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Top 10 Marvel Films Of All Time!

Updated on July 21, 2014

Marvel's Finest!

Marvels films are refacing Hollywood and the films which are hitting theatres around the world. There's no denying that everyone has grown fond of the superhero films (created by Marvel) with both ''The Avengers Assemble'' and ''Iron Man 3'' having grossed more than $1 billion at the global box office. So far we have seen Marvels films spiral out of control with the originals turning into franchises all over the place including Iron Man, ''X-Men and Spider-Man. Then there are other Marvel films which from what's been seen so far are likely to become franchises including Captain America, Thor and The Avengers. To add to the mayhem, there is also a Fantastic Four (called ''The Fantastic Four'') remake due to come out in 2015.

Without further ado here is my list of the best Marvel films...

1. The incredible Hulk

Description- Bruce banner played by Edward Norton is hunted down by the general and a special forces team to bring Bruce back to the US. The general wants Bruce's monster (Hulk) to be experimented on and used as a weapon. This remake of the The Hulk (2003), is brought to life when Bruce turns into The Hulk when he turns angry and kills the generals entire team other than the team leader. Bruce then goes back to the US where he attempts to find a cure which will get rid of the Hulk once and for all. He runs into obstacles when the general catchers up to him and the team leader, Emil Blonsky is given a dose of power to fight the Hulk. When Emil Blonsky feels hungry for power he finds Bruce's source for a cure, his source for more power. An epic conclusion occurs when Bruce is forced to fight the ultimate enemy.

Review- This was the second movie to be made after the hulk (2003) made a shocking effort in creating the angry green giant which is unstoppable and hunted by the general. The incredible hulk in my opinion is the number one Marvel movie made to date. The incredible hulk in my mind made the impact of the century for me as I have never before felt such exhilaration in a movie with the power of the hulk. The hectic and destructive power of the hulk made an impact which you will not forget and the fight scene in the end of the movie was unforgettable. We all appreciate the comics for the Hulk and I feel that this film made justice to the hulk character. Edward Norton (Bruce Banner) played the role very well and I enjoyed the performance which he had brought to this movie and audiences all over felt the power of the Hulk in this movie with all hopes beaten.

2. X-Men

Description- A team of mutants who have formed a school for the gifted (mutants) ran by Professor X must face Magneto and the government in order to survive. Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman joins the mutant team and they form a bond in order to counter their enemies. Wolverine begins to see his origins and the mutant team face off with an unlikely enemy, the government. Magneto is forced to work with Professor X and his mutant team in order to defeat their enemies.

Review- The entire x-men set of movies was impressive and made for one of the most memorable movies from Hollywood. I have so far seen X-men, X-men the last stand, X-men origins Wolverine and X-men first class. These movies were some of my favourites and I still believe after all of these movies, the best was the first instalment. The vast amount of powers and gifts which we witness in the movies is so well thought up and imaginative that this alone made the films worth watching. I also found that the characters from the comics were very well pulled off by the actors and actresses and my personal favourite being the Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman. The movies are now some of the most successful movies ever made and this is well deserved as the directing, the acting, the producing and the special effects all made these films worth watching.

3. Iron man

Description- Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr is an eccentric billionaire who runs a major arms dealer, selling missile and other weaponry to the US military. When Tony is ambushed after a missile testing in the desert of Iraq he is taken hostage by terrorist and forced to build a missile for them. Instead Tony builds an armoured suit which is controlled by him in order to kill and was used in order for Tony to escape. When Tony returns to the US he decides to build another suit and this time he has the money and equipment in order to build a super suit. The super suit enables him to fly, shoot missiles, shoot bullets, and gives him super strength. After the knowledge of the betrayal by his friend Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) who had been selling weapons to the enemy he must face off with him to stop his rampage.

Review- The Iron man character is possibly the most complex character we have come across in the Marvel comics. It was a difficult job to play Iron man but Robert Downey Jr. played the role with a superb performance. The progression of the Iron man series was unbelievable and only got better and more interesting. The enemy's get stronger, the action becomes more imminent and Iron man stays the same.

4. The amazing spider man

Description- Peter Parker is bitten in the labs by a spider and gains the strength and abilities of the spider. After the death of his Uncle Ben he decides to use his gift for good and to help bring justice and to fight for the good. He soon finds an enemy to match his gift, The Lizard which in fact is Dr, Curt Connors who has turned into this beast. Dr. Curt Connors had been working on a project to make a cure that could bring back missing limbs and after testing on himself, the results were monstrous.

Review- Spider man finally gets the movie he deserves with the upgraded version of the original Spider man which did not quite hit the expectation which we all had. The amazing spider man brought the action, the thrills and the spirit behind the spider man.

5. The avengers assemble

Description- The best of the Marvel super heroes are formed in an alliance to fight evil on planet earth. With Loci's trip to earth to take mankind as slaves to his power the avengers assemble to take down Loki and fraught his plans. Thor, Hulk, Iron man, Captain America, Hawk eye are brought together and fight the powers of Loki and bring his plans to an abrupt end.

