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Korean Romantic Comedy and Historical Drama's For 2015 - 2016

Updated on January 28, 2016
Xhyniie profile image

Xhyniie has been a Kpop fan since 2010 and K-drama fan since 2000. She enjoys writing about the Korean entertainment industry.

It’s 2015! And it’s time for listing new Korean dramas that are going to be aired this year! There are too many good dramas for 2015 that you should know. If you like romance, comedy, melodrama and of course historical drama. Yes, you should be ready now because another historical drama will make a wave in our television and will also mark the history of Korean Drama's

Are you excited?

If yes, then let’s start the countdown.

Update: A list of 2016 Korean dramas are also included on the list.

16. Saimdang, the Herstory

Broadcast Network: SBS
Release Date: 2016

I am sure you really miss Lee Young Ae on the small screen! But wait, we will see her again as she will be playing the lead character of the historical drama Saimdang, the Herstory. If you love her character in Jewel in the Palace, then you will surely love her more as a Korean history lecturer and Shin Saimdang.

I was actually expecting that she will be the lead star of Jewel in the Palace 2 but she declined it. Well, since this is an upcoming 2016 television drama and her return in television, I am very excited for its pilot episode. Lee is a great and award-winning actress in the entertainment industry that will surely satisfy K-drama fans.

Lee Young Ae will be playing two different characters in it. Additional cast includes Song Seung-heon, Oh Yoon-ah and Yun Da-hun.

15. Please Comeback, Mister

Broadcast Network: SBS
Release Date: February 24, 2016

This 2016 Rain and Lee Min-jung will work together for the comedy-melodrama Please Comeback, Mister. It is based on a Japanese novel Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan by Jiro Asada.

Rain will play the character of Lee Hae Jun, a 40-year-old manager of a clothing section of a department store. Lee Hae Jun passed away from working but come back to life as an elite good-looking department store manager in his thirties staying for a limited time on Earth.

14. Descendants of the sun

Broadcast Network: KBS, release on February 10, 2016

Another Korean drama that you should watch out for 2016 is Descendants Of The Sun. It is about the love story between Captain Yoo Shi-Jin, who fits in with the UN peacekeeping troops, and Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon. Because of the UN's appeal, they are positioned in the capital of another the nation.

Actor Song Jong-ki and actress Song Hye-kyo were offered the lead role of this drama. Hopefully, we will get news that it is the official casting. I'll update this hub once I read news about it. But before that, let us pray that the two choosen lead actors will accept their role in this drama. If that would happen, then this would be one of the greatest drama for 2016 especially that Song-Song are both talented and known for their great ability in acting.

13. Jang Yeong-sil

Broadcast Network: KBS1
Release Date: January 2, 2016

As the year 2016 starts, many of us are very excited as Korean actor Song il-gook returns to television through the historical drama Jang Yeong Shil. Some of you now are thinking and expecting that this would become another hit television drama of the year that will showcase again Song’s physically challenging roles that requires sword-fighting, martial arts and horsemanship.

Jang Yeong-sil: The Greatest Scientist of Joseon is the first science historical drama produced in South Korea. The drama tells the life story of Korean scientist that helps contributing in the successful development and accomplishment in Joseon’s science during the 15th century. In addition, this drama aims to depict Jang Yeong-sil as the role model of Korea’s youth of the 21st century through displaying his scientific accomplishments.

12. Oh My Venus

Broadcast Network: KBS2
Release Date: November 16, 2015 – January 5, 2016

This is the comeback drama of So Ji-sub after starring on “The Master’s Sun” (2013) and Shin Min-ah after starring in Arang and the Magistrate (2012).

Kim Young-ho works as a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. He comes from a rich family but suffered different problems in his childhood days. In present, he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness. Kang Joo-eun is a 33-year-old lawyer who is struggling to support her family’s needs. Now, she becomes overweight and unattractive in the eyes of other people.

11. She Was Pretty

Broadcast Network: MBC
Release Date: September 16, 2015
Park Seo-joon and Hwang Jung-Eum had previously worked in the drama “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” playing the character of siblings. And now, as what fans wish, the two of them are working again but as a couple in She Was Pretty.

