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(VIDEOS)Top 10 Microsoft Most Awkward Moments in Public

Updated on August 19, 2015

10- Bill and Steve “playday”

When Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are not busy counting their money or saving children in Africa, they like to go out and relax, and like all multimillionaires they love to ride carousels and non-electrical scooters, wait, they like to do WHAT?

A short funny video Microsoft presented at the Professional Developers Conference back in 2001.

9- Bill Gates incredible Olympic skills

Okay we all know Mr. Gates is a genius who revolutionized computer industry, in fact, he created an industry for software. But what else can he do? Fight dinosaurs? Fart planets out of his anus? No! He can jump chairs!! Whoaaa! Everybody goes mad. Watch the video, a true athlete.

So this is what rich people do in their free time. Well at least the interviewer seemed delighted a nerd could jump a chair.

8- Bill Gates and Conan O’Brien

If you thought that was embarrassing, what about having your own software not working on public TV? Not just any public channel, but Conan O’Brien show! Oh the humiliation! But it’s okay, in the end of the day he still is the world’s richest man. Watch the video and notice how embarrassed and pissed off Bill looked (bare in mind it’s a pissed off nerd, so do not expect a Kung-Fu fight).

Conan did help in making the situation alittle bit worst, he even made the guy try again while the program was not yet working.

7- Bill Gates vs Door

What is the least thing it is expected from a renowned genius? That he knows how to open a door. We know the man loves Windows, but it is just a door!

Come on old Bill, it is your own building! Oh well, ladies first.

6- Steve Ballmer loves developers (too much)

It must be exciting to be Microsoft’s CEO, not only you have the great opportunity to have a great impact society, but you also have the brightest minds working for you, turning your vision into reality. Well, Ballmer got a little bit too excited on stage, and also a little ‘wet’.

And if you didn’t count, he said ‘developers’ 16 times.

5- Bill and Steve “da da”spoof commercial

Bill and Steve are one of the funniest duos on the tech world, not only they presented their own spoofs on Microsoft conferences, they also did funny commercials when Microsoft started to become ‘big’. From a 1997 Volkswagen Golf commercial spoof.

On the video they pick up a Sun workstation system (Microsoft competitor) and later on dump it next to a bin.

4- Bill and Steve spoof video

One of the videos the duo did to be played at a Microsoft conference, at the time they were launching Windows 98, and what’s the best way to sell software? If you said awkward dancing and head movements you are totally correct!

Quoting Bill Gates himself: “No way!”

3- Bill Gates and the blue screen of death

If you use Windows or have used somewhere in your life, you probably know one of its biggest problems is the sudden and unexplainable ‘blue screen of death’, a little weird malfunction that freezes your computer and reboots it, sometimes causing serious internal damage. Guess what, this happened to Bill Gates while on a conference! Right on stage! Shame on you Mr. Gates!

2- Steve Ballmer shouting and screaming

If you think you have seen Ballmer going full mad on the video from the 6th position on our list. You dead wrong. Steve Ballmer is gold when it comes to awkward, creepy moments. Just watch this video from a Microsoft conference when he came on stage to do his presentation:.

I guess money makes you scream like a little girl.

1- Bill Gates eats Apple pie

So what is the worst it can happen in public? Perhaps a noisy fart. Not for old Billy, if the shouting and screaming was one of Steve Ballmer’s most awkward public moments, Bill Gates definitely takes the cup. On a regular busy CEO day, Mr. Gates got not 1, not 2, but 3 pies right on his face!

Oh no! An Apple pie! I better jump out of the Windows!

© 2015 StephanPoe


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