other started from there. Kirito and Asuna eventually got married and settled down and shared sweet days together despite being trapped in a game.

Killing a boss is impossible with the best gears in Sword Art Online. Kirito was originally a solo player so it’s not surprising why he managed to collect good items. On the other hand, Asuna is the right-hand of a well-known guild which gives justice to her very strong armor and weapon. No monster or player is strong enough to stop this powerful couple from finishing the game.

Sword Art Online Season 1 only featured a few characters. Nevertheless, all of them are well-developed. Sachi, a member of Kirito’s former guild was featured in one whole episode. This alone proves that the people behind this wonderful anime respects good character development and won’t leave any question about an important character’s history unanswered.

Kirito and Asuna’s actual in-game marriage was not shown since it was simply narrated. Nevertheless, it’s certain that the event was the happiest day of their life. This couple is bounded by trust, hope, and love so it’s not a surprise why they lasted long despite all the odds. They even made a promise to meet each other and fall in love again in real life once they manage to finish the game.

I’ve never seen a fight scene as exciting when Kirito and Asuna faced a very strong dungeon boss on their own. Their lives were at stake yet they managed to pull it through. Kirito’s dual-wielding skill finished off the enemy yet it’s undeniable that the victory won’t be possible without Asuna’s assistance.

Kirito is not a perfect warrior. In fact, he often gets tricked and used because of his pure heart. He is always willing to help others and would do anything particularly if it’s for Asuna. This is why he almost got killed by a deranged member of Asuna’s guild. Kirito was suspicious about his assailant but Asuna pleaded him to go along and do what their guild’s official wants. Nevertheless, Asuna got on time and protected Kirito. Her anger was so intense that she almost killed a guildmate yet Kirito interrupted and put an end to the crazy player’s life with his own hands.

Asuna’s battle stance is purely offensive. She relies on speed and number of attacks to achieve maximum damage. Hitting her won’t be very easy as well since her swordsmanship is among the best. If fueled by the will to protect Kirito from eminent danger, Asuna can be rendered unstoppable in the battlefield.

A Video Tribute for Kirito and Asuna

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      MrGuts740 4 years ago

      i can't wait till season 3 AKA Gun Gales Online

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      dailytop10 5 years ago from Davao City

      Thank you! Anime series nowadays are very entertaining. Most of them portray important life values as well so they're definitely a must see. Have a great day!

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      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Beautiful. I like yr hub. You have explain in detail and sounds very captivating. Will watch online. Great hub