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Top 10 Overrated Product Commercials

Updated on July 17, 2017

Although these commercials may be funny, confusing, maybe a complete waste of time, the advertisers achieve the one thing they’re after, that’s your attention. They do this quite well. Guess it’s true, all publicity is good publicity.

10. V.I. Poo

The latest mind boggling and extremely bold commercial to hit our TV screens is the odor shielding toilet deodorizing product V.I. Poo. This brand was created by Airwick. Regardless of your interest in the brand or the company, at least you now know that even a V.I. P. has to V.I. Poo. What a relief, seems not everyone was aware that even celebrities, supermodels, and higher ups have to take a dump time to time which doesn’t actually smell like roses. So glad V.I. Poo cleared this up! We might never have known that the wealthiest, most popular individuals have bowel movements same as us. What’s also interesting is that the Airwick company is now involved in a major lawsuit with the fragrance and deodorizing market leader Poo Pourri. Yes, it’s a battle of the senses. They’re coming out swinging hard, but at least freshness is in the air.

V.I. Poo Commercial

Banned and We See Why!

9. Unknown but Quickly Banned

Couldn’t dig up all the dirt about this next commercial, but it surely didn’t air too long. For our kids’ sake, we’re glad it didn’t. Could’ve been light porn promotion at best. Although the adult humor in this commercial is ridiculously understandable, don’t think we’re quite ready for these saucy type commercials yet here in America. Not with everything we currently have going on at present! The commercial features a couple in an empty parking lot filled with other vehicles. They’re sitting inside their car, and you can guess the action taking place. No, it’s definitely not a make out session. At least it’s promoting a good cause. We’re speaking of the strong need for eyeglasses. It’s raising the awareness of healthy vision. How one should visit the eye doctor when experiencing sight problems, because doing so just might change your life for the better. Totally got that from watching this commercial, your insight might be quite different! Take a look!

Yes, they Did It! Healthy Vision!

GEICO Serious About Savings!


GEICO’s all about saving money, but if it weren’t for the logo, we’d have no clue as to the point of this specific commercial. Has quite a catchy tune, featuring the sensational R&B singing group Boyz 2 Men who’ve clearly progressed over the years to elderly men with voices. First and last impression of this GEICO commercial is something about dizziness, additional symptoms, and blasting “Gassy Girl” to the world plus whoever’s in that store. Surely you’d be highly embarrassed if you traded places with her. It’s a stretch for an audience, but you just might find yourself humming the commercials tunes. Winner for putting the group back in the spotlight, but for GEICO, maybe they should stick to the norm.

Boyz 2 Men Rocked this GEICO Commercial

Honey Combs Big!

7. Honey Combs 1986

Now what kid didn’t love Honey Comb’s back in the 90s? They all did! There was so much action going on, and the cereal itself was promoted like a toy rather than a breakfast cereal. The only annoying thing about this 90’s Honey Combs commercial, was that it made absolutely no sense. You’ve got this big bad Moe guy crashing what seems to be a tree house or secret hideout on a motorbike. Once he’s inside, instead of fearing for their lives, the children bust out in song. Honey Combs big, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s not small, no, no, no, and everyone’s happy! Not to mention the life-size talking robot. Parents worldwide made this brand what it is today, big, yeah, yeah, and yeah!

Honey Combs Commercial

See Me Cosentyx

6. Cosentyx

We all can sympathize with having that one problem which makes us different, but secretly, we’d love a better insight to relate. This Cosentyx commercial shows people from different backgrounds repeating the phrase “See Me’ in which we’re seeing them. Now, how about letting all the viewer’s not familiar with the psoriasis skin condition see the actual condition in effect. Another turn off for the commercial besides not allowing an actual window into psoriasis’s appearance on the skin, is that it relates all these symptoms which could occur with use, and might be far worse than psoriasis itself. No thanks, we see you Cosentyx.

Cosentyx See Me Commercial

What In the World?

