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Top 20 Movies to See in 2015

Updated on March 27, 2015

20. Pan (July 24)

I was young when the 2003 Peter Pan came out and it made me feel safe, innocent, warm, delighted, and all around happy. Now even though Pan is taking a different approach to its story the trailer makes it look pretty massive and exciting. So I am giving this the benefit of the doubt. Hugh Jackman looks awesome as the main villain and the younger actors fit the part just as well. It has the magical feel of the original and that was what Peter Pan was mostly about, the magic. Its probably best not to expect anything groundbreaking or anything but for a feel good family friendly film this is definitely worth checking out.

19. Minions

It's about freaking time! I'm so glad the marketers and advertisers realized the only real Despicable Me worked the first two times. Honestly do you even remember the plot or characters from the films? If you do good for you. But the first time Despicable me came out I anticipated a sequel with more of the Minions and that's what I got. Now they finally are giving us what we want. There isn't much to say about it other than if you're from the range of a child to a grown adult you'll probably find this funny. Younger people will laugh at the silliness of the characters talking and adults will laugh at the way the characters speak.

18. Trainwreck (July 17)

This is a personal film that I would like to see. It takes a different angle to the silly sex comedy movie. It is written by Judd Apatow so you know there will be a lot of sex jokes that will be hit or miss. I feel like this will be something different because of the story that isn't really told that often. The main actress looks surprisingly captivating and interesting. I actually laughed at some of the jokes in the trailer. If you are a guy you might get a kick out of seeing Apatow's comedy and if you're a woman you may related or find the story appealing to you so the movie could work for both sexes. I can't remember a trailer that looked like it could appeal to both sexes. I am going in with high hopes and I hope you don't get disappointed as well as me.

17. Goosebumps (October 16)

Moment of truth, I did not actually read any of the books as a kid. :O I know as a ten year old kid I just found the books to hard for me. My reading level was never at my class level so I stuck to Great Illustrated Classics with sketch drawings on one page and big texts on the other. However, I know that these kind of books were to many as the Harry Potter books (which I read two of) were to many others. My brother read so many of those books and i read a little and when I understood what was going on it was entertaining. So it is about damn time a film adaptation came in the year of the movie sequels. I am just interested in how they will make a less than 2 hour film out of an entire book series. This will be a movie to look forward to. I know I am looking forward to it.

16. Entourage (June 5)

Honestly this is just here because I think it's funny. I mean seriously I am just going to be counting the number of guest appearances. This show is still I'm willing to bet only made as a quick cash grab of all time. The show featured so many guest stars you would be astonished if you saw one episode without a guest in it. The trailer just shows complete anarchy and I loved every minute of it. The show I heard used every guest in a good way and I have no doubt they will do the same in the film. I want to see anarchy done right and I have a feeling that is what I'm going to get out of this.

15. Fantastic Four (August 7)

I did not hate the original like everyone else did (I did hate the sequel). But I understand why it isn't good and I was kind of hoping they would remake the film. The only problem I have though is that Miles Teller looks and is too young in my opinion to be playing Reed Richards. I know he is probably in the lead role because of a breakout year he has been having with The Spectacular Now, Whiplash (his best), and Divergent. I just don't buy him as the incredibly smart guy that the character is. Everyone else looks perfect in their roles and I can't wait to see the Thing. I grew up with the Fantastic Four and X-Men so there will be some Fanboy expectations that better be met. I hope the film will be as epic as its trailer because none of the originals were at all. It may be a remake but it looks like the remake that we needed.

14. Mockingjay (November 20)

I don't know why people didn't like the last Hunger Games but I enjoyed it tremendously. I enjoy PR related movies like Thank you for Smoking and The Insider and this last one was great too. I know there wasn't as much action but I appreciated what the film was doing. The film knew it was a build up for the ending and that is exactly what I got out of it. Now here it is the moment everyone has been waiting for, the end. Just as a little spoiler the books gave negative feedback on its ending so I read the last page and it did end on a pathetic note. But I'll let you all be the judge. Everything has been building up to this moment and we all want to see The Return of the King, The Godfather part 2, Return of the Jedi, Terminator 2, The Deathly Hallows, you get the idea. We want to see Katniss Everdeen save the world and beat Snowden. What more is there left to say? Even if you don't like the Hunger Games chances are you know someone who does so come on and see it.

13. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (July 3)

The series is like the Bourne Franchise but even more ridiculous. It is the epitome of testosterone infused visual roller coasters. I enjoy me some of that silliness every once in a while. The action is sure to get your blood going and the plot will probably have your head spinning for days. You've waited a long time and now it is here with all its glory which will give you the same feeling it did before. Tom Cruise is back in the role he has been married to for almost 20 years. All you action lovers and Tom Cruise lovers know you can't resist so just mark it on your calendars.

