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Top 10 Gay Themed Movies & Films

Updated on January 3, 2013

My Top 10 Picks For Best Gay Cinema

If you have read any of my other hubs, you know that most are pretty descriptive, and I am involved with every topic I submit. So, I have no problem being somewhat informative when it comes to movie reviews. However, at this point I just want to get the ball rolling, and give you a list of what I feel are the top ten best Gay films that I have had the pleasure to watch.

Some of the films on my list are pretty mainstream. I think just about everyone has heard of or watched "Brokeback Mountain" and "Milk". But I often wonder how many people have seen films such as films as "Big Eden" or "Outrage." And probably even fewer have seen "Another gay Movie." So, I guess this is my time to try to introduce people to some that they may not have seen, while reminding them of the ones that they have.

Like some of my other hubs, I will be adding little tidbits of info over the next few weeks, as I try to find videos and photos that might relate to the movies I am about to list. I will also add a few that I recommend, and another little poll for you to enjoy. So, if you have read this far, and want to know more. I'll start the list.


I loved Brokeback Mountain. Some people may think this is a movie about gay cowboys, well, kind of, but it is more about two men who happen to fall in love while working herding sheep in the mountains. Their sheep herding employment comes to an end, but, what they find with each other lasts for decades. The story goes on about how they both go on to lead different lives. Each of them gets married and has children, until they reunite after not seeing each other for years. The two men then decide to spend time together, and, what you see between them seems real, like two people who were meant to be together.

The acting in this movie is excellent. Every single actor in the film delivers, and it was so refreshing to see gay men portrayed as they should be. No limp wrist screaming queens in this film. Even the romantic scenes were well done, and they did not shy away from anything. The only bad thing about Brokeback Mountain was the very sad ending. If you have not seen it, I won't ruin it for you. But, it will have you holding back tears. Trust me.


This is another tear jerker of a film. It starts out fun and lively, as you are introduced to several gay men from all kinds of different backgrounds. You see them happy and well adjusted until something comes along that changes all of their lives forever, and that thing is AIDS. You watch as this large group of seemingly healthy men are slowly brought down by the disease, and like them, you feel aweful because you know you can't do a thing about it.

A majority of the men in the film are partners, or become partners while the film progresses, and you ache along with them as some of the men have to stand by and watch as their longtime companions slowly die and fade away. Once again the acting in the move is very good, and there are quite a few to keep track of in this film. But, they all do such a great job with "Companion" that I am not one bit surprised by all the awards it won.

This movie also came at a time when the U.S. government was downplaying AIDS as a gay disease, and wanted to do little or nothing about it. And, this movie pretty much shows to them and all people who were worried about the disease at the time, what they might eventually have to prepare for, and that is the possibility of catching the illness and dying, and what you might be able to do about it. For gay men, this film really opened some eyes.

If you know anything about AIDS research today, you might think this movie is a little dated. However, AIDS is still out there, and it never hurts to have a reminder of what could continue to happen if people don't open up their eyes and do something to help. A very good film.


This is another sad gay film, as most of the earlier gay films were. This film deals with a subject that gay men and women still have to deal with on a daily basis, and that is gay bashing. I'll let you think about that, while I set up the story for you, as the title of the movie seems a bit off.

The movie stars Harvey Firestein and Mathew Broderick. Harvey plays a female impersonator who falls in love with Broderick, and they begin a relationship and eventually move in together. The neighborhood they live in seems rough enough by itself, yet they seem content living there, until a very brutal gay bashing occurs and things get very sad. Men with baseball bats beat 2 men to death because they are gay, and the story move on from there.

Once again, the acting in the movie is very good, however, to say too much about the movies plot would pretty much give away the whole film. But, this movie at least has a happy ending for someone, I will not say who, but, I do know that this movie will make you happy, sad, and mad as hell all in a short time. I guess the hope of this film is hope that people will start to understand what it means for gay people to be who we are, and what we have to deal with once in a while. It's a very good film.


