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Top 10 Hottest Female English Newsreaders in India

Updated on February 24, 2017
Indian newsreaders like Shaili Chopra are totally amazing!
Indian newsreaders like Shaili Chopra are totally amazing! | Source


Do you think Indian English newsreaders are really hot?

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They're sexy, often sassy, and always the cynosure of eyes! Welcome to the sizzling world of India's English newsreaders!

In this day and age of highly commercialized news channels, just the news alone does not suffice. More is required. Enter the hottest news anchors of India!

I know you're in a tearing hurry to see who's won the top spot. However, it is very important that you patiently read through the disclaimer that follows. This is very incredibly important. The last thing I want is random, overexcited zealots of morality lecturing me on why they think I am a miserable, women-objectifying, lustful, jobless dude.


I do not endorse the objectification of women. While it is true that this page ranks women based on their looks, it is only because it acknowledges as very real and inescapable the fact that women's looks are inevitably compared. Looks and physical attractiveness are almost always subjective and usually, a very small and insignificant criteria for judging a person. Character is most important. Character is gold. Hail character!

With that out of my way, I think it's time to get started! People, counting down from number 10...

10.Natasha Jog

9.Tanvir Gill

8.Vedika Sud

Number 7 is very popular in India and would most certainly have been number 1 a couple of years ago, but the news industry has become incredibly competitive of late. So, she only gets the 7th spot on this list.

7.Nidhi Razdan

6.Um-e-Kulsoom Shariff

And, now, into the top 5 we go! Things are really starting to hot up now! Stay tight!

But before we move any further...

I realize that your breathing is getting incredibly fast and shallow. This is not good for health. Sit back on your favorite chair, place your hands on your tummy, and take a very deep and slow breath. Breathe in as deeply and as slowly as any man/woman has ever breathed in. Hold the breath for four seconds. Now breathe out even slower. This is very important. Repeat this cycle at least seven times before you move on to number 5.

Alright. Number 5 is here.

5.Ruchica Tomar

4.Kajori Sen

And into the top 3 we go!

3.Soniya Shenoy

Put your hands together for our runner-up!

2.Shreya Dhoundial

And, finally! We have a winner! The number 1 rank goes to this dazzling beauty...

1.Nida Khan

Its time to bring the searing temperature down. It's time to chill, relax, and eat some ice cream.

Since it 's been getting incredibly hot and sultry around here, I thought some ice cream would be of help to us. Here, take some. Relax. Slow that thumping heart down!
Since it 's been getting incredibly hot and sultry around here, I thought some ice cream would be of help to us. Here, take some. Relax. Slow that thumping heart down! | Source

Here's a recap of the rankings

Natasha Jog
Tanvir Gil
Vedika Sud
Nidhi Razdan
Um-e-Kulsoom Shariff
Ruchica Tomar
Kajori Sen
Soniya Shenoy
Shreya Dhoundial
Nida Khan

Bonus: Those Who Almost Made It

These newsreaders should in all probability be on this list. The fact that they aren't is testament to the fact that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to obtain footage of them. They are yetis.

  • Shaili Chopra
  • Avantika Singh

What do you feel about the ranking? Do you think it should have been done differently? Do you want to contest the spots I've given?

You can rant all you want in the comments section below. You can rant, and you can hope that some random soul, although very unlikely, will look at your comment and side with you!

With Best Compliments from Johnny Bravo

He knows a good list. He knows this one has been amazing for you. He knows you simply can't get any better.
He knows a good list. He knows this one has been amazing for you. He knows you simply can't get any better. | Source

If you are male, Johnny wants to teach you a thing or two about how he gets the girls he digs. Watch this one very, very carefully. It could help make your day.

Alright! That's simply way more than enough Johnny Bravo for a day, or even for a month. Now you can take your sorry self someplace else.

But wait, here's another bonus for you! Here is an absolute surprise you didn't expect!

Better Than Numero Uno In Any Ranking Of Female English Newsreaders in India Based On Attractiveness: Neha Poonia

And that's it!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Many hotter anchors missing. Crap list.


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