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Best Movies of 2009

Updated on May 28, 2010

The Top 10 Movies of 2009

The following are the 10 best movies to hit the box office in the year 2009

#10) Sherlock Holmes

The first movie on our list of best 2009 films is the very exciting recreation of Sherlock Holmes. Starring Robert Downey Jr, as Sherlock Holmes, and Jude Law, as Watson, this movie throws you in the middle of Old-Timey England. Follow the Legendary Mr.Holmes and his sidekick Watson as they chase Lord Blackwood and try to unravel an extraordinary mystery. Directed by Guy Ritchie, Sherlock Holmes was nominated for 2 Oscars.

#9) Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

Coming in at number nine in the list of top 10 movies of 2009 is Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squekquel. Featuring the voices of Zachary Levi and David Cross, the world famous chipmunk trio return to take on issues concerning school, celebrity, and girls. Tasked with winning a $25,000 battle of the bands contest to save a schools music department, the chipmunks meet their match in the form of the Chippettes, a female group of singing chipmunks. Alvin and the Chipmunks is sure to provide children and adults alike with many laughs and a lot of inspiration.

#8) The Blind Side

The list of best movies of 09' continues with The Blind Side, coming in at number eight. The Blind Side is the very inspirational true story of Michael Ohler, a homeless youth who makes it from the streets all the way to the NFL with the help of a very caring woman and her family. Over sized and under educated, Michael Ohler is able to overcome countless obstacles in his quest to become a professional football player. The Blind Side is sure to pull at the heart strings of all who see it, and will become a must-see classic for all who enjoy an inspiring true story. Check out The Blind Side today!

#7)Star Trek

Coming in at number 7 on this list of top 10 movies of 09' is the much anticipated recreation of Star Trek. Directed by J.J. Abrams, Star Trek follows the early life of Captain James T. Kirk and the other members of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Including all your Star Trek favorites like Lieutenant Spock and Captain Spike, Star Trek delivers enough heart pumping action and a sincere enough story to appeal to non-Star Trek fans and Star Trek junkies alike.

#6)The Hangover

Directed by Todd Phillips, The Hangover is the story of three drunken groomsmen who lose track of their groom-to-be, Doug, during the course of one wild night in Vegas. They then have to retrace their steps in order to find Doug and return him in time for the wedding. Featuring a star studded cast including Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, and Ed Helms The Hangover is sure to have you laughing out loud, on many occasions.

#5) UP

Number 6 in the list of top 10 movies of 09' is the animated adventure UP, featuring the voices of Edward Asner and Christopher Plummer. Developed by the world famous PIXAR corporation, UP is a heart felt, touching, and wonderfully fun movie. This gem of a film is sure to make even the grumpiest of people smile and the saddest of people just a little bit happier. Check out UP today!

#4) Twilight

Number four in the list of top movies of 2010 is Twilight, the vampire movie that started it all. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, Twilight is the story of a shy teenage girl, Bella, who falls in love with a vampire, and risks everything in the process. Being tracked by a slew of blood thirsty enemies, and getting shunned by her parents and friends isn't enough to break the bond between Bella and her vampire boyfriend, Edward. But, is the connection meant to last? Get Twilight today and find out!

#3) Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Next on the list of top 2009 movies is the sixth installment in the infamous Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. This is Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and things are really heating up. Harry finds an ancient book marked "property of the half blood prince" and begins to learn about the dark past of Lord Voldemort. All of your favorite characters are back from the witty Professor Dumbledore to the wonderfully sly Professor Snape. If you missed this delightful tale, pick it up today!

#2) Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen

Number 2 on the list of top 10 movies of 2009 is Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Directed by Michael Bay, Transformers 2 picks up right where the original left off. The Decepticons have returned to earth to take Sam Witwicky, Shia LaBeouf, prisoner. Also returning is Optimus Prime, who joins forces with intergalactic armies to prepare for a second epic battle. Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen is an action packed adventure fit for kids and adults alike.

#1) Avatar

And Last but definitely not least, coming in at number one on the list of best movies of 09' is James Cameron's Avatar. Starring Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver, avatar follows the story of a paraplegic marine, Jake, who is sent to a distant moon named "Pandora". Pandora is inhabited by the Na'vi, a human like race with their own languages and customs. After people from earth and the Na'vi find themselves at odds with one another, Jake must choose between his own people and the Na'vi, who he has come to love and admire. The result is an epic battle over the fate of Pandora and a movie that will be enjoyed by all who watch. Check out James Cameron's Avatar today!

Best Movies of 2010(So, Far)- A look at some of the great movies to come out so far this year.


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    • Eddy2106 profile image


      8 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      i think the best was avatar, but up was funny and sad. Then there's the blind side which was a family/football movie. Great hub, you should put some movie trailers, and a poll to see which movie people like the best.


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