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Top 10 Kendrick Lamar Songs

Updated on March 4, 2015
Kendrick Lamar from the "i" video
Kendrick Lamar from the "i" video | Source

10. Kendrick Lamar - Determined (Feat. Ash Riser)

Bonus Track on the "Kendrick Lamar EP"

This is a bonus track from his first project after he decided to become a sincere artist, a mixtape called the "Kendrick Lamar EP".
"What I gotta do in order to see success,having the world's best to call me the best"..
"A dollar and a dream, I feel J. Cole
Word to the hole in my pocket and the hoes
that don't wanna fuck with a broke nigga with ambition
But the last I checked, y'all was broke bitches"
And the hook by Ash Riser is like a prayer to me.
Kendrick shows his mindset on how is going to achieve things,and wants himself to be humble and focused.

9. Kendrick Lamar - LOOK OUT FOR DETOX

Non Album Song

Fire..The beat is crazy,he switches his flow more than people switch socks,
plus he switches the topic from "I'm a great rapper" thing to telling how he and his family should have went to church on a Sunday.
"Tell the Government come shoot me nigga "

8. Kendrick Lamar - Ignorance is Bliss

From his Overly Dedicated Mixtape

This Track made Dr.Dre hit Kendrick Lamar up on the phone,which opened a lot of doors for him and now he's signed to Aftermath Entertainment.
He raps about the Ignorance going on on his city with a feeling of anger and sadness.
"Uncles that raised me in Compton,ask me what I have accomplished ,I don't know I don't have conscious,I just load up and start dumpin' on enemies I'm head huntin' "
He's talking as he's the typical Compton Gang member, With a sick flow though :p

7. Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 1.

From his Mixtape "K Dot Drops"

Theres also part 2 and part 3 of "The Heart"..
He just goes straight off his heart and talks it with this drum ass beat with some kinda jazz feeling to it ,it's motivating.
"J cole running late,think I can take his place,Lady starts laughing, NO PUN INTENDED I AIN'T being sarcastic"
I'm a rapper too , and saying things like this is breaking barriers in the hip hop world.

6. Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools

Good Kid, Maad City Album

Lead single from his major debut album "Good Kid,Maad City" ..
The special thing about this song it's conscious and it's a club banger at the same time.
"Some people like the way it feel,Some people wanna kill their sorrow,some people wanna fit in with the popular that was my problem" Kendrick on alcohol ..

5.Kendrick Lamar - Fuck Your Ethnicity

Section 80 Mixtape/Album

Lovely way to start the intro to his album/mixtape project "section 80."
"What the fuck are you fightin for,ain't nobody gone win that war"
Title says it all what the songs about..
I love the beat specially the "tyryrym" on it..

4. Kendrick Lamar - Let me be me

Kendrick Lamar EP Mixtape

"I just wanna be , no disrespect but motherfuck you,
My education stopped at a highschool degree,
but I can outsmart any High IQ"
In this song he talks about how he is true to himself and doesn't wanna live up to society's expectation's.
It chills me out,and makes me think for myself.

3.Kendrick Lamar - War is my love

Soundtrack from "ghost recon future soldier"

"I will, I will, climb the highest mountain
Before the flood comes
And all my fight is drowning in blood,
What I gotta lose? What I gotta prove?
I guess, war is my love"
Kendrick Compares an actual soldiers war with his life sometimes in this song,and shows how he is ready for any fight.
Motivational Song

2. Kendrick Lamar - The Spiteful Chant (Feat. Schoolboy Q)

Section 80.

This song never gets old to me,it has a Triumphic instrumental.
3 years ago in High School I was telling my friend about this artist,
and I wanted to introduce him with a song and I choose this one cause I knew it would work out.Give it a listen

1.Kendrick Lamar - A.D.H.D , Kendrick Lamar - I do this (feat. Jay Rock)

Section 80 and the Kendrick Lamar EP

The funny thing about this song is that it made me search up adhd ,and than I got obsessed and depressed for a month cause I realized I might have a disorder called adhd lol.
I love the songs it has a chill vibe and kendrick compares the non believing people attitude to adhd.

This is my personal anthem, I'm too lazy to add anything up.

This list is relative, I change my favorites every now and then,but most of this list is the songs that i mostly admire now. Peace


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