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Top 10 Strongest Anime Ice Users

Updated on May 26, 2019

Ice Users in Anime

Ice Elements is one of the special abilities an anime character can have. Ice Users may get these abilities through practice or probably given by their parents or any creatures that possess ice. Sometimes an ice manipulation comes from different races. It can be from a God, Devils, Angels, Beast and etc. Check out the coolest anime characters below. Your favorite might be on the lists.

Anime Ice Users
Kuzan Aokiji
Gray Fullbuster
Toshiro Hitsugaya
Isaac Mcdougal
Shoto Todoroki
Rukia Kuchiki
Lyon Vastia

1. Kuzan Aokiji (One Piece)

Kuzan Aokiji- is one of the Marine Admiral and nominated as the Fleet Admiral by Sengoku. He ate the devil type fruit Hie Hie No Mi. Kuzan has relaxed and lazy nature personality. He lets Nico Robin escape the Buster Call on Ohara by providing a small boat and a trail of ice for her to leave safely. He acknowledges Luffy for defeating Crocodile that saves Alabasta. During his time with the Marines, he was very loyal to the World Government and did his best to follow Absolute Justice. However, he resigned and joined the Blackbeard Pirates for unknown reasons.

Power and Abilities:

  • Devil Fruit- allows him to control, create, and become ice. He can make a sea or ocean freeze in mere moments.
  • Haki- all vice admirals possesses haki with above level so Kuzan can use it too.
  • Busoshoku Haki- he was seen using it during the Battle of Marine-Ford in an advanced level to defend Whitebeard's attempt to wreck the execution platform.


  • He is the first marine admiral to be revealed in one piece.
  • He's the only admiral to voluntarily leave the World Government.

2. Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill)

Esdeath- is the highest ranking general in the kingdom. She was deeply in love with Tatsumi, a member of Night Raid. Esdeath is lack of empathy of people that are weak because she believes in her father's philosophy "The strong survive and the weak die". She was known as the cruel woman who enjoyed putting her enemies through great pain both physically and emotionally. She doesn't hesitate about killing innocent people just to get what she wanted from them.

Power and Abilities:

  • Demon's Extract- A powerful Teigu that allows her to manipulate ice and mold it like nothing.
  • Cryokinesis- She can freeze a lake in seconds and uses it to make ice daggers as well as freezing people to death.
  • Chronokinesis- it allows her to temporarily freeze the time that gives her an advantage in battle.


  • Ice Cavalry- it is used to summon an army of ice centaurs to use as her soldiers.
  • Weissschnabel- it let her make a dozen or hundreds of icicles from air to fires forward like darts.
  • Hagelsprung- it creates a massive ball of ice and shoots opponent.
  • Grauhorn- it creates a massive icicle to pierce its target that has great effect on larger enemies.


  • She has a hobby of hunting High Class Danger Beast.
  • She has a small book that she uses to draw Tatsumi as well as an advice on how to make him fall in love with her.
  • Her own army has an emblem of black cross which was originally the symbol of Partas Clan.

3. Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

Gray Fullbuster- the ice wizard from Fairy Tail. He has a habit of undressing his clothes unconsciously. Gray and Natsu always fight verbally or physically, but both of them shares a deep concern for each others. He is once a disciple of Ur along with Lyon Vastia. They practiced altogether to become stronger and to defeat Deliora that killed his parents. During the attack of Deliora, Ur sacrificed herself to save him and Lyon, causing to lose her life. Gray gets the Ice Devil Slayer through his father after defeating him.

Magic and Abilities:

  • Ice Make- a molding type of magic that enables him to create things made with ice and shape objects at his own will.
  • Ice Make Lance- he create long curve ice lances and shoots his enemy.
  • Ice Make Shield- it is used to defend himself from the attacks of opponent
  • Ice Devil Slayer Magic- it is a form of Devil Slayer Magic that allows Gray to produce and manipulate the element of ice.
  • Ice Devil's Zeroth Long Sword- an ethereal long sword that is used to slash his opponent.


  • He was seen smoking in the manga.
  • Gray thinks of Lucy as newcomer to the guild, interested on her, and a celestial spirit wizard. (When Gemini transformed into him).
  • He was originally planned as Ice Dragon Slayer but the author rejected the idea.

4. Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach)

Toshiro Hitsugaya- He is the captain of the 10th Division in Gotei 13. A Shinigami who has an incredible ice power. He is a hardworking and matured person. His appearance was often mocked by the others, that's why he developed cold behavior towards others. Toshiro dislikes hot weather and find cold weather much comfort. Rangiku Matsumoto is his lieutenant. He is annoyed by Rangiku's antics, but they are really close.

Power and Abilities:

  • Master Swordsman- he is a master of swordsmanship. His skill is great enough that he rarely used his Shikai in battle that shown great proficiency.
  • Immense Reiatsu- it is an elemental representative of ice. Its Spiritual Pressure is said to be very large and cold.


  • Hyorinmaru- is the strongest of all ice-type Zanpakutōs in Soul Society.
  • Shikai Special Ability- it allows Toshiro to control ice and water.


  • Daiguren Hyorinmaru- it causes ice to flow from Hyorinmaru to Toshiro.


  • He was voted as the most popular character in Bleach in January 26, 2008 (He was placed 6th and 2nd in a poll)
  • Hyorinmaru won the most popular Zanpakuto in a poll.

5. Isaac Mcdougal (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Isaac Mcdougal- he is also known as the Freezing Alchemist. A man who holds grudges against the military. He can also manipulate water and freeze it. He is being mentally disturbed by the truth of taking place within Amestris. Isaac was mad at King Bradley, who he sees as an evil dictator as well as the rest of the military during the Ishavalan Civil War. He hides and starts working with the anti-establishment movement against the military government of Amestris.

