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Top 6 Songs for Youtube Videos

Updated on June 6, 2013

Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake has gone viral with one person normally masked dancing or thrusting, and a few others idly waiting during the first 5 or 6 seconds. The Bass drops and Boom.. the idle people burst into hilarious dancing often dressed in unique costumes.

Gangnam Style

This popular song raised several months ago, featuring a Korean man singing about God knows what. It has been the target of several parodies, and people dancing. Apparently people dancing weirdly gets a lot of views? Weird eh? I figured Dogs in a wide angle lens would trample on Gangnam style but apparently not.

I'm Sexy and I know it.

No but really. This song by LMFAO, or whatever is still used as a viral sensation. It is the root of all evil and must be stamped out quickly. However I can't help but to get up in my little cube and dance, when the song rolls on to wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle.. Picture a fat guy wiggling.. you will get the jist.

It too has been targeted for parodies such as this one.

Heart of Courage

Now for a little bit of dignity. For our number 5 video, I have chosen Heart of Courage. This song is written and produced by a little group called Two Steps from Hell. Generally they make songs for movie trailers and such, but their songs are truly so epic, they are great for guild and clan videos as well. Making your videos go viral need epic songs like this one. This song would make anything epic on that note. It's so short, it even makes taking out the garbage epic and slo-mo.


Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

This one of course needs no introduction, only a smartass paragraph explaining it's origin.

Have you ever had one of those songs that defined your life the ups and downs and the bass drops? Yea me either, but this is still a good song and a viral one none the less. Skrillex is his name and bass dropping is his game.. Not much of a fisherman.

Did I miss one?

If you could add any song to the list what would it be?


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