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List: 7 Cult Classic Movies You May Not Know About

Updated on July 10, 2014

I have always loved watching cult movies. You may have heard of many of the big name cult movies like Napoleon Dynamite, Big Labowski, and Office Space that are extremely well known in mainstream society. There are also many cult movies that might not be as well known but are fantastic to watch. This list is of some of my favorite lesser known cult movies. If you have favorites not on this list then please share them with others in the comments.

Killer Klowns Movie Poster
Killer Klowns Movie Poster | Source

#1 Killer Klowns From Outer Space

This movie is one of my all time favorite cult classic movies. I somehow stumbled upon this movie on Netflix one night and from the title I knew I had to give it a try. I know when you read the title you might think killer clowns? How could a movie about killer clowns be any good?That was the first thing I thought when I heard of it but I loved this movie after giving it a try. Basically the movie is about this alien race that looks like clowns landing on Earth and proceeding to murder people. It is an absurd concept but because it is so absurd it is pure genius. The movie is a horror comedy so people are getting killed left and right but it funny and hilarious ways. This is a great movie to watch with a group of people because it is so funny. I promise you. Give it a chance. If you want to see a movie about killer clowns you can't get better than Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space Trailer

Cry-Baby Movie Poster
Cry-Baby Movie Poster | Source

#2 Cry-Baby (1990)

If you love Johnny Depp then you will enjoy seeing him in one of his early roles as the character Cry-Baby in this comedy/romantic musical. Depp plays a rebel teenager who falls in love with a good girl named Allison. They were both orphaned at young ages and bond with one another. Their relationship is not accepted by their friends and townspeople though because of Cry-Baby's status as a rebellious teen. This movie features lots of singing and rock music in Broadway like performances by all of the actors. Depp doesn't actually sing and someone else's singing voice is dubbed in but the music is very enjoyable. When the movie was first released it didn't do well at the box office but over time it has gathered a cult following and is beloved by musical fans and by Johnny Depp lovers.

Cry-Baby Trailer

A Boy and His Dog Movie Poster
A Boy and His Dog Movie Poster | Source

#3 A Boy and His Dog (1975)

If you enjoy post apocalyptic tales then you may enjoy this film. Basically there is a boy who travels the land with his dog trying to survive. The United States has been destroyed and they search the remains of society for food and supplies. The boy has a telepathic link to his dog. The boy named Vick is also constantly searching for women and one day he and his dog stumble upon a society looking for a male who can help them produce children. Vick hits the jackpot! To me this is a strange apocalyptic story but the movie has a cult following. This movie too was not successful when it first came out but over time it has drawn in many fans.

A Boy and His Dog Trailer

Bottle Rocket Movie Poster
Bottle Rocket Movie Poster | Source

#4 Bottle Rocket (1996)

This is one of my husbands personal favorites. It stars Luke and Owen Wilson and was one of the films they made early in their careers. It was a huge flop but over time it has also gained a cult classic movie status. The two brothers play characters who plan to commit robbery but aren't the most talented of thieves. They eventually succeed in their plans and end up running from police in this comedy. If you enjoy Owen and Luke Wilson then it is cool to see them so early in their careers in this film. My husband loves Owen Wilson and says he was great in the early 90s. If you agree then you should give this movie a chance.

Bottle Rocket Trailer

The Dark Crystal Movie Poster by Richard Amsel
The Dark Crystal Movie Poster by Richard Amsel | Source

#5 The Dark Crystal (1982)

This is a movie produced by Jim Henson and uses his famous puppets to create an enchanting but scary world. When I was a kid I loved this movie but it also scared the pants off of me. For a movie featuring very realistic puppets of creatures from another world it is a very serious and dramatic film. In the movie a magical Dark Crystal is damaged and brings darkness into the world. These evil creatures name Urskeks rule the world and make it a dangerous place to live. A young orphan boy named Jen who is a creature of light finds the missing piece to the dark crystal and sets off to heal the crystal and bring down the Urskeks. Overall the film and it's story are very unique and this movie has been a cult classic that you may not hear a lot about these days.

The Dark Crystal Trailer

Drop Dead Fred Movie Poster
Drop Dead Fred Movie Poster | Source

#6 Drop Dead Fred (1991)

I loved Drop Dead Fred as a kid. What kid wouldn't love a comedy movie about an imaginary friend? As an adult I still love Drop Dead Fred. Basically this movie is about a woman, Lizzie, who as a child had an imaginary friend called Drop Dead Fred. To her though he was as real as can be. Her mother forced her to forget her friend though. When Lizzie grew up her life became a wreck and she rediscovered her childhood friend Fred when she needed him most. Fred helps Lizzie rediscover who she is and free herself of her controlling mother. When it first came out the movie did okay at the box office but got a lot of negative reviews. I definitely say ignore the critics and enjoy a good comedy with a great story.

Drop Dead Fred Trailer

Super Mario Bros. 1993 Movie Poster
Super Mario Bros. 1993 Movie Poster | Source

#7 Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Okay so this movie was considered a failure when it first came out. Critics hated it and it didn't do good at the box office. That being said I actually loved this movie as a kid. The movie is based on the video game franchise of Super Mario Bros. It is really nothing like the games though. It contains things like Mario/Luigi, King Koopa, Yoshi, mushrooms, bombs, etc. from the games but the movie is in so many ways not like the games. It isn't cutesy or brightly colored like the games. The setting is in a parallel university which reminds me of a big city full of metal structures and darkness. If you don't watch this movie from the view of a hardcore gamer perspective and think of this movie as a separate interpretation of Super Mario Bros. I think it is actually pretty good. This is definitely a cult movie because only a small sub-population of fans really love this movie.

Super Mario Bros. Trailer

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