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Top 10 Content Sharing Websites & Apps

Updated on June 14, 2014

Best for Content Sharing

If you haven't noticed there's a new phenom niche of websites brewing rapidly. We began with social networks, then blogging led to micro-blogging sites to mashed up photo sharing-social networking and now it's photo bookmarking/social networking sites. The types of apps/sites that we got use to are now changing formats to better suit the devices we use rather a PC version. Cellphone, ipads, ipod,iphone, tablets, gaming systems and HDTVs are taking over and the use of a personal computer in whole is dying out.

Within the last 2 years photo bookmarking sites have become very popular. The idea of more seeing and less talking or typing has come of age. On Instagram people all over the world are snapping pictures all day of almost everything into a feed seen live.

Here are the top content sharing websites leading the way into the new age of technology.

#1 Pinterest - Content Sharing

Pinterest for the most part is a content sharing community mainly a pictorial thing. Some features include photo sharing, photo bookmarking and interest categorizations. When you see something you want to share with others then you simply Pin it. Pinning something is an option on many websites but not all. It's like a Facebook like button and is recognized as a bookmarking application. There is an option to pin from the Pinterest website in which you enter a link and pin something that peaks your interest or that you wish to share. The Pinterest app is pretty cool and tech savvy and is available all Apple and Android smartphone and devices.

#2 Tumblr - Content Sharing is a combination of micro-blogging, social networking and content sharing. It is a simplified website with an outstanding layout. For the most part Tumblr is used by professionals for sharing blog post links but a much hipper younger generation is known for utilizing Tumblr as a social networking tool. The website has an app on theApple and Androidmarketed phone and devices.

#3 Instagram - Photo Sharing

Instagram is a photo sharing app on smart phones, tablets, ipod touches, etc (though not necessarily intended) utilized mostly by a younger generation. The app does not have it's own official website but there are numerous websites that incorporate Instagram API for statistics and allow you to log in with your Instagram account to utilize an Instagram viewer. Some Instagram viewing sites sites are statigram, webstagram, extragram, gramfeed. Instagram is one of the coolest new (since Oct2010) with the availability to add friends, search and tag photos. Instagram is available on all Apple and Android devices.

#4 Springpad - Idea Sharing is a revolutionary website that allows you to collect information for ideas with the ability to share with others. The layout is like that of a photo sharing website and features smartphone apps that enables web interface. Springpad is available for free on the Apple and Android market.

#5 Google Plus - Content Sharing

Google plus is social bookmarking and media content sharing combined along with many other web based features. It is more commonly known for link, blog and photo sharing. Google plus has more features than most sharing sites and incorporates a micro blogging layout.

#6 Pictify - Art Sharing is a social art networking site with a similar format to Pinterest. It is art based so is for the most part images of art. It is a very simplified website with easy navigation and features museum exhibitions. The website does not have an app associated with this site presently. It is a good resource for selling art when done right by linking back to where your art is sold online.

#7 Dribble - Art Design Sharing is a show and tell for designer bookmarking website. Artist/designers share screenshots of their work and have the ability to get hired for a job. It is a good resource website for companies needing art or graphics done as well. There is currently no app for Dribble.

#8 Google Drive - Business Document Sharing

With Google Drive you can create and collaborate with people or networks. There is the ability to create MS Office compatible documents online and share with others. Work together at the same time, on the same doc, and see changes as they appear as mentioned on their website. Google Drive is available for free download on Apple and Android smartphones and devices. Drive also features a desktop download feature.

#9 Pingram - Photo Sharing allows you to view Instagram photos in the same way you might browse through pins on Pinterest. There is no apps for this site and it's and not Pingram is a mashup website of Pinterest and Instagram. Technically a mashup website is based on combining 2 or more website API (application program interfaces) into one website or application.

#10 - Interest Sharing is a social bookmarking network based on interests, where people share, connect with others, and build communities around their favorite topics.The site is relatively new with 275k people joining a month with an easy going interface. Though the website is in beta mode it is as is a great way to share photos, ideas and arts.


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    • DRG Da Real Grinc profile image

      Felix J Hernandez 5 years ago from All over the USA

      Thank you for checking it out. I am happy I put you on to some new sites. Have fun on them.

    • profile image

      Sueswan 5 years ago

      Hi drgdarealgrinc

      This hub was informative to me as I am only familiar with pinterest and google plus.

      Voted up and interesting

      Have a good day. :)