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Top 10 Casey Veggies Songs Of All Time - Casey Veggies Music Videos

Updated on September 20, 2014
Casey Veggies
Casey Veggies

Casey Veggies

Casey Veggies is a rapper from Inglewood, California who released his first mixtape at the young age of 14. He was originally in a group called OFWGKTA but decided to do his own thing after releasing his first tape. Currently, he has released four independent record label mixtapes the management company, Peas & Carrots International.

Casey performed in an opening act with Mac Miller on his Blue Slide Park Tour when finished high school and since then, he has been performing with hip hop heavyweights such as Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Tyler The Creator, Nipsey Hussle and Juicy J. Casey Veggies released a mixtape titled,"Mixed Veggies" with Chicago rapper, Rockie Fresh in 2013 which features not only the two of them but Ty Dolla $ign, Kirko Bangz and Juicy J.

Here are my top 10 Casey Veggies songs and videos of all time. Enjoy.

Top 10 Casey Veggies Songs and Music Videos Of All Time

1. She In My Car Ft. Dom Kennedy

2. Whip It

3. Everything Wavy

4. Life Changes

5. Ridin Roun Town

6. The Team

7. Swag Worth a Mill

8. Sauna

9. Can I Live Ft. Mac Miller

10. Faces


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