12. Southpaw (July 31)

Funny story this film was inspired by Eminem's life after 8 Mile and he was even supposed to star in the main role. However, his music career got in the way and he decided to leave the project so they gave it to Jake Gyllenhaal who had the breakthrough role of his career in Nightcrawler. If you haven't seen this film yet stop reading this post and see it right now. For those of you who did see it wasn't it the craziest, exciting, scariest, intimidating, and awesome character you ever seen. The guy is freaking crazy and borderline psychopathic. Anyway if you Google Gyllenhaal you could see how into his role he got. He apparently worked out for about several hours a day and just looks ripped. He looks like a real boxer and I am just siked to see him. I also know a friend of mine who will be in the film. This will be very inspiring, sad, triumphant, beautiful, crazy, and overall fun film.

11. Pitch Perfect 2 (May 15)

Another funny story I actually watched Pitch Perfect to get me excited for college and boy did it get me that way. I just love the energy and pacing of the original. I obviously love the guilty pleasure of listening to them sing pop songs too. Of course Fat Amy is back and I think she will be funnier than ever because I don't think she had enough lines in the original. I just feel the energy and passion again when I saw the trailer. The comedy looks more obvious and the plot doesn't seem to be too outlandish to the point where they had no idea how the original one worked like some sequels do (Horrible Bosses 2, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Dumb and Dumber too, ah hem). I am just going with my gut and expecting the same feeling I got the first time because it didn't seem too difficult. Let's just finally have another girl movie that both guys and girls can like for the same and different reasons.

10. The Hateful Eight (November 13)

Obviously the director is what makes the movie appear on the list. I honestly wasn't so impressed with Django Unchained. I mean it wasn't bad but it didn't feel very fun just ordinary. I guess I just find Westerns too boring even if Tarantino does it. But this one I just have a feeling since he said it might be his last movie I feel he will go out with a bang (lol). I don't think he would drop the ball on his last film ever. I just want to give the man the benefit of the doubt. I want to love his last film and I know many people loved his one before this so he has a high expectation to meet. There isn't much left to say about this expect Mr. Tarantino give it your all.

9. Fast 7 (April 3)

Oh my bad here is the Testosterone filled nonsense that people love and even I do. The villain is the best match as he presents the appearance, voice, and viciousness to make a menacing figure. Jason Statham is threatening and a damn good actor ever since I first saw him in Death Race now he is playing a character he was meant for. This will be the last Furious ride and sadly little of Paul Walker. But this will still be a kickass movie that I have marked on my calendar.

8. Ted 2 (June 26)

The first one was fun not awesome but it was without a doubt memorable. That is exactly what Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane does best. It will be cute, funny, offensive, in your face, stupid and most of all fun. I am so excited for this movie because I could use a good old school laugh that I get from anything resembling Family Guy comedy. Mark Wahlberg freaking shocked me in the first film I couldn't believe he actually pulled it off. The two go together like Abbott and Costello and every time they are on screen you will be amused. I feel this will be quotable as well like the original and the original can improve in some areas so I expect something more.

7. Jurassic World (June 12)

I like many fell in love with Dinosaurs as a child after seeing Jurassic Park. The T-Rex was obviously my favorite Dinosaur and you can bet that is exactly what I thought of when I thought about Dinosaurs. Yes I know the trailer didn't really captivate me either. It looked too CGI while he was riding a bike through each area and I just rolled my eyes. I kept thinking of the designs in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Chris Pratt I don't have strong feelings for or against him. I really could care less about Guardians of the Galaxy and his performance was nothing special to me. However, I loved The Lego Movie but he was only a voice actor there so I'm not sure what to think of him in the movie. So why is it so high on the list? I want to see the T-Rex back on the silver screen. There was no great shot in Jurassic Park that could beat any image of the T-Rex. Apparently there will be a new dinosaur and I have no idea what to think about that either. But come on am I the only one who just is going to see the movie to see those kickass dinosaurs again? I want to revisit my childhood creatures that I loved.

6. Steve Jobs (October 9)

This is a personal taste here because I love the writer. Aaron Sorkin has put out some gems in the past couple years including A Few Good Men, The American President, The West Wing, The Social Network, and Moneyball. It seems when he finds a director that's good he manages to shoot it completely out of the park. His dialogue is fast, witty, energetic, full of life, and so refreshing. The last movie on Jobs was a pretentious completely done wrong piece of crap that was completely Hollywood. Here we have a writer who knows how to make characters sound alive and intelligent and actors who fit the parts. Honestly I wished Christian Bale didn't drop out of the project because he fit the part perfectly but I think Michael can still pull it off. This movie has been underdevelopment for a long time and now it is ready. I think this will surprise people because most people have forgotten The Social Network already and when they see the guy that gave them it they will be delighted. Or at least I will. Let's get Steve Jobs right this time.