This is a film that has probably not been seen by as many people who saw the first 3 films on my list. It doesn't have any big actors in it, but what it does have is some excellent acting and a very good story to tell. Also, unlike the some gay films it has no motive. It is just a movie about a guy who returns to his small hometown from the city, to find that his childhood love is still around, and he finds that he still has feelings for him even though his former love is now married with children. It gets somewhat amusing as a busybody of an elderly lady crashes his attempts at trying to be alone with his old flame at every turn.

But, there is also a side story about a quiet indian fellow who works in the local market, who decides to take it upon himself to cook meals for one of the actors ailing father, because the person who is supposed to be cooking meals, couldn't cook anything you would want to eat. So, it's kind of a comedy drama, with a story going on within a story. Eventually you will begin to put the pieces together and see what is going on. You may not be happy with the end of the film, but as a whole, Big Eden is a fun touching film. I think you will like it.


This film is kind of a "What IF" Documentary about the U.S. Government's agenda when it comes to passing laws to deny gays and lesbians of their rights, under their so-called family values platform. It attempts to uncover the truth about certain senators like Larry Craig, who continue to deny that they are gay, even though there is plenty of evidence that they are not telling the truth, while they continue to vote against laws that protect gays and lesbians from discrimination. And, I am not at all surprised that there are several senators on the list, including one that they claim may take a run at the white house in 2012.

The thing I found the most disturbing about this documentary, is that our government is going out of it's way to protect and lie about it's own representatives, while it turns around and constantly stabs regular Americans in the back. Even those people that we thought might eventually help with equality, turn out to be some of the worst defenders of the whole family values BS. There is so much underhanded crap going on, this film makes you wonder what else they are up to. They claim they do what is in the countries best interest. This will make you wonder. But, I will let you watch it and decide for yourself.


This is a touching film set in the days of romance, back when women wore long dresses, and men were supposed to be respectable, and marry their childhood sweetheart, or at least marry the woman that the family picked out for you to keep you respectable. It starts out as a close friendship between two boys whom you assume will end up as lovers, but something happens along the way, and one Choses the "right" road, while the other pursues the boy who works in the family boathouse. Yet, he undergoes treatment to be cured of his thought up insanity, mainly to escape the possibility of going to prison for the rest of his life, as it seems that people he knows are being arrested for indecent behavior left and right. I even think there is an Oscar Wilde moment in the film. Once again, the acting is very good, and it's a good story.


This is kind of a drama about the life of Harvey Milk, and his rise to political office as an openly gay man. The role is very well played by Sean Penn, and there is an equally talented cast of people who portray those who helped Milk get into office. I felt that there was a certain gay ugliness that was put into the film, as Milk began his early years of the campaign trail. I felt there were just a tad too many long haired drunks and drug addicts in the film, but, if this is how they claim people were back then, I guess it's only fair to go along with it. But, I am sure that a lot of the gay community was not as they were portrayed in this film, but, they certainly went through a lot of trouble to make us believe it.

At any rate, we get to see all of what got Milk to where he was, how he never stopped trying even though he was defeated many times. The story about his political career gets better, as his personal life was portrayed as not so great. Then we are taken to the story that everyone knows too well, and that is Milk's death, and the temper of the community that got him elected, and, grief that followed, shown in real news footage, including bits throughout the film involving that bitch Anita Bryant. Anyway, it's a very good film, great acting, and well told.


It has been a while since I have seen this movie. Once again the subject of the movie is AIDS. Like the "Longtime Companion." this movie came out when hundreds of gay men were sick and dying of the disease that we still knew little or nothing about. It stars Tom Hanks, who plays a man that is slowly dying of AIDS, and his fight for his life. The entire story centers around him, and I think that is why it didn't reach as many people as "Companion" did. But, Tom Hanks was excellent in his role, and they say it was probably the role that really made him stand out in Hollywood as a great actor, as what he was most known for was comedy. It's a sad movie, but, it is also a good story with great acting.


I know what you are thinking. Everyone and their brother has watched this movie! Well, that may be true, but isn't it fun?! Here is a highschool english teacher in a small town who is suddenly outed on national television by a former student turned actor, when he can't even admit to himself that he's gay. What follows is his stunts to prove to everyone that he is not, including his future wife, who seems to have no clue of his sexuality with a wedding just days away. His town and school becomes a media frenzy, and a certain reporter played by Tom Selleck is out to uncover the truth, and get a story as the reporter is also gay. And, it is a kiss between Tom Selleck, and the teacher played by Kevin Kline, that the teacher finally sees the light and comes clean. But, there is a lot of funny stuff going on in the meantime.