Review- Finally the best of the marvel world come together to form an alliance to fight evil and protect planet earth. This movie for me was ground braking work and I love seeing the relationship between Thor and Hulk, gods of different planets with there power colliding with one another with there hate. A few laughs were had throughout the avengers for me and I enjoyed watching the bonds form between the characters in this movie of epic proportions.

6. Thor

Description- Thor is banished to planet earth as punishment for his actions and disobeying the orders of his father. He learns what is means to be a good leader on earth and swears to protect earth and become one of its defenders. Thor falls in love with Jane Foster and comes across a likely enemy Loki, his brother and they face off with an unlikely conclusion.

Review- The movie was a surprise for myself as it was funnier, more emotional and had a lot less action than I was expecting. I enjoyed this movies story which it had to tell and the Thor role was played with excellence. I feel that the movie made itself with the light humour and imaginative characters.

7. Captain America

Description- The first in line of the Marvel super heroes is brought to light after the transformation of being given power by a scientist. He is given the name, Captain America as at the time is was during world war 2 and the US were aware of new power being gained by the Nazi's and this was to be stopped. Captain America is seen as a joke by the US soldiers until he puts his strength and other abilities to use and saves the lives of countless US soldiers.

Review- The very first in the line of Marvel super heroes and a very entertaining character to watch on the screens. The twist on the typical battle between the US soldiers of world war 2 and the Nazis gets pushed aside as although this film is set around world war 2 the movie takes a different turn of events. I thought that the film was executed very well and left a draw dropping conclusion which then leads to the soon to be Avengers assemble.

8. Fantastic four

Description- Four friends are sent to space and on this journey they come across a problem in space which causes them to be given powers. Each of the five of them received different powers, Reed with his stretchiness. Sue with her invisibility,Johnny with his fire, Ben with his rock appearance and Victor with his ability to control electricity. The four friends, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben learn to control their new gifts and how to live their new lives. Whereas Victor plans to cause trouble which leads the four friends to put a stop to Victor.

Review- The lighter side to the Marvel world and a very enjoyable set of characters are brought to the screens in this movie. The connection between the characters were fantastic and made for a very funny movie which was loveable on all fronts.

9. Hellboy

Description- The hellboy is brought through a portal between hell and earth when it is opened by Grigori and then brought back down by grenades. Hellboy is only a baby when brought through the portal and gets raised by Trevor and becomes a defender of earth. He must fight Grigori when he is returned by his helpers and aims to cause trouble. Hellboy sees his origin and who he was to become in hell and makes his choice resulting in the fate for earth.

Review- The red devil is brought to screens in this adventure of a friendly, yet not so gentle king of hell who fights for good on earth and kills the supernatural creatures who threat the safety of mankind.

10. Hulk (2003)

Description- Bruce Banner played by Eric Bana is exposed to gammer ray and turns into Hulk, the green rampaging monster. The general wants to use The Hulk and run experiments to use it as a weapon. The Hulk being unstoppable has other plans involving the destruction of anything and everything.

Review- This was the first movie ever made set around the Hulk character but lacked in impressing the audiences. I felt that the movie was far too comic oriented and did not feel as though it was taken serious enough. The graphics for the hulk were not that great and the special effects I feel were not good enough in enhancing the hulk and his abilities.

Favourite Marvel Film!

Which is your favourite Marvel film?

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To sum up Marvel films have brought real competition for the DC Comics films (created Batman, Superman, Catwoman etc.), which have overall helped to offer more superhero choices for movie goers to watch. I'm sure everyone would agree that the Marvel films are unique in a way we have never seen superhero's before as they are serious films, yet funny but still very believable with some awesome characters. A personal favourite Marvel character of mine is Hulk (aka Bruce Banner) which is partly why I chose ''The Incredible Hulk'' as the number 1 film, although however it was still possibly the best Marvel film made to date (only starring a single superhero).

I hope you enjoyed reading the hub, if you have any thoughts then please leave them in the comments box below.


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    • Craig Easom profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from British Empire

      Thank you Sherwani,

      All comments are appreciated and fair comment.

    • sherwani profile image

      Mohammed Abdullah Sherwani 

      4 years ago from Karachi

      I totally agree with you on Hulk and X-men, but the rest of the movies, just didn't like much. Especially IRONMAN. That's just me

    • Craig Easom profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from British Empire

      Thank you Peanuthead21 for the comment, and I think I lost myself a little with Fantastic four, and I believe Fantastic four to be a good movie. Yet I would much sooner they had made the movie a little more serious with less of the comedy.

    • peanuthead21 profile image


      5 years ago from FT, Florida

      you lost me with fantastic four but the others are spot on.

    • Geekdom profile image


      5 years ago

      It is always fun to see what other people's top 10 are. I know not everybody agrees with me but I loved the first two Sam Rami Spider-Man films.


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