This drama is about two opposite people in the past who meet again in the future. Kim Hye-jin was beautiful while Ji Sung-joon was unattractive. Years later, their fate switch! Kim Hye-jin lost everything that she had; wealth, beauty and being smart. And Ji Sung-joon become handsome and successful.

10. The Girl Who Sees Smells

Broadcast Network: SBS
Release Date: April 1, 2015

This is a suspense, fantasy, rom-com drama that is based on the webcomic “Naemsaereul Boneun Sonyeo” written by Man Chiwi. It stars Park Yoochun and Shin Se-kyung playing the lead characters on it.

What it is all about? About three years ago, a man named Choi Moo-gak lost his younger sister in the “Bar Code” murder case. Since that incident, he was declared clinically dead for ten days and when he woke up he had lost his senses. On the other hand, a girl named Oh Cho-rim survived miraculously on the Bar Code murder case and had lost her memory. But she gained the ability to see smells.

House of Bluebird
House of Bluebird

9. House of Bluebird

"House of Bluebird/Bluebird's House" took over the KBS2 Saturday & Sunday 19:55 time slot previously occupied by "What Happens to My Family?"


Do you want to watch Korean shows with your family? What show's you watched together? What about watching a drama that is about a family?

So here we go, House of Bluebird or Bluebird's House is a Korean show that centers on an in number bond between the relatives regardless of the fact that they are not related. See. Closeness is not simply with individuals whom you are biologically related additionally with the individuals who you want to be with. This drama likewise depicts the trust of folks toward their kids' prosperity and how troublesome for crisp college graduates to get respectable and generously compensated employments.

Kim Ji Wan plays a dependable young man who overflows with certainty. Then, Kang Young Joo plays a young lady with a brilliant identity.

House of Bluebird Cast:

  • Lee Jun-Hyuk as Kim Ji-wan
    Who’s not familiar with this name? But are you familiar with his dramas? Yes, he was cast in I Am Legend and City Hunter. And he has a very natural way of acting and also got the looks. Are you now excited to watch him in this new drama?

  • Chae Soo-Bin as Han Eun-soo
    Well, this is a new face in Korean drama. I haven’t seen her acted so I’m hoping that she’ll work out well with the cast. She also has a beautiful face.

  • Kyung Soo-Jin as Kang Young-joo
    This girl is known for the dramas like Man From The Equator and Secret Love Affair. To be honest, I didn’t pay too much attention on her previous drama until I watched Secret Love Affair. The drama itself is amazing and I think she conveyed the intentions of her character very well. I enjoy her more playing strong/confident character than cold beauty.

  • Lee Sang-Yeob as Jang Hyun-Do
    He is known for the drama “A Little Love Never Hurts”. What was your reaction when you watch him in a drama? Well, for me, the first time I saw him on television he already captivated my heart with his acting and charm looks. Will he also captivate your heart when you watch Bluebird’s House?

Are you are excited to watch this show now?

Angry Mom
Angry Mom

8. Angry Mom

This drama series replaced the MBC Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Kill Me, Heal Me" and followed by "Jeju Island Gatsby" May, 2015.


The story centers on Jo Gang-Ja and her little girl A-ran. At the point when Jo Gang-Ja went to secondary school, she was famous for battling. She conceived her girl A-Ran in her late teenagers and got to be more dependable. Her little girl A-Ran is presently a secondary school student, however A-Ran is tormented at school. Jo Gang-Ja chooses to backtrack to secondary school to ensure her little girl. Jo Gang-Ja turns into a secondary school student once more.

Angry Mom Cast:

  • Kim Hee-Seon as Jo Gang-Ja
    She is known for 2012 SBS drama “Faith” with actor Lee Min Ho. She’s admired by many fans all over the world especially China market. And she is not an ordinary actress but also a legend. And what’s more important is that she still maintains her youthful looks and good acting skills.

  • Kim Yoo-jung as Oh A-ran
    Another well-known actress in South Korea with an amazing skills in acting and has a natural beauty at her young age.

