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Top 10 Strongest Marines

Updated on February 23, 2020


Number 10

He is a Vice Admiral who is a skilled swordsman. He can use Haki. Many of the Vice Admiral can use the two types of Haki. He was sent to call the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock for the Marineford war. The Fleet Admiral Sengoku trusted him with a big responsibility as that. He is capable of killing a Sea King. He fought with Luffy and he also fought with Zoro. He managed to easily take out a lot of pirates in the war. He wields his sword or katana with his right hand as it was seen in all of his fights. Luffy himself said he's very strong. An Vice Admiral is strong. He was seen at the time of Rogers era.


Number 9

Smoker known as The White Hunter is a Vice Admiral of the navy. He was first shown in Logue Town when he was trying to catch Luffy. He was stopped by Dragon. Ever since Logue Town he's been after Luffy. He sees Luffy as a threat to the world like many others. He was there on the day Gol D Roger got executed in Logue Town. He managed to pin down Luffy several times. That was before Luffy knew haki. He ate the Moku Moku No Mi which is the Smoke Smoke Fruit which gives him the ability to become smoke. He can create and control it. He can also make the Smoke thick or thin. He can control the density of it. He can also fly by transforming his lower body into smoke. He can also power up the engine of his motorbike by using his powers. Each part of his body can turn into smoke and float around. He had a disadvantage when he fought against Ace since fire beats smoke. Being an Vice Admiral he can use two types of Haki. After the war he requested he get transferred to G-5 and he did. He uses a weapon which is a jute the tip is made from seastone so he can use it against Devil Fruit users. He has a strong sense of justice.


Number 8

Vergo was a Vice Admiral and he was head of the G-5. He was actually an ally of Doflamingo. He was one of the four elite officer in the Donquixote Pirates. He died in Punk Hazard, The room he was in exploded. He is very strong as he was able to beat up Trafalgar Law two times and he also destroyed Vice Admiral Smoker. Being a Vice Admiral he could use two types of Haki. He was really skilled in Busoshoku Haki. He knew about Haki since the age of ten. Doflamingo and Caesar Clown vouched for his Haki ability. He fought Sanji and when Sanji kicked him he said that it was like kicking a mass of iron. Even when he got smashed through a wall by Sanji he felt no pain. He could also use Rokushiki as he killed many marines with just his finger. He used Tekkai to withstand Sanji's kicks. If it weren't for Law's devil fruit powers he would've still been alive and I'm pretty sure he would've easily killed Law and Smoker.


Number 7

Tsuru is a Marine Headquarters Vice Admiral who's been there since the time of Roger. She is one of the most powerful marine in the series, being a part of the same generation of prominent marines as Garp and Sengoku. Even in her elderly age of 63, Tsuru was strong enough to strike intense fear into Doflamingo who was an extremely powerful pirate before he became a Shichibukai. He was quick to flee whenever he saw her battleship. Being an Vice Admiral she knows two types of Haki. She ate the Woshu Woshu No Mi which gives her the ability to literally "wash and hang out to dry" people and objects as if they were clothes, turning them into flat and malleable like clothes.This disables the opponents by rendering them unable to move. She also has the ability to clean a limited amount of evil off the victim. She alongside Sengoku and Fujitora managed to defeat Jack the right hand of the Yonko Kaido.


Number 6

Fujitora is an Admiral. That is one of the highest rank in the Marine. He is a strong Marine and he is also a very strong swordsman. He is strong enough to clash with Doflamingo on equal level and he also clashed with Luffy and Zoro. He was easily blocking Luffy's attacks without using Haki. He also overpowered Zoro with his sword and with the help of his Devil Fruit. He was also able to defeat Jack a pirate with bounty of 1 billion beri. He has a strong Haki since he is an Admiral he is able to use two types of Haki. Considering that he is blind he is a strong Marine. Doflamingo referred to him as a monster. His Devil Fruit abilities just adds to his strength. He can summon meteors and he can also control gravity in certain areas. He has a strong sense of justice as when he bowed down and apologised to King Riku for the world governments mistake for appointing Doflamingo as one of the Warlord of the sea which made Akainu furious.


Number 5

Kuza is a former Admiral of the Marines. He's now an ally of the Blackbeard Pirates. He resigned from the navy not wanting to work under Akainu. He ate the Hie Hie No Mi otherwise known as the Ice Ice Fruit which allows him to transform into ice. He can also control and create ice. He creates a saber from ice. He can create enough ice to cover a giant, a Sea King or several square miles of ocean within mere moments. He also froze two massive tsunamis caused by Whitebeard in a matter of seconds. He has an advantage over most off the devil fruit users that is to counteract the weakness of water. If gets pushed into water he can just freeze it and then stand on it. He was able to fight Whitebeard one on one. He also froze diamond Juzo who is one of the commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. When he fought Sakazuki he used his powers for ten days and he used a lot of his powers which caused half of Punk Hazards weather to remain permanently cold. In a matter of seconds he was able to freeze Doflamingo completely. He can use two types of Haki. He alongside Sakazuki and Borsalino were able to stop Whitebeard's quake attack by using Haki.


Number 4

Borsalino is an Admiral of the Marines. He's a very chilled out guy who doesn't give a damn about anything. It doesn't look like he takes stuff seriously. He ate the Pica Pica No Mi which is known as the Glint Glint Fruit which gives him the ability to turn into light and he can also create and control it. He can move and attack at the speed of light. He can also blast light energy from his fingers. When he was fighting Rayleigh he created a sword out of his light energy. He also stopped Whitebeards attacks by shooting his wrist with a light beam. He also managed to defeat four supernovas. He was able to defeat Arlong quickly and easily. His Devil Fruit powers are really strong and op. He mostly kicks people and he uses his Devil Fruit power to increase the strength of the kick. When he is in his light form you can't see him because he is that bright. He alongside Sakazuki and Kuzan were able to stop Whitebeard's quake attack by using Haki. He's strong enough to fight with The Right Hand of The Pirate King Rayleigh on equal term.


Number 3

Sakazuki is the current Fleet Admiral of the Marines. He was the one who killed Ace and also landed massive blows to Whitebeard. He is one strong marine. In the whole series he is the one who follows Absolute Justice. He ate the Magu Magu No Mi which is the Magma Magma Fruit which allows him to turn into Magma and control and create it. His ability is naturally of a higher order than Ace's pyrokinetic abilities, as the higher heat and smothering abilities of his magma allowed him to harm Ace despite Ace's Logia-defense, and ultimately kill Ace due to this superiority in their power. He was able to destroy the Ice platform with his Magma punches. He punched a hole through Whitebeard with his powers. He also fought his former colleague Kuzan and defeated him. In that fight Kuzan lost one of his leg. And during the ten days he fought Kuzan he also used a lot of his powers which caused the other half of Punk Hazards weather to remain permanently hot. As an Fleet Admiral he knows how to use two types of Haki. He alongside Kuzan and Borsalino were able to stop Whitebeard's quake attack by using Haki. Under him the Marines have become an even more powerful organization. He took Whitebeard's quake attack head on and still managed to survive and he was still able to fight after that. Even Blackbeard is scared of him as he was reluctant to fight him.


Number 2

Sengoku was the former Fleet Admiral and now he is an Inspector General. He was one of the well known people throughout the world at the time of Roger. He along with Garp,Shiki and Whitebeard were the major figures. He alongside Garp stopped and captured Shiki when he attacked Marineford and they destroyed half of Marineford in the process. He also has a lot of physical strength as when he stopped and pinned Garp down with just a hand. Sengoku is the only marine capable of using three types of Haki and he is probably very efficient at using it. Sengoku ate the Hito Hito No Mi which allows him to turn into a giant Budha. It is rarer than Logia. It is Mythical Zoan type. In his giant Budha form he can launch an explosive shock wave with a palm thrust, enough to send a majority of the Blackbeard Pirates flying a fair distance. His devil fruit abilities are very strong.

Monkey D Garp

Number 1

Monkey D Garp is an Marine Vice Admiral and he is the father of Revolutionary Dragon and also the grandfather of Monkey D Luffy. He was also the adoptive grandfather of Fire Fist Ace. After the Marineford war he became a Marine instructor he also took charge of Coby and Helmeppo's training. Garp was one of the major figures, along with Sengoku, Shiki, and Whitebeard, from the times when the "Pirate King" was still alive. His epithet is "Garp The Fist" and he is also known throughout the world as the Hero of the Marines. He had got the offer to become an Admiral so many times but he rejected them all. Garp managed to corner the Pirate King Gold Roger many times as Roger stated that both of them have nearly killed each other countless times. That just proves Garps strength. The Pirate King was the strongest in the world and to have almost killed him countless times just means he is on the level of the Pirate King. He took out Don Chinjao a pirate with a bounty of 500 milion beri with just one punch. Another example of Garp's strength is when he was shown to easily strike down Marco of the Whitebeard Pirates despite having his Devil Fruit abilities activated at the time, knocking him back which was something that Kizaru and Akainu seemed to struggle with. He is able to throw a gigantic ball with a chain many times bigger than the Thousand Sunny. It is evident Whitebeard respects Garp's strength as he mentioned him during his talk with Shanks. I think the both of them must have fought at some point. Garp knocked down Jesus Burgess, a wrestler with titanic physical strength without effort. He can also use two types of Haki. It is rumoured that he got the epithet "Hero of the Marines" when Big Mom and Kaido were allies. It is said he stopped them or something happened. Although the story is not clarified it just shows garps strength. Being able to stop two future Yonkos at that time.

Garp defeats Chinjao with one punch

Sengoku fighting The Blackbeard Pirates

Sakazuki fights Ace

Borsalino fighting Rayleigh

Kuzan fighting Whitebeard

Fujitora fighting Luffy

Tsuru defeating young pirates

Vergo Fighting Law

Smoker fights Law

Momonga fights Zoro

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