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Top 10 PSY Songs You Haven't Heard

Updated on April 25, 2013

Korean rapper/ pop singer PSY took the world by storm in 2012 with the release of his song "Gangnam Style." The song went viral making him one of the biggest and most known celebrities in recent times. Since it's release in July 2012, the song has become the most viewed video on YouTube with over 1.5 billion views and counting. PSY released his latest single, "Gentlemen", in April of 2013 setting a new record for the most video views in one day at 38 million views.

Although most of us have only known about PSY for a year, he has been recording music for over a decade with his first single titled "Bird" released in 2001. During his career, PSY has released dozens of songs of which many differ greatly from the likes of "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman." In this article I will list 10 of PSY's (arguably) best songs that you may not have heard.

10. Urbanite

This is a nice catchy song with a techno style beat. Released in 2005, the song is about the people who work in the city and implies that they are lonely people who follow the same boring routine daily.

9. I'm a Guy Like This

A song that is sure to get you moving and wouldn't seem out of place at your favorite club. Just looking at the video you can tell the audience really enjoy it and feel the energy from this song.

8. In My Eyes

A slower love song from PSY that is very different from "Gangnam Style." It shows off his soft side and a bit of his singing talents.

7. What Would Have Been

So we have another slower song from PSY. This time featuring the amazing voice of Lee Hi an up and coming Korean singer. The video was recorded from PSY's Happening concert in April.

6. Entertainer

This is one of my favorite PSY songs. The upbeat melody sounds like it belongs in a musical and is sure to make anyone smile.

5. Korea

Korea is a very patriotic song made to cheer on South Korea's team in the 2012 Olympics. It has a nice rock and roll beat making for a catchy song.

4. Champion

You can't go wrong with a fun techno that is recognizable from the Beverly Hill Cops theme song or the Crazy Frog song.

3. We Are The One

Another rock song from PSY which truly shows his diversity. The song comes with a powerful message in saying that the North and South Korea should be one.

2. Father

Father is a song with talks about how his father made sacrifices and worked hard so his son (or children) can have the best life. The song has a nice melody of acoustics and guitars.

1. It's Art

It's Art is a wonderful song by PSY that is about what he does. It really shows his passion for the music he makes and his fans and refers to what he does as art.

The list above is based on my favorite songs from PSY after listening to his music. It took quite some time to populate the list as he has many great songs that just missed out on being in the list. Two of the songs that were close to being listed are:

Bird - His first single.

Right Now - Another great song but it is pretty well known already.

Let me know what you think and share you're favorite PSY songs in the comments.


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    • redwards01 profile image

      redwards01 4 years ago from Bermuda

      Thanks for reading Michael, Richt Now didn't make the top 10 because it had more views than his other songs.

    • Michael Poon profile image

      Michael 4 years ago from Australia

      i think right now should be no1. it's not that well known...with only 15mil views, compared to other kpop songs