  • Ji Hyun-woo as high school teacher
    I’m sure you fell in love with him after watching Queen In Hyun's Man. Well, he has a charming looks and also has the talent. Will you fall in love with him again after watching Angry Mom? Let’s see.

Super Daddy Yeol
Super Daddy Yeol

7. Super Daddy Yeol

Super Daddy Yul" replaced the tvN Fri & Sat 20:30 time slot previously occupied by "Heart to Heart” and will be followed by "Ex-Girlfriends Club" May, 2015. The drama is based on the webcomic "Shoopeodaedi Yeol" by Lee Sang-Hoon and Jin Hyo-Mi (published from October 11, 2011 to March 12, 2012 via


Cha Mi-rae is a specialist by profession with one daughter One day, she is diagnosed with a rare cancer and informed she has around one year to live. She then searches out her first love Kim Yeol. For her little girl, she battles to transform Yeol into the best father possible.

Super Daddy Yeol Cast:

  • Lee Dong-gun as Kim Yeol
    One of the best actor I admired the most in South Korea. I love his acting since the first time I saw him the the drama Sweet 18 to Marry Him If You Dare. Do you also love him? What drama you first remember when you hear his name?

  • Lee Yoo-ri as Cha Mi-rae
    Her ability as an actress and how she portray any role is what makes her unique. A very amazing actress in Jang Bori Is Here! And a very talented one with good looks.

Let's Eat Season 2
Let's Eat Season 2

6. Let's Eat Season 2


This show is about the lives of four single individuals living all alone, hungry for nourishment and adoration. It will base on a 3-year divorcee encountering things with the wedded and unmarried individuals around her.

Goo Dae-yeong's adversaries have showed up! Nourishment blogger Goo Dae-yeong, the fourth year specialist, Bae Soo-ji on one dinner every day diet, who views him as a foe, and the vegan government laborer, 'Lee Sang-charm'.

It will portrays the hot and tasteful existences of the single inhabitants in Sejong Villa, who has every one's own particular special taste.


5. Hwajung

This drama interprets real-life Prince Kwang Hae as an evil person who steals the crown from the rightful bloodline.

Hwajeong is the historical drama that retells Prince Gwanghae’s story with Gwanghae as the central villain — Cha Seung-won plays a dark version of the illegitimate prince who usurped the throne and ousted the legitimate heirs from the palace.

Who Are You-School 2015
Who Are You-School 2015

4. Who Are You - School 2015

Are you guys excited to watch the new drama of teen actress Kim So Hyun?

If you had watched her dramas e.g. Missing You, Moon Embracing The Sun, Suspicious Housekeeper, Ma Boy and The Girl Who Sees Smells then you should be celebrating now because this talented and beautiful actress will be doing a new drama entitled Who Are You – School 2015. This time, she will be playing the lead role of KBS sixth series of school drama together with David Lee, Yook Seong Jae and Nam Joo Hyuk.

We all know that Kim So Hyun is a great actress from the playing the role of young Yoon Bo-kyung in the drama Moon Embracing to her latest role in the drama The Girl Who Sees Smells as Choi Eun-seol.

Now, she will play the two important lead roles in this drama. As Eun Byul, a very popular student in Segang High School and the girl that everybody wanted to be but suddenly disappeared. Her disappearance remains a mystery in the school. But one day, a new student who looks like Eun Byul appeared in school. She is opposite to Eun Byul, don’t have friends and students bully her. But when she starts to pretend as Eun Byul, she became popular in her new school.

Nam Joo Hyuk, a model-turned-actor will portrays the character of Ian Ham, a handsome high school student and great swimmer. In this drama, he is described as a cold and indifferent guy but actually a good person who is just afraid to reveal his true self. His last drama was Surplus Princess in which he play the character of Park Dae Bak.

If you are excited to see once again actor Nam Joo Hyuk on this drama , well you would be more excited because actor and the member of the boy band BTOB Sung Jae Yook is one of the cast of this drama. He will perform Gwang Tae Gong's character, a troubled kid with an unstable temper. Sung Jae Yook was last seen in drama "Nine Plus Boys" portraying the character of Kang Min-Goo.