Power and Abilities:

  • Water Alchemy- it enables him to freeze any source of water.
  • Marital Artist Expert- he was highly skilled in the use of martial arts.
  • Steam Manipulation- it is used to create smokescreens to escape from his opponent.
  • Blood Manipulation- He was capable of manipulating and freezing his own blood to create weapons.
  • Ice Manipulation- capable of creating large constructs quickly and flash freezing a target.
  • Infinite Ice Transmutation- it causes the moisture in the air to freeze quickly and make a huge walls of ice.


  • Isaac and Lyra shares a similar Transmutation Circle.

6. Shoto Todoroki (Boku No Hero Academia)

Shoto Todoroki-is the student from Class 1-A at U.A High School who practiced to be a great hero. He is the strongest student in Class 1-A. He has a great fighting experience among the other students. Shoto preferred to keep himself instead of hanging out with other people. However, Shoto has become more sociable and gain a sense of humor, although still remains a distant attitude.

Power and Abilities:

  • Half-Cold Half-Hot- it is a combination of his mother's ice Quirk and Endeavor's fire Quirk that allows him to control ice and fire.
  • Giant Ice Wall- it creates a massive wall of ice that freezes opponent or by simply blocks them.
  • Flashfreeze Heatwave- it allows him to release a super-heated blast.


  • Shoto's given name contains kanji for burning and freezing.

7. Judar (Magi)

Judar- A magician who specializes in Ice Magic. He is also one of the four Magi in the current era. The former Oracle of Al-Thamen and the Kou Empire. Judar is very powerful and cruel Ice Wizard who often acts like a child. He is usually disrespectful towards his fellow Magi. He does not mind hurting and attacking innocent civilians as long as he gets to do whatever pleases him.

Magic and Abilities:

  • Black Djinn- it empowers Judar in the battle
  • Wand- it can create powerful techniques such as ice and lightning magic.
  • Borg- a defensive move that blocks out attacks with evil intent.

Ice Magic:

  • Rain Of Ice Spears- It creates a huge ice and can shed it to send it to wherever he wants and freezes the area completely.


  • Judar weakness is vegetables.
  • Judar ideal type of woman is the one with the personality opposites to him.

8. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Rukia Kuchiki- she is the current captain of 13th Division and formerly served as the 13th Division Lieutenant led by captain Jūshirō Ukitake. She is also the adoptive younger sister of Byakuya Kuchiki, the captain of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13. Rukia is a Shinigami who gave Ichigo the power to become a Shinigami. She preferred to hide her true feelings and hide her problems on her own rather than share it with others.

Power and Abilities:

  • Kido Expert- it is her greatest strength because she is very knowledgeable of Kido.
  • Great Spiritual Power- it has a great impressive level of spiritual energy and exert large amount of Reiatsu when it's need.


  • Sleeves of White Snow
  • Shikai (it command dance)
  • Shikai Special Ability (an ice-type Zanpakuto)
  • First Dance, White Moon- she draws a circle and the space within that circle and anything inside freezes.
  • Third Dance, White Sword- it gathers moisture in the air and creates a blade of ice.


  • White Haze Punishment- it changes both her physical look and clothing. It increases the influence of Rukia's ability to reach the temperature of absolute zero.


  • Rukia is the most popular female character in the series.

9. Lyon Vastia (Fairy Tail)

Lyon Vastia- An Ice Wizard from the guild Lamia Scale. He's the rival of Gray and they both have the same teacher, Ur. He was first introduced as Reitei Lyon. In the Galuna Island, he attempted to revive Deliora, (The Demon from the book of Zeref) in order to defeat the demon and to surpass his teacher Ur. He is also very proud of his own powers and pride in possessing them. Lyon considers himself as superior to Gray and tries his best to prove his superiority over him.

Magic and Abilities:

  • Ice Make- it is a form of Molding Magic that allows him to create ice at his will and shape it into objects.
  • Dynamic Ice Make- allows him to create living creatures such as animals made from ice.
  • Static Ice Make- allows him to create weapons and nonliving objects.


  • Lyon and his team appeared in the cover of Sorcerer Magazine.
  • Lyon ranked 3rd in The Wizard I'd Like To Be My Boyfriend poll held by the Sorcerer Magazine in the year X784.

10. Haku (Naruto)

Haku- He is an orphan ninja from the Land of Water and a descendant of the Yuki Clan. Naruto mistakenly thinks that he's a woman because his appearance resembles like a beautiful woman. Haku was a good-hearted and eager Shinobi who believes that a person can be truly strong when they have someone to protect that are dear to them. Usually he kills enemies secretly by creating a fog around him.

Power and Abilities:

  • Superhuman strength, speed, durability and agility.
  • Assassination and Ninja skills.
  • Acupuncture skills.
  • Secret Art of Water: Ice Crystal Magic Mirror Technique- consists of summoning ice mirrors around the enemy to trap them.
  • Ice Release: Ice Rock Dome of Magnificent Nothingness- he can quickly freeze the surrounding and creates an ice dome around him or his allies to act as a defense.


  • The name "Haku" means "white" while his family name "Yuki" means "snow".
  • In Japan there is a snow-covered active volcano known as Mount Haku. (Ishikawa Prefecture of Japan).

My ice element thought

Ice element is one of the special ability that an anime character can have. It is usually used as power to protect, attack and defend themselves in order to survive in the battle or war. All ice users in anime are invulnerable to cold and does not take too damage when it comes to ice attacks. Each of the characters is extremely skilled in combat and skilled at making weapons made in ice in the battle. I hope you like my personal bet of ice users. You can comment down your personal choice.

Who's the strongest Ice Users For You?

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© 2019 Yanerzasenpai


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