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Top 10 Hottest Female Singers of All Time

Updated on January 25, 2012

This was a tough category because - let's face it - there are a lot of hot female singers out there today. And even the ones who aren't hot are trying to be to live up to the competition.

While narrowing the end-result down to 10, I eliminated the obvious, over-played picks (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera), the cute-but-trying-to-be-hot picks (Katy Perry, Taylor Swift) and the hot-but-annoying-so-I-refuse-to-put-them-on-the-list (Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Lopez).

So now, we are left with 10 bad little vixens from the past two decades whom I have personally handpicked based on their natural appeal.

1. Rihanna

There's something that is just so irresistible about Rihanna, it's hard to put into words. With the combination of her dark skin, light eyes and gorgeous figure, she is stunningly beautiful. But she also emanates this certain energy that is mesmerizing. It's hard to take your eyes off her.

2. Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple is like a walking contradiction. On one hand, she projects this sense of innocence, with her little girl eyes and teeny figure. But then she has this hidden dark side that comes out in her music. Watch out guys, Fiona's been a bad, bad girl. She'll break a boy just because she can.

3. Shirley Manson

I'm really not going in any particular order for this list, but if I was, Shirley Manson would be #1. By far. From her thigh-highs to her smeared eye makeup and crazy stage antics, Manson is the devil incarnate. If you listen to her lyrics, you'll understand. "I came around to tear your little world apart, and break your soul apart." She is frightening. She is my idol. I worship Shirley Manson.

4. Shakira

Shakira is just downright hot. She radiates it. The way she shakes that thing... it's in her blood.

5. Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado is hot in a different sort of way... it's almost as if she doesn't even realize it. She doesn't even try. She just is.

6. Aaliyah

Every time I watch an Aaliyah music video, I want to go on a diet. Seriously. Every single one of her videos shows her dancing around in a half shirt and showing off that teeny tiny waist and washboard stomach. So sad. She was such a presence.

7. Gwen Stefani

Much like Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani is also hot in a different kind of way. She's not over-the-top - she's hot because she's classically beautiful with a sense of style. Gwen knows who she is. She can be just as hot in a punk rock getup as she can in a red cocktail dress. And her blonde hair-dark eyes combo is stunning.

8. Beyonce

Beyonce is her own entity. She is an incredibly beautiful woman, inside and out. But what really makes her hot is the woman's got SOUL.

9. Kylie Minogue

Confession: I knew a few of Kylie Minogue's songs but never knew what she looked like until I was looking up photos of hot singers for this list, and she just kept popping up everywhere. I can now see why the general consensus is in favor of Kylie Minogue making this list. The girl is HOT.

10. Mya

Mya's love is like whoa. I wonder why?


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    • Marie-Grace profile image

      Marie-Grace 6 years ago from Travelling, Always

      Lol, I love how you're attracted-to-but-afraid-of some of them. There are some very serious lyricists on this list, no doubt about it.