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Top 10 Tech YouTube Channels

Updated on September 29, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Tech is one of the biggest categories for conversation on the internet - bloggers, vloggers, news sites, host shows, and other sources all have complete coverage for technology, of the current
Tech is one of the biggest categories for conversation on the internet - bloggers, vloggers, news sites, host shows, and other sources all have complete coverage for technology, of the current

YouTube Channels for Tech News, Instead of Traditional Sources Like Newspaper Sites and Blogs

Do not get me wrong, newspaper websites are the most reliable for getting the facts, and The Guardian for instance has brilliant tech coverage. Getting those pesky facts right is best done by following the newspaper sites. Pretty much all of them cover the tech industry, but the best still stands at being The Guardian.

The second common source for tech news is blogs, and The Verge do it better than all of the rest, so if you are searching around for the latest tech news, events, current affairs, etc. The Verge are sure to cover it all.

Getting tech news around the internet is all to do with newspaper websites, tech blogs, and direct from the tech manufacturers themselves. But, this is just not enough. You want more than what these restrictive web pages can show you, tell you, and bring to the table.

This is when YouTube enters, a writers anti-christ source for any form of news. Basically, unless the company under question is the company answering