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Top 10 Summer Songs

Updated on June 16, 2008

Did you ever notice that every year, as soon as summer rolls around, the same songs seem to resurface on every radio station across America? Or that certain songs have that tropical melody that make you want to close your eyes and pretend you're soaking up the rays on a tropical island? Below is a list of the top summer songs that seem to have that effect on music listeners everywhere.

1. Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett

Margaritas are to summer what hot cocoa is to winter: the perfect remedy. Whether you like them on the rocks or frozen, Margaritas set the tone for summer's arrival. Buffett's tropical melody makes you want to kick back on a hammock in the midst of paradise and do nothing except sip on a nice cold beverage and "waste away".

2. Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith

It never fails: every year, as soon as your thermostat reaches eighty degrees, good ole' Will Smith makes his annual appearance across radio airwaves nationwide. Even though the song was released way back when the Fresh Prince was sporting around with DJ Jazzy Jeff in his convertible, this summer jam just never seems to get old.

3. Island In The Sun - Weezer

"Island in the Sun" is a leisurely, sun-drenched pop song that is guaranteed to put you at ease, no matter what kind of mood you're in. It's like gently cascading down a river with a gentle breeze and for a moment, while getting lost in the melody, you wish the island in the sun really existed.

4. The Boys of Summer - Don Henley

"The Boys of Summer" is the obvious theme song about summer love: "my love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone". Even though this song is over two decades old, it still exists as one of the most popular summer songs to date. It also ranked #416 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

5. Summer Love - Justin Timberlake

"Summer Love" exploded across the airwaves during the summer of 2006, proving itself to be one of this decade's summer love theme songs. The techno sounding keyboard beat displays in the background as Timberlake sings about his summer love. It isn't a Don Henley love song by any means, but it may be one of those songs that in twenty years, teens of this generation listen to and reminisce about their summer days.

6. Kokomo - The Beach Boys

"Kokomo" was the song that practically started summer music. Much like "Margaritaville" or "Island in the Sun", "Kokomo" also makes you feel like you're lying on the beach, soaking up the sun, without a care in the world. A timeless classic.

7. Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves

"Walking on Sunshine" is an energetic, upbeat song that explodes from your speakers like a burst of energy and makes you want to dance around your room like no one's watching. This gleeful little tune really makes you feel like you're walking on sunshine. "And don't it feel good."

8. Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

No matter what age you are or what generation of music you grew up listening to, anyone and everyone that thinks of a "summer song" will flash back to Bryan Adam's "Summer of ‘69" within seconds. Everyone experiences at least one summer where they can say, in the words of Adams, "those were the best days of my life". This song holds true to the memories of summer when love was in the air and the nights seemed to last forever.

9. La Isla Bonita - Madonna

Spanish for "the beautiful island", "La Isla Bonita" has a certain Latin sound to it that makes you feel like you're in Mexico salsa dancing on a warm summer night with an exotic stranger. Leave it to Madonna to set the sensual, summer tone that leaves our imagination running wild.

10. Summertime - Sublime

Considering this song is one of the most covered songs of all time, it's nearly impossible to decide which version to go with, but let's go with Sublime, simply because Sublime's music is generally all-around happy and has that great bubbly summer vibe to it (Santeria, What I Got, the list goes on and on). "Summertime... and the living's easy..." the lyrics sum it all up and define what the season of summer is all about.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      thank you for making this list. it really helped! :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      so do you

    • profile image

      ron burgandy 

      8 years ago

      kenny chesney sucks

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      What about Kenny Chesney's Summertime?????

    • PEN-n-PAD profile image


      10 years ago from Washington

      OMG I was reading your list and I was about to msg you and say hey what about SUBLIME?.... and there they are in all of there Super Sublime-li-ness.... ahhh .....

      ...I don't cry when my dog runs away, I don't get angry at the bills I have to pay, I don't get angry when my mom smokes pot, hits the bottle and goes right to the rock!!!!! I luv it

      ~It all makes sense until it doesn't


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