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Top 10 New Artist/Band

Updated on February 20, 2012

I admit it!!!

I am a huge fan of music.Music is the rhythm to my heartbeat. I have decided to write this hub in dedication to some of the less famous artist/bands in our modern time which in my opinion deserves a little bit more of the spotlight than that of the so called "pop culture" in the music industry.One or two of the artist I'll mention have already had a spot in the headline already before in their career but this will serve as reminder for their up-coming albums and the reasons why people fell in love with them in the first place....

So here goes my Top 10 Artist To Give A listen To:

1)Jason Mraz:

Well this first artist as you all might know by now, is an already popular artist! I can hide my pleasure in declaring I'm a huge fan of Jason Mraz- Not just because he is an amazing artist but lyrically he is probably one of the best songwriters in recent years. The 34-year-old troubadour shot to success in 2008 with worldwide chart-topper I'm Yours which went five times Platinum. His latest album entitled "LOVE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD" is definately a contention for "Album of the Year", I'll let you be the judge when it comes out on April 16. His new single however,"I wont give up" is due release on March 26 and I highly recommend you give it a listen to....Below is a live Performance of the track and the official video for it:

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up [Official Music Video]


Gotye is an Alt pop Australian-based Belgian singer-songwriter.His is the latest hit on YouTube with the song Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)already gathering a stunning76,538,851 within the last 3 months. The track "Somebody I used to Know" is an intimate, intense, lo-fi song about the end of an affair. And a breath of fresh air in comparison with the high-gloss, budget-busting productions of so many MTV favorites.The reason why Gotye is included in this list is mainly because he is a different kind of artist. "ODD" sometimes but that which makes one want to listen to more of his tracks. There is odder stuff on Somebody on his latest album, Making Mirrors, that will surprise and intrigue those who become fans on the basis of a lone single. State of the Art is a song about the retro organ the Lowrey Cotillion sung in a deep, distorted robot voice.

Below is the official video of "Somebody that I used to Know":


Next on this list couldn't be more alike Gotye. Kimbra, is a New Zealand singer/songwriter from Hamilton and is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. If you are a fan of modern Jazz then you might like Kimbra as she brings a modern edge to the worn sounds of soul with a voice that belies her age, her jazz-influenced theatrical pop is inspired by a range of musical genres and artists, from Nina Simone to Bjork and Prince. Kimbra got a pretty unique style. The cut-and-paste vocals of Settle Down and the retro energy of Cameo Lover already belie something bigger than your average pop fare, complemented by a voice that swoops as low as it peaks.

Below is a live performance of the track "Settle Down"

4) Michael Kiwanuka:

As you can perhaps already tell, I like to listen to very different forms of music. My next artist is a U.K. artist who can count Adele as a bit of fan.Michael Kiwanuka is originally a Ugandan-born soul musician who is signed to Communion Records.[1] He has been compared to Bill Withers and Otis Redding,[2] as well as Van Morrison and the Temptations.[3] In January 2012 he won the BBC's Sound of 2012 poll. His last single "Home Again" has already seen rave reviews from critics in Britain and I'm sure you'll all agree after listening to it:

Below is the Official video:


Birdy is a beguiling mix of contradictions: she’s young, yet sings in a voice that is world-weary and steeped in soul. She can be endearingly shy and nervous, yet she’s also an astonishingly focussed and charismatic live performer. She’s fragile, yet strong enough to fight her corner with both producers and label when she needs to. She is, quite simply, unique.

Below is her chilling cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love":


Just one reason why she deserves to be included in this list.....Emeli(Real first name Adele) is the latest WINNER OF THE 2012 BRIT'S CRITICS' CHOICE AWARD.

Below is a Live version of her single "Next To Me":


Any classical fans on hub-pages??Fear not for I'm a huge fan of classical music too. Next on this list is literaly a modern great pianist. Luminous, emotive, effortlessly lyrical and always supremely refined the music and performance of Ludovico Einaudi have attracted an ever growing audience over the last two decades whose diversity and devotion are without parallel

With albums topping innumerable charts and concerts selling out the world’s most prestigious halls, country after country has taken Ludovico to its heart and seem certain to continue to for many years to come.

Below is a live performance of one of his Tracks "Nuvole Bianche":


A 10 piece acappella group originally from IU.A serious group who don't take themselves too seriously And as recently described by the BBC after they opened for Barry Manilow at the 02 Arena - " This is the best group you have never heard of"...Surely these guys deserve to be on this list

Below is a track from their latest album"Six Pack, Vol. 2":


Sleeping At Last has long been a beacon shining brightly on behalf of independent artists. In the ever-changing climate of the music industry, the quest for a successful independent career seems evermore difficult to attain. Sleeping At Last found a little fame when their song featured in Twilight Movie series.

Below is their single which featured in the movie:


Last but but surely not least is Ben Howard! Ben Howard is an English singer-songwriter, born in London. After attending King Edward IV Community College and Torquay Boys' Grammar School and then a short stint studying Journalism at University College Falmouth, Cornwall, Ben decided to focus on making music full time, making melodic rootsy folk music, with progressively darker lyrics. In 2012 Ben will launch his music in America with ‘Every Kingdom’ finding a release on April 3rd

Below is Ben's single "FEAR":

Which artist is your favourite out of the Top 10

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    • richbrayan profile image

      richbrayan 5 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Ahh glad to see a fellow Jason Mraz fan :)

    • thesingernurse profile image

      thesingernurse 5 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

      You have a very extensive knowledge in contemporary music. I also love Jason Mraz and I am so delighted to have been introduced to some of these great artists as well. Truly, this hub is a learning musical experience for me. Thank you for sharing!