In and Out has some serious moments, but, it is mainly a comedy. I didn't put this one up high on the list, because it isn't quite as interesting as the other movies on the list, but it is worth watching for it's entertainment value. There is a scene at the end of the movie that will either have you laughing or shaking your head...clue... it involves a wedding dress. have fun!


This movie was more than likely not seen by a whole lot of people, and it's story might only appeal to gays and lesbians, but, it is such a good story why pass it up? This is a movie about an out of work gay man named "Billy" played by Sean Hayes, (Will and Grace) who is somewhat of an amateur photographer who decides to turn a very handsome coffee shop worker into the subject of a photo series. The worker played by Brad Rowe (WOOF!) is portrayed as being the so-called straight model. Hayes is madly in love with his model friend, but tries not to show it, even though it is fairly obvious. Aided by his friends, things are looking good for "Billy", until his model is snatched up by another photographer who makes him an offer to appear in an underwear ad. And, the story changes as it goes along, but it keeps your interest the entire time, even though not all of the acting is that great.


The general public may not know that there are dozens of gay themed movies out there. Some range from coming out stories, to movies that involve graphic sex, to some that even involve murder. You will even laugh when you learn that gay Cinema even has it's own slasher flick called "Hellbent." Where gay men are slaughtered in a Halloween style fashion, where the murderer walks off with their heads in trick or treat bags. (I absolutely hated it!)

So there are a few movies that should have made the list, that were pretty good, but, might have involved a bit more mature audience to view them. Mostly because there is some nudity, or the subject might not be for everyone to see. So, I decided to add a few more that I liked here. I'm sure they are available at your local video store or on Netflix.


This movie stars Jennifer Anniston who plays a somewhat single woman who shares an apartment with a very handsome gay roommate, whom she is secretly madly in love with. She also carries another secret that deals with an ex boyfriend. She goes along with everything her roommate desires to help her get through her problem or attempt to seduce him when another man enters the picture, and it's is not a new boyfriend for her! There are a few stories going on here that eventually mix with each other, and sort of lead to a happy ending for all. But, it is how we get there that makes for an interesting and heart felt story.


I have to warn you about this movie in advance, it is a very interesting film, with great acting, but, it is also sexually graphic with lots of nudity. It's a story about several different people, including a female therapist whom apparently has never had an orgasm. Each story has different levels of weirdness, that all ends up leading them all to the shortbus. This movie even comes complete with a strange stalker who likes to take lots of pictures. It's a very interesting movie, but, I would not recommend it to anyone who shouldn't be watching. It's rated R, but, at some points it seems to border on pornography, as some gay films do.


First of all, let me tell you that this is a comedy, and a lot of it is pretty darn funny. This is a gay spoof of all those straight spoofs like American Pie and Date Movie. It is about a group of young gay guys who plan to lose their virginity before the end of summer. (Like in a similar teen straight virgin losing comedy) There is a very over the top drama queen with a little bit of Paul lynd in him, and a few less fem guys who are out to get laid as part of a bet. Each one ends up having encounters that don't go so well, and one come out to his mother to a very funny outcome! Plus a date with the guy from Survivor that goes even worse! LOL!

Once again, this movie has a lot of male nudity, and a majority of the acting is B at best. But, that's what makes it so funny! Scott Thomson from "Kids In The Hall." plays one of the boys dad's, and he is pretty funny in this film too. But, just be warned, it is over the top gay, meaning you will see a lot of gay sex acts portrayed. But, if you are open minded, and need to laugh or not laugh at something different. You might like this movie.


This is a movie about a young man who lives his life as a hustler. He is a very good looking guy, with a client list of rich men. Besides his life as a hustler he shares an apartment with two other guys, including one that he thinks he is in love with, whom he assumes is straight. It isn't until after he starts seeing an older man (For Pay) that he decides that he would rather be in a relationship with his crush, then continue hustling.

