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Top 10 Covers on Youtube

Updated on March 21, 2012

My Top 10 Favorite Covers in YouTube

I've already talked about the bottom-up approach of YouTube and how it is empowering individuals all over the world. YouTube has become a global platform where people can freely express and one thing that his has significantly influenced is the music industry. So many skilled and talented individuals are given an opportunity to share their talents to the world through YouTube. Anyone with a simple camera can just share to the world and the whole world is surely watching.

Here are some of my favorite covers on YouTube. Many of them are actually real celebrities now and are making their own original songs and are becoming very successful through music. I don't necessarily like all the other songs they make but these ones are some of those that I actually liked.

Gabrielle Aplin

This is such a lovely rendition to Bob Dylan's classic "The Times They Are A Changin". I love how she changed the melody a bit and gave it her own flavor. I just love what she does with the notes. Without being disrespectful, I hope, I actually like this more than the original one. I just love the mood especially that it's being sang by a girl with such an amazing and unique tone and style of singing.

Christina Grimmie

This one's not even a cover but it's the video of her the I like. I'm not even so fond of the songs that she likes to cover but hey she's really awesome and it's proven in this video. She's actually quite a big celebrity now getting millions of views and collaborating with other YouTube artists. You can check her songs out if you want but really her passion and movement for dubstep is just so lovely. I love how she dances outside of the norm and doesn't care and just rides the music. It's just something unique in a girl, in my opinion. We actually have the same kinds of dance steps and I find that so amusing.

Maddi Jane

I actually randomly watched this while shopping in S&R. It was showing one of their display TVs. And I actually love it so much more than the original. And this again shows how young talented people can have exposure and opportunities because of YouTube and the internet. The access to equipment for music and video production is so much easier and cheaper now. Anyone can make a professional looking music video with good quality recorded songs and just upload it to YouTube just like this young girl.

This girl is also super popular already. Not as popular as Justin Bieber (but keep in mind that even he was discovered through YouTube).

Kate McGil and Co.

For this cover of The Only Exception by Paramore, it's a combination of different artists from different countries. It's just an amazing expression of freedom of assembly, of communication, and of collaboration, all made possible by the internet.

Plus, some of them are actually pretty hot. All their voices are so lovely, by the way. Imagine, these people from different parts of the world can easily collaborate now. I am really amazed by it just as I am amazed by this cover.

Sungha Jung

Okay, this kid is not human. His guitar skills are just so out of this world. Also a very popular celebrity now because of YouTube. I am really doubting if he's human. He's probably some sort of artificial intelligence project of Korea.

This is seriously one of my favorite guitar covers. It's amazing what he does, really. This is the kind of talent or genius that's really undeniable. This is what we usually refer to as "gifted".

Evan Duffy

I really love this song and his cover of it is really spot on. It really shows the magical talent of his ears to translate music. Perfect pitch, some people call it. He has a bunch of other Skrillex covers as well like Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites that includes the drop! The thing is though, I love this chill version of with you friends (long drive).

It also exposes how beautifully organized and arranged Skrillex's music is and when I go back to listening to the original version, I actually get to appreciate it more.

Viktoriya Yermolyeva

Speaking of hardcore perfect pitch, this girl just covered System of a Down! Imagine, that. I can't even put in words how complex it is and how she was able to pull it off. Even the heavy parts are so spot-on. This is just raw and amazing talent. You should even check out her other covers as well!

Audrey Couch

This is one of my favorite covers of Matisyahu ever. You should also check out her other covers. They're all just so amazing. She has such a wonderful voice, I really love how she made Matisyahu's One Day more mellow and again that mild soothing sound of a girl singing. It does add a lot to the depth of the song, in my opinion.


I don't even know their names. I just found them while searching for covers of Sigur Ros and their cover is absolutely stunning. It's so chill and relaxing. It would really be nice to jam Sigur Ros or any other sort of ambient/chill post-rock.

This cover, the sound, it just has so much imagery. It's so visual and stimulating.


This is one of my all-time favorites. I just love how she translated Foo Fighter's song Walking After You to piano. It's sounds so elegant and once again shows the song in a different perspective, showing complexity and sophistication that many might not appreciate or notice. With piano, it's just pure notes, it's almost like hearing the song in its purest form.


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