5. Snowden (December 25)

Another personal taste not just with the director, Oliver Stone, but with the subject matter. I loved almost all of Stone's movies such as Wall Street, Any Given Sunday, Scarface, Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July and Savages. He has a keen eye for detail and storytelling that you get sucked into what he has to say. He also loves history and controversial topics and this is no exception. Edward Snowden was the whistleblower who blow the cap on the NSA's illegal phone tapping and surveillance in mid 2013 that spawned much debate on privacy and government responsibility. Many labelled him a traitor while others like me consider him a hero and a symbol of justice. He says his reasons for doing this was to get the American people to see if they want this happening to them or do we deserve better. He says now he can sleep at night while he has to stay away from America. Its funny what we do to our real heroes in this world. We did the same thing to Chelsea Manning for doing something similar to what he did and he is facing prison sentence up to 20 years. Anyway his story sounds so awesome and rare that the opportunity could have been taken by anyone but I'm glad it is in the right hands of Oliver Stone. I have total faith he will do Snowden Justice. The biggest leak in history is going to come to the silver screen with Joseph Gordon Levitt playing Snowden. Again how awesome of a pick is that?

4. The Avengers 2 (May 1)

This is the nerd-gasm of the century to see all these bright heroes back together again. They are the kickass team that will have everyone coming to see them because you just have to see it. I want to love this movie better than the first one because I enjoyed it but it wore off quite fast for me. Honestly I didn't grow up with the Avengers but I can't wait to see this movie regardless because I want to laugh and enjoy the action. Honestly I thought the original was more funny than action packed. Yes this will get into my inner geek satisfaction mode. I don't have more to say but that I felt this deserved to be here for all the reasons that I think everyone else can explain.

3. Spectre (November 6)

The greatest spy is back and with the Joker of the James Bond movies. I loved Casino Royale as much as anyone else did and it continues to be my favorite James Bond movie. There is so much movies in the Bond franchise but Casino Royale has it all. It has the action, the coolness, the sexiness, the suave, the power, the intelligence, the workman like quality, and the strength unlike any of the other Bond movies. Now let's go on to the main reason I am excited for this movie, the villain. Christoph Waltz has found the role that he has been working his whole career for. I look at him and have always saw a Bond villain. He has the elegance of the villain but also the charisma that transcends his acting ability into pure transformation. He might already have two supporting academy awards but I would not be surprised if he pulls this off if he doesn't get another one. I can just see a performance as good as Heath Ledger happening with this performance. And of course the agent of destruction is back, Daniel Craig. He is by far the best James Bond we had in many years and he will definitely bring to us a Bond that we can find more interesting, complex, and put into danger situations both mental and physical. What more to say than James Bond.

2. Star Wars The Force Awakens (December 18)

Before you get pissed let me just remind you that this movie is not only on here but is one of the highest on this list. I personally am extremely mixed on whether I will like this movie or not because the trailer did not help with unsplitting me. I don't like Disney trying to revitalize a series that I loved so much. I did not care for the actors in the trailer and i did not get any of the story so I am extremely worried. Yes the lightsaber is cool looking in the beginning and the millennium falcon is back but I don't agree with the fact that nothing about the film is known yet. I did not care for the visuals in the trailer and I have seen Disney screw up many things that used to be cool before. However, the director J.J. Abrams has interesting movies that are visually appealing and I hope he can do the same here. If you haven't heard of this film you either hate Disney, mainstream, or don't have any hope for the Star Wars and just want it to end already. But for most people this is probably going to be the movie you will be waiting for in 2015 (especially since it is so far into the year). I may have my doubts about it but I am still excited to see it and hope the force is still with this one.

1. Terminator 5 (July 1)

Yes one of my childhood favorites in the past Arnold Schwarzenegger is now back. After taking roles in other silly pointless movies he is back to his trademark role that I knew he would eventually return to. You know the story and now I want to find out how it all changes and it will go the happy route or ambiguous like the third one (which I didn't mind) did. The first thing that pops out is the new actor who plays Kyle Reese and I have to say this guy is awesome. I first saw him in Divergent and he was the only awesome part about the movie. He has a look that beats any pretty boy appearance that most guys his age has in film. He isn't the hard ass tough guy he was in the Divergent movie but more human here. The opening was awesome as the past has changed and in steps Sarah Connor. This sounds like the first Terminator in reverse. The actress that plays Sarah Connor not only looks like the original actress but has the badass attitude and authority as her too. She embodies the same power and strength that is needed for the character without making her less human. The trailer just gets you so pumped up and so many images get you wondering like who is the little girl that is being carried by the man towards the end of the trailer. The entire trailer got me more excited than any other this year and after I was finished watching it I could not wait until it finally comes out. This is the movie that has it all so far. The trailer even ends with his most famous line. This is the most anticipated movie of 2015 (at least to me).


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