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Top 10 Canadian Electronic Music Festival's

Updated on December 17, 2010

Update: this top 10 listing on this page will be adjusted as the votes come in

There may not be a Lallapalooza in Winnipeg, or a Coachella in Calgary, but there are still places in Canada where you can relieve the stresses of every day life and enjoy some quality electronic music in the comfort of Canada's wilderness. Although there are many music festivals that offer a pinch of electro, or a dash of dubstep, along with a plethora of jazz, blues, country and rock bands, if you are looking for the wonderment and one of a kind experience that only a purely electronic music festival can offer, then pack a lawnchair and your good-time face and hit at least one of the top 10 Electronic Music Festivals in Canada.

Shambhala [Salmo, BC]

Shambhala is a yearly electronic music festival held in the West Kootenay Mountain range of British Columbia, Canada during the second week of August at the Salmo River Ranch. The festival lasts five days and four nights and offers a mix of music and art in the middle of nature. It 'is the crucible of artistry and musical mayhem. It is the zenith of modern underground entertainment.'

The festival began in 1998 and has grown to become the largest and one of the longest running electronic music event in Canada, featuring DJs and performers from around the globe. It has six uniquely themed stages which consist of The Living Room, The Rock Pit, The Fractal Forest, The Village, The Labyrinth, and The Pagoda, and is held on the Salmo River Ranch, a 500-acre cattle ranch in the mountains outside of Nelson. Since the beginning, it has been a family-run event and has never accepted any corporate sponsorship with advertising being done through word-of-mouth. In the summer months, the ranch becomes home to volunteers & event staff who contribute to repairing and adding on to the many permanent structures on site.

Connect - [Besant, SK]

Connect is something special, Not only is it Canada's First electronic music festival, it is also the longest running and it is a one of a kind experience like no other music festival can ever top, It may be a quarter of the size of some of these bigger festivals ( Connect brings in roughly 2000 people each year) I personally have been to 80% of the festivals on this list, and still I would prefer connect over all of the festivals I have listed, Located in a magical Saskatchewan prairie oasis 60 km's west of Regina SK on highway #1, For the last 16 years it runs August long weekend every year from the evening of Friday until Noon on Monday. People from all walks of life come out and let their hair down

Eclipse - [Quebec]

all in nature! Eclipse is a festive event of visual and musical art reuniting artists, participants and travellers from all corners of the globe. filled with contemporary electronic music, dance, alternative philosophies, synergy, and symbiosis the festival will offer a varied and futuristic musical program, with avant-gardist, large-scale installations, visuals and artistic concepts. There’ll be something for every one of your senses! performances from many international artists, recognized and loved all over the world.

Motion Notion [Drayton Valley, AB]

Motion Notion is a yearly electronic music festival held in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada during the third week of July at the Bent River Ranch. The festival lasts five days and four nights and offers a mix of music and art in the middle of nature. This is 'one of North America's best festival venues' and as of 2010, this festival is in its 11th consecutive year. The vibe is said to be similar to that of Shambhala, where peace and good vibes rain down as thousands of people come to enjoy this electronica haven.

Mutek [Montreal, QC]

For the last 11 years, something electronically special has been brewing in Montreal. Throughout five adventurous days and nights, Mutek emphatically made a case for being quite possibly the worldís premier showcase for forward-thinking, cutting edge electronic music and digital creativity. Accompanied by its unmatchable array of stunning visual spectacles, every year bring's a host of over 150 artists and acts who converge to dazzle and challenge us night after night, it is impossible to take in everything.

Soundwave [Ucluelet, BC]

Soundwave is a three day Journey Less Ordinary that features global talent ranging from Live Sets, to an All Vinyl Shakedown. This electronic music festival is held on the beautiful and rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. Soundwavers camp for the three days at the Mussel Beach Wilderness campground located close to Ucuelet, B.C. and enjoy 5 sound stages and an incredibly diverse offering of international and local talent.

Astral Harvest - [Driftpile, AB]

Experience this community like festival firsthand. When you're not listening to the likes of acts such as Narcophone, Vibe SquaD and Evol Intent you can try your hand at hula hoop construction, take part in a yoga instruction or practice your moves at a bellydancing workshop. Tickets for this festival are $100 to $140.

Pack your best dancing shoes, outdoor friendly of course, and head to one of these great festivals this summer. Due to their popularity tickets will often sell out before the start of the event, and will likely cost you more at the door anyway. Be prepared for all weather and all things as conservative Canada shows you its more daring side.

Evolve [Antigonish, NS]

Evolve Festival is an annual music 3-day summer celebration of music and culture near Antigonish, Nova Scotia, dedicated to the promotion of sustainable living and environmental awareness. From its start in 2000 as a grassroots music and awareness festival, the festival uses renewable energy sources, recycled and biodegradable products and endeavours to limit solid waste. Voted 'Best Festival in Canada 2010' by CBC Radio3 listeners, The festival has grown to showcase world-class performers from around the globe.

North Country Fair [Slave Lake, AB]

The North Country Fair is one of the summer's most bohemian, ecliptic, peace-and-love filled music festivals. It is 'woodstock all over again, peace, love and tons and tons of wonderful indie and alternative music.' Thirty years have given this festival some seniority over the other festivals in this list, and with its recent government funding it is sure to be around for a while longer. Sitting on over 100 acres this place is good for first rate camping, northern lights, a natural amphitheater, and an abundance of festival spirit. This festival is from July 18th to 20th, directly on summer solstice, meaning sunset and sunrise are only an hour apart. The midnight sun of the north can only be described as magical. Some of western canada's best DJ's perform at this festival and the night party is apparently off the hook.

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Igloofest - [Montreal, QC]

this unique event is held in January every year, they promise the best artists of the electronic scene, a unique and striking architectural scenery, a hilarious snowsuit contest and an electrifying atmosphere that will surely generate the hottest nights of winter!


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    • profile image

      Les 3 years ago

      MEME (Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition) should really be here. It has quickly become one of the premiere electronic music festivals in western Canada. Check out

    • DanielReed23 profile image

      DanielReed23 4 years ago from New Orleans, Louisiana

      Just announced music lovers!

      Pemberton Music Festival is coming to Pemberton, BC, Canada over July 18 - 20, 2014! More information on tickets, the lineup, and more epic information on the website!

    • profile image

      Jamie Gib 4 years ago

      Just so everyone knows, Soundwave is no longer happening :(

    • profile image

      Janey 5 years ago

      Cannot wait for Connect XVII this year! It'll be my second year going. Last year was absolutely amazing, I had a blast! There was even a free pancake breakfast, :) Everyone should definitely try this one out if you haven't before. Hope to see you there! xo

    • profile image

      Sink 5 years ago

      I'm surprised to not see WEMF on this list

    • profile image

      ARIF 7 years ago

      arif kau lagi ngapain nich

    • Chris Crow profile image

      Chris Crow 7 years ago

      Thanks for the peak into the world of electronic music. I had no idea Canada has such an electronic music presence.

    • Shadowblack profile image

      Shadowblack 7 years ago from England

      Good to see a healthy interest in electronic music in Canada. I know I'd enjoy Eclipse.