Along the way, he discovers that his crush isn't exactly the person he thought he was, and the story goes on from there. It's a decent movie, and the various roles in the film make it worth seeing. The title actor is smoking hot. so that alone makes it worth watching in my book! The best part is, it's a nice story and ends better than most gay films. With various drama and surprises throughout.


This is more of a film for the Holidays. It's about a young gay man in college, who goes home to visit his family for Christmas. Unknown to him, and his family, his lover decides to surprise him by showing up at his parents house uninvited. It starts out a bit slow, but the story is quite funny, and the boys family seems like a bunch of nuts.

The mom is overly perky, and pretty much rules the entire film. The dad is a total stoner, in a hot dad kind of way, and there are other roles thrown in to make this move unpredictable and fun. The best scene takes place in the boys childhood bedroom, where his mother goes on and on about his bunk beds, and how he always wants to be "On Top".

It does have a sad side, but, most gay films always do. I sometimes wish that wasn't the case, but even in gay comedies, there always seems to be darkness lurking in the corner. But, a majority of this movie is pretty funny. I'm sure you will enjoy it.


This is actually a television series from the logo channel. The theme of the series is that Chris and John go to various places doing what they call "rescues" where they take a certain gay person and help them do something they want to to do with their lives, like finding a man, becoming a star, or doing a drag show for the first time even though you're horrible at it.

On some shows they get a group of people together and put them through some kind of crazy obstacle course in order to win a challenge so that they can be chosen to be someones mystery date, or just your friendly average fag hag. Not all of the shows are funny, but, they certainly have fun trying, along with a singing friend named Brian Doyle who shows up at various places and attempts to sing. (He actually can sing.)

What's cool about these guys, is that I have actually met them all in person! They did a series at a campground in Michigan that I am a member of. That show is called "Chris and John Summer Camp." They also have a series from Provincetown. It's all in good gay fun.

You can see a lot of Chris and John short clips on Youtube by looking for Chris and John to the rescue. Unfortunately, I was not in any episode. I just met them at a cast party to promote their summer camp series at Campit resort.

WARNING! Gay Movies ahead!

The following video is a trailer for "Another Gay Movie.". I should warn you in advance if you decide to watch this film, it is a comedy. It features a lot of nudity, and some scenes that you may find a bit raunchy and somewhat gross. But, it is an angel compared to the follow up film "Another Gay Sequel." The video should have shown both trailers, but apparently not.

I suggest watching the video on youtube after you watch it here. If all goes well, you should be able to view dozens of gay movie trailers. There are some films that I have seen, but, there are some that I have not. (Actually a ton!) I think I must have seen around 20 different movie trailers by watching this on Youtube.

It reminded me of other good movies I have seen, such as "Beautiful Thing". So, if you are interested in seeing what other movies are out there. Take a look, there were so many I had to stop watching, as I think my head would explode from the overload.

Just one more comment. Skip "Another Gay Sequel", it's not as good as the first film, and it should be rated x for it's non stop nudity, and F for it's stupidity. But, watch if you dare. 


This is my all time favorite gay themed movie. Not just because it is about gay men, it is also because it is a great strory!
This is my all time favorite gay themed movie. Not just because it is about gay men, it is also because it is a great strory!

Gay Films On DVD

WARNING! Gay Movie Ahead!


I was going through a box of movies, when I came across an old gay "Classic.", which I am sure a lot of you have probably seen. That movie is "The Boys In The Band." Well, for me, it was my first time seeing it, and I really didn't care for it.

If you don't know, it is a story about a group of gay men who are having a birthday party for a friend. It seems like it might be fun at first, as you get to meet each member of the group. It may have seemed daring in it's day, and the acting is fairly good, but it has stereotype written into stereotype. The macho gays, The screaming queens, and the self loathing gays, with a bit too much racist jokes for my tastes. Not to mention an uninvited guest who allows himself to get sucked into this unfriendly hate fest, with his own emotional baggage.

I guess this must have been the feel of our nation during the time that this movie was filmed, but it makes me wonder how gay men felt when this first came out. We constantly complain about how gay men are treated in film, and after watching this, I am very glad we have what we are seeing today. But, it just might be me. If you get a chance to watch it, get back to me, and tell me what you think. Good acting, but very unpleasant to points creepy.


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