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Top 10 Inspirational Movies

Updated on August 30, 2013

You’re at your college graduation ceremony, nervously envisioning yourself tripping on your over-sized graduation gown in front of everyone or, as you make it to the podium, a bird swoops down and poops on your shoulder. A lot of things can go wrong; a million eyes will be on you as your moment inches closer.

“And the Valedictorian is….” Your name is called out; you slowly grab the edge of your XXL gown, when suddenly you hear it; the theme song to the famous scene from Rocky! As clear as day you watch Rocky run before you up the stairs and towards the podium... He makes it! There’s that music again, urging you to keep going. Every step is taken with confidence; your ears are ringing with the “Gonna Fly Now” anthem. You made it.


Movies are a very a powerful tool when comes to inspiring us and different situations call for different movies. In this case a young graduate gets inspired by the Rocky movie, a classic movie about achieving hopes and dreams.

The best movies to watch when you’re:

Being bullied – Every once in a while you will come across jerks who think they are better than you. They pick on you and make you depressed; bully you every day and make you just want to give up. Then you think of a young boy named Daniel LaRusso, from the 'Karate Kid', who was being beaten up by a bunch of skeletal hooligans, only to be saved by the iconic Mr. Miyagi.

Inspired by this rescue he learns karate and a few months down the line, teaches his bullies a lesson:

What a powerful movie about overcoming your obstacles by facing them head on, but please, unless you are an expert in karate or any form of Chinese martial arts, do not try this. Rather find a real karate champion to kick some butt… just kidding! The Karate Kid series has taught millions that their power is in their own hands, and that compassion is as effective as physical fighting. Own your power.

About to get married and dreading married life: This may be a children’s movie but the feelings in it are real and relatable. The beautiful and tear jerking love story between Carl and Ellie in the movie “UP!” will evoke enough emotion to leave you in a messy ball of tears. These moments are perfectly captured and true love is expressed in such a way that you would yearn for such a connection right into your old age.

Going for that first job interview: You are about to experience one of the most nerve-wracking moments of your life. If you feel like you can’t do it, now is the time to watch “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Not only is Will Smith’s performance brilliant but his character gives you incredible encouragement and inspiration. The film shows you that no matter your situation, you are always in control of your destiny and if you want that badly you do whatever it takes to get what you deserve. I hope you have your suit ready because you’re about to get motivated to ace that interview!

About to run that race: If you haven’t watched ‘Chariots of Fire’, you haven’t truly lived! This is the one of the most popular movies to draw inspiration from, not just for runners or athletes, but for anyone who feels like they are in their last breath. The theme song alone pumps through your veins, gearing you up to finish the race. From the opening scene, Chariots of Fire captivates until the closing credits begin to roll. You will feel like a champion already.

In the mood to cry for no reason: Ladies, we all go through it; our emotions are in a mess and all you want to do is to be left alone and cry your heart out. The best movie to watch has to be ‘John Q’; this movie will not only make you cry, it will make you scream in anger, shout for victory and then cry some more for the happy ending. Denzel Washington gives an Oscar-worthy performance as a desperate father willing to do anything to save his dying son:

Going on that first date and don’t know what to do: Your outfit is perfect; your hair in place but the only thing that is freaking you out is the actual date. What will you say? How will you act? Are onion rings an option? Are you even allowed to EAT? Well this first date scene from the hilarious movie ‘White Chicks’ will at least calm you down with some comic relief on what NOT to do on a first date:

Just woke up and you feel like a Sloth: We all have those days; it’s an early morning and you have piles of work waiting for you at the office. If only you had someone to inspire you, someone to give you that “YES I CAN” speech. This excerpt from ‘Any Given Sunday’ is sure to fire you up!

Going to a new school/college (for teachers):

It’s the first day of college or school; the first day of starting a new chapter in your life. You are entering foreign land, with no friends or a guidebook on how to tame unruly students. Take inspiration from Michelle Pfeiffer’s movie ‘Dangerous Minds’, where she puts her foot down and shows everyone who’s boss. This movie teaches us that no matter the situation, you have a choice, so make the right one.

Trying to be funny but just not getting it: You’re trying to tell a joke but none of your friends get it. They must be really dry or maybe you are just not as funny as you thought (your mum lied!!). Don’t worry, it may not come naturally but, instead of telling jokes, why not re-enact scenes from one of the funniest movies from the funny man himself, Jim Carrey! He has so many great movies but the one that stands out is definitely ‘The Mask’. This should inspire and awaken the funny bone within you.

Not sure if you should be the hero or villain at the party: So you were invited to a Hero vs. Villains theme party and you don’t know who to choose. The hero is pretty cool but sometimes predictable and the villain is a deep character with an outrageous story… but which one should you choose? I say, watch ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ and see which side you are mostly pulled towards… I have a feeling many would choose the Joker!

Movies are one of the greatest inventions in our lifetime. They capture the hearts of many and evoke emotions even the manliest man couldn’t deny. We grew up with them, allowing their plots and characters to influence our life choices and how we eventually turn out. Movies are the story books and the history makers of our lives, so let them inspire you to text the next step on your journey.


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      Amanda 4 years ago

      these movies are so inspiring