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Top 10 Spider Loc Songs of All Time - Spider Loc Music Videos

Updated on September 16, 2014
Spider Loc
Spider Loc

Spider Loc

Spider Loc is an American rapper from Los Angeles, California and also the CEO of G-Unit West, a subsidiary to 50 Cent's G-Unit Records. Spider Loc was first introduced to 50 Cent by Young Buck in 2004. Within four months, he had signed a record deal with G-Unit.

Spider Loc has made multiple appearance with members of the G-Unit roster including 50 Cent, Young Buck and Olivia. He has also released many mixtapes throughout the years as well as 4 notable albums. For more information on Spider Loc's albums and mixtapes visit here.

Here are the top 10 Spider Loc songs and music videos of all time. Enjoy.

Top 10 Spider Loc Songs of All Time - Music Videos

1. Imma Get Mine Ft. It's Nique

2. This Shit Real Ft. Cash Daddy, VSkillz

3. BitchBoy (Game Diss)

4. Blutiful World Ft. E-Note, Papa Smurf, Piper

5. Tru West

6. Bluetiful Day Ft. Snoopy Blue

7.Can;t Be Faded Ft. Nate Dogg, Eazy E

8. Bang Bang Ft. Snoopy Blue

9. When I get Angry

10. I Don't Want No Problems Ft. Young Buck

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