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10 Netflix "Girlie" Shows

Updated on April 2, 2018
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Kayla is a mom of three, taking life one adventure at a time. Kayla has her BA in Psychology. She enjoys reading and traveling.


Are you prepared for Netflix watching?

Sadly, Netflix has become a daily part of my day. I usually watch at least one show. I blame this on my friend for introducing me! My favorite thing I have purchased is my Roku stick, plug it right into my television, and can watch it anytime I want. It's a lot nicer than using a computer or laptop. I can get comfy under my blankets, and pile up those pillows. Let's face it, that's what we call winter heaven (at least in the cold, snowy states!) Not only does this stick give my television the magic powers to play Netflix, it comes with a remote, so I don't even have to get up! Must need to add Netflix anywhere, even on the go. :)


1). Parenthood

This would be highly recommend if you are a parent, because it gets you right in your feels. I am not sure how I would feel about it if I wasn't a mom. The story line takes place around a single family, where the children have grown and made families of their own. They all have their struggles to get through in life, and shows how family can really be there to support one another, as well as the struggles they can go through during the hard times as well. This was a show I became emotionally attached too and was crushed when it was over. Why do some shows have to end?

2). Gilmore Girls

I know, I know some people cannot stand this! I however, just love Gilmore Girls, always have and always will. But seriously, how can you not love this mother and daughter relationship? I hope to have a great bond with my daughter like this when she is grown, we both already have a love for coffee so I think we are headed in the right path. The ending of the show is a little bit of a turn off and left many upset, but also hoping for at least one more run at the show because it left a lot of unanswered questions, so far nothing new has come out. Fingers crossed.

3). Hart of Dixie

I honestly passed this show many times before trying it, once I did, I was instantly hooked! I was so in love with the small, southern country town it takes place in, that it really made me want to travel south! I loved watching Zoe's character learn and grow throughout the show. The ending did not disappoint! Again, why do good shows have to end?!

4). Gossip Girl

This was another one I was not too sure about, but now I need to find out who Gossip Girl is! (No spoilers!) This show is all about a group of rich high school kids who live in New York. It really has me wondering, is this how some parts of New York really is? (Someone tell me!) Gossip Girl always knows what everyone's secrets are, but who is she, or is it even she? I don't know, but I need to find out.

5). Pretty Little Liars

I refused for a long time to even start watching this show, but I just loved someone of the characters, and of course disliked a lot of them too. However, I was hooked on finding out who A really was! ( I think I might have an obsession with wanting to know who people are, enjoying the mysteries) Pretty Little Liars is a group of girls, who are in high school being black mailed by this mysterious A. They are often times getting themselves into deeper trouble by playing along with A. Would you play along?


6). Santa Clarita Diet

This is a newer show so it only has 2 seasons, and they each only have 10 episodes, so you can get through them very quickly! Drew Barrymore is so delightful in this show, I just love her! It's a fun twist on the zombie thrill of shows. Barrymore's character becomes ill which makes her "undead" leaving her to be very confident and bold, something she always wanted to be. Her and her husband are both just funny and witty. This is actually a show my boyfriend and I enjoy together!

7). Grey's Anatomy

Netflix is where I fell in love with Grey's. I had a hip surgery and wasn't able to walk for 3 weeks, Grey's became my best friend during that period in my life. Meredith begins her doctor career in the same hospital her well known mother used to work at. The show is centered around her and her life as the main character. I loved all the characters, heartbreaks and all. I don't want to give any spoilers but make sure you watch with those tissues are times! You'll become attached to a lot of the characters and their struggles.

8). Jane the Virgin

I had heard about this show and didn't want to give it a try, but was happy I did. Jane becomes pregnant, as a virgin, but her story doesn't end there. There is a lot of happy and heartbreak throughout the show, and a lot of funny aspects too. Her dad is actually one of favorite characters, he's just so funny. This show has a lot of love story too, as Jane is all about the romance! And she wants to be a writer!

9). The Fosters

I love this show for the family values! Becoming a foster mom, is just one of my future goals. I would love to be able to be there and help children in need- so this show just had me hooked from the start. The relationship between Steph and Lena is just inspiring and something to look up too, even though they have their low points too. Such a good drama show as well too. They touch on real life topics as well such as gay, lesbians, foster system, ICE, and Etc. Sadly, another show that's ending.

10). Charmed

Because witches! Who doesn't love a little magic in their life. I loved this show as a little girl, and I still like watching it today. The 3 sisters, witches, use their powers for good to keep strangers around them safe. (It almost reminds me of supernatural, but witches) They balance real life struggles, family struggles, and witch struggles. I've always loved the thought of magic so this show has me by the heart. ;)


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© 2018 Kayla


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