Lastly, we have actor David Lee who will perform the character of Park Min Joon, an honor student and the academic rival of Eun Byul. He is also known Study Robot. David Lee is known in portraying as the youngest brother of Seo Hwa in the drama "Gu Family Book".


3. Producer

Another Korean drama that we should watch out for 2015 is “Producer”.

Why did I have to say that we should watch out for this drama? Of course because of the well-known cast of this drama. We have Chae Tae-hyun, Gong Hyo-jin, Kim Soo-hyun and IU. See. Upon hearing their names, I became more excited for next month. This is also the comeback drama of Cha Tae-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun. Cha Tae-hyun was last seen in the 2012 KBS2 drama Jeon Woo Chi. While Kim Soo-hyun was last seen in the drama My Love From The Star playing the character of Do Min-joon.

One of the Korean actor that I miss to see on television is My Sassy Girl actor, Cha Tae-hyun. It was in 2012 that he was last seen in television drama so this is his comeback. In this drama, Cha Tae Hyun will portrays the role of Ra Jun Mo, a 10 year veteran PD on variety shows but no notable program that bears his name.

Another cast of this drama that you should know is actress Gong Hyo-jin. She will be playing the character of Tak Te Ji, a 10-year veteran music PD. She started as an innocent and smart working rookie but because of harsh working competition she has changed her personality.

If you miss Do Min-joon, the alien who landed on Earth and falls in love to an actress in My Love From The Star, then you should watch out for Baek Sung Chan who is a is a regular variety show PD. Yes, this is the new role of Kim Soo-hyun and I'm a bit excited for this drama since IU is also one of the main cast. Hopefully, the two of them will be partners.

Are you too excited for this drama?

And the last character in this drama that you should be familiar with is Cindy played by actress and singer IU. In this drama she is a famous celebrity. IU started as a trainee at the age of 13 and have been in the entertainment industry for almost 10 years. She is known ice princess because she did not allowed herself to fall into a deep affection. She had also experienced betrayal that is why she distance herself from people around her.

Wam and Cozy
Wam and Cozy

2. Warm and Cozy

This is the new MBC drama about young couples who made all the difficulties to be able to manage the restaurant called "Warm and Cozy". We already have seen some k-dramas related to the restaurants, and this new drama is a bit exciting since Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok will be playing the lead roles. And it seems that most of the scenes are in restaurants, of course we will see foods for the entire drama.

Okay, let us talk about the lead actor now. To be honest, when I saw his face I didn't recognize him nor remember what drama's he's in before until I search for his profile.

Yoo Yeon Seok was born on April 11, 1984 who is known for the drama's e.g. Gu Book Family as Park Tae-seo and the teen drama Reply 1994 as Chilbong. This would be exciting to watch since this handsome actor is known for his great acting.

And our lead actress for the drama Warm and Cozy is no other than Kang Sora. She is known for the television series e.g. Dream High playing the character of Shin Hae-sung and Misaeng as Ahn Young-yi.

This actress is known for playing her role well and giving her best especially in the drama Doctor Stranger broadcast last year in which she played the role of Oh Soo-hyun. Her acting was very genuine and refreshing.

Scholar Who Walks At Night
Scholar Who Walks At Night

1. Scholar Who Walks the Night

Scholar Who Walks the Night centers on the story of a daughter from a collapsed noble family, due to being branded a traitor, dresses up like a man and goes out to sell books. She meets an attractive scholar walking at night, but the scholar is actually vampire.

As of this writing, the cast of this drama is not yet finalize. Though actress Han Groo was offered the leading role of this drama, their is no official announcement released from her agency. While it is already confirmed that actor Lee Jun-ki will be playing the lead role of this drama.

I will update you as soon as I get news on who will be the primary cast of the said drama.

It seems that actress Han Groo turned down this drama but instead we have actress Lee Yoo-Bi and Kim So Eun playing the lead roles together with actor Lee Jun-ki. Scholars Who Walks At Night is a a historical, fantasy, romance drama that is set in Joseon dynasty.

Let's recommend them the best Korean Drama!

What is your most favorite Korean drama of 2015?

See results


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