Japanese Confusion Commercial

5. Japanese

Minus the fact that most of us cannot understand what they’re saying as far as words, we can clearly see the commercials could definitely use some work. In one commercial, which is advertisement for potato chips, we see a dog batting away fish including everything else, just batting everything away, including the air, senseless. Another shows a dog in space, and another relates somehow to soup. Let’s just in the future stick to the senseless commercials in America to be safe. These commercials will definitely send you to a psychiatrist for a psychiatric evaluation, although the chips and soup look delicious.

Terry Crew Old Spice

Old Spice Commercial

4. Terry Crew Old Spice

Terry Crew Old Spice commercials were definitely over the top. He’s running around like a buffed maniac, we’re seeing less action relating to Old Spice, more relating to mental institution escapee. Definitely attention grabbing in that forceful type way. He’s yelling and doing all sorts of very odd things. It’s definitely scarier, than funny. We all know what Old Spice is promoting, now put Terry on a fitting shirt, some pants, and a pair of shades. It just might work. Maybe more men than women will pay attention. C’mon aren’t men the target audience here? This commercial is downright disrespectful towards the men out there who don’t happen to have a muscle bound body like Terry Crew has to showcase. I guess it’s just saying that with a body like Terry’s men should use Old Spice, but if a body doesn’t make the cut, then Secret will have to do. Guessing we did get the message after all.

Could Pepsi and Kendall Heal the World?

3. Pepsi

Yeah, it’s no guess why this commercial got banned rather quickly! Kendall Jenner actually looks nice in this Pepsi commercial, but c’mon popping open a can of Pepsi is not going to stop any kind of violence. We see so much happening in this commercial, racial tension, protests, a photo shoot, and a police line. Not to worry, girl next door Kendall Jenner to the rescue! She presents the Pepsi to one Police Officer and all of a sudden, everything is so amazingly great for everyone. Round of applause! Way to go Kendall! Hope you’ve got a few more Pepsi’s handy to solve the ice cold tension in politics.

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial

Water is Cute with Evian!

2. Evian

Evian hit it dead on with this commercial. We totally forgot the brand or product this commercial was promoting, but the dancing babies were forever sketched in our mind. In fact, many of you still can’t remember this was an Evian commercial. Because of the cuteness the brand gets two thumbs up for creativeness. Next time Evian, if you want to promote your product for consumer purchase, try showing a bit more product which focuses more on benefits and less distracting cuteness. Cuteness can make or break any brands commercial, but instead of your water, after seeing this commercial surely many would’ve preferred purchasing the cuteness.

Buffalo Wild Wings Missing Wings Conspiracy

  1. Buffalo Wild Wings 2017

Totally got lost in this Buffalo Wild Wings commercial based on conspiracy theories. Starts out with a man tossing a football at scarecrow football players, then moves on to the man stating “this doesn’t make any sense.” Which it doesn’t! Two pale looking men pull up in a black vehicle, looking like extras for a new men in black new millennium feature. You quickly become entangled in a movie whose plot doesn’t go anywhere. It’s the type of movie stand-still that would have been a box office hit for the open minded, but the wings were missing. How can a fast food place whose primary menu item is wings, not display at least one wing in the commercial? Maybe even just some ranch sauce would’ve done the trick. Aren’t these commercials supposed to make our mouth water, sending us quickly out the door to score a nice quick meal? Certainly not what Buffalo Wild Wings had in mind. Many people lost all respect for Buffalo Wild Wings after this one. The conspiracy theory we were actually left with was if there was anything new on the menu. Looks as though the two pale men were the Wild Wings, and if so this was a desperate attempt at trying new flavors. This is why the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial landed the number 1 spot, nobody does a chicken wings commercial without at least a glimpse of chicken. KFC and Popeye’s would’ve never not showcased their chicken, or their $5 boxes in a commercial.

This Does Not Make Sense! Buffalo Wild Wings


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