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Top 10 Strongest One Piece Swordsmen

Updated on June 26, 2017


Number 10

Tashigi is a very strong and very skilled swordswoman. She is a marine captain for the G-5 base. She works under Smoker who is a Vice Admiral. She is capable of using Haki as it was shown in the anime that she was able to cut Monet who ate a Logia type Devil Fruit. She carries around a handbook which has the list of all the famous swords around the world. She can also identify most of the swords she sees. She is very much intrested in swords. She can also deflect cannonballs with her sword. She is a very strong marine capable of taking out pirates. In the future she might become a Vice Admiral or even an Admiral.


Number 9

He is a Vice Admiral who is a skilled swordsman. He can use Haki as many of the Vice Admiral can use the two types of Haki. He was sent to call the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock for the Marineford war. The Sengoku trusts him with a big responsibility as that. He is capable of killing a Sea King. He fought with Luffy and he also fought with Zoro. He managed to easily take out a lot of pirates in the war. He wields his sword or katana with his right hand as it was seen in all of his fights.


Number 8

He is a pirate captain. He is the captain of the Beautiful Pirates he was formerly a prince of a kingdom before he got exiled. He actually hates all the pirates of the worst generation because he claims that he famous before all of them came. That's why he hates Law and Luffy. But later on he accepts them. He is also part of the Straw Hat pirates Grand Fleet. He is a very skilled swordsman. He has a bounty of 330,000,000 with consuming any Devil Fruit proving how strong he is. He also has another personality in him whose name is Hakuba. He is faster and stronger than Cavendish and he is also more violent. He is so fast people can't see and even people started calling him the wind. He is a strong swordsman.


Number 7

He is known as Flower Blade Vista he is the commander of the 5th division in The Whitebeard Pirates. He is known throughout the New World. He was able to fight with Mihawk the World's Strongest Swordsman. Even Mihawk had hear about him and he stated that he was the strongest swordsman in The Whitebeard Pirate crew. He is a proficient user of Haki as he was able to cut Akainu. He wields to swords and he was also able to stop a massive axe. He is rumoured to have a Devil Fruit because when he cuts people flowers appear. He is a very strong swordsman.


Number 6

Every One Piece fan has heard,seen and read about him. He is a really skilled swordsman. He defeated a fishman underwater and he also cut steel and he defeated an old warrior of the wano kingdom. He also cut a sea train in half. Many enemies think and some believe that Zoro is the captain of the crew. He was also trained by The World's Strongest Swordsman for two years where he learned Haki aswell. Many people also believe that he is capable of using the Conqueror's Haki. He is the strongest swordsman of the crew he can easily defeat Brook. One day he will become the World's Strongest Swordsman and there is no doubt about it.


Number 5

Fujitora is an Admiral. That is one of the highest rank in the Marine. He is a strong Marine and he is a swordsman. He is strong enough to clash with Doflamingo on equal level and he also clashed with Luffy and Zoro he was easily blocking Luffy's attacks without using Haki. He also overpowered Zoro with his sword and with the help of his Devil Fruit. He was also able to defeat Jack a pirate with bounty of 1 billion beri. He has a strong Haki since he is an Admiral he is able to use two types of Haki. Considering that he is blind he is a strong Marine.


Number 4

Shiliew is the strongest swordsman of the Blackbeard Pirates. He is the captain of the second ship and he also was the former head jailer of Impel Down before being locked away for being too violent with the prisoners. Magellan released him because at the time he needed help. Luffy was rampaging throughout Impel Down and at the same time Marshall D Teach(Blackbeard) arrived at Impel Down. So Magellan asked Shiliew to deal with Blackbeard. But as soon as Shiliew got his sword he killed the Impel Down officers. Then he saved the Blackbeard Pirates from Magellan's poison and then he joined the crew. Since he was sentenced to death he choose to join Blackbeard. He is a very strong swordsman. He is very fast as he killed the Impel Down officers in just a second. He is very strong as people said that his strength rivals Magellan. Magellan trusted him to take care of Blackbeard clearly proving that he believed Shiliew could stop Blackbeard and his crew alone. He is one of the strongest swordsman in series.


Number 3

The Dark King Silvers Rayleigh the first mate of The Pirate King Gold Roger is a swordsman. I believe he was the World's Strongest Swordsman of his era at that time. He fought with sea king underwater and he killed it easily. He also fought with Kizaru an Admiral. He was easily blocking his attacks. He is feared throughout the whole world . He can also use the Conqueror's Haki which only one in a million have. When you can use Conqueror's Haki it means you have the quality of a king clearly proving that he was the king of all swordsman in his era.


Number 2

Hawkeye Mihawk is currently claimed as the Worlds Strongest Swordsman. He is called Hawkeye because he has eyes like hawks he can see luffy's gear second attack. Many people cannot see it. It's like soru for the marines it's a fast attack but Mihawk was able to see. His exceptional eyesight hot him the epithet Hawkeye. He's strong enough to slice a massive ship in half with just one strike. He was able to stop Zoro's attacks with a pocket knife. He had a rivalry with Shanks they both fought each other. But when Shanks lost his arm he lost intrest in him. He truly is one of the strongest swordsman in One Piece.


Number 1

Shanks his one of the four emperors of the sea he is a Yonko. I believe his the Strongest Swordsman in the World. When he was young he was in the Pirate King Gold Roger's crew. He must have been taught swordsmanship by Rayleigh who I believe was the strongest at that time. He is also able to use Conqueror's Haki. He also used to fight Hawkeye Mihawk on equal level when they were young. Since Shanks lost the arm Mihawk lost interest in him. Then later on Mihawk was declared the strongest but if Shanks hadn't lost his arm and they still fought maybe now Shanks would have been the strongest. He was also able to stop Akainu's punch with his sword. The scene which showcases his strength is where him and Whitebeard clash. When both of them clash with their weapons the skies and the heavens spilt apart. Shanks with one arm clashes with Whitebeard who is taller and his bisento is bigger and he also uses two hands. Just imagine how much strength you need to counter that. Shanks used a lot of strenght behind his attack. He clashed with Whitebeard at equal power a man who was claimed to be The Strongest in the World before his death. If Shanks is that strong with one arm imagine how steomg he would be with two. That's why I believe that Shanks truly is The Strongest Swordsman in the World.

Tashigi fighting Monet

Momonga killing a Sea King

Cavendish/Hakuba defeating everyone

Vista vs Mihawk

Zoro fighting Hody underwater

Fujitora fighting Zoro

Shiliew killing the officers of Impel Down

Rayleigh fighting Kizaru

Mihawk cuts an massive iceberg in half

Shanks and Whitebeard clash

© 2017 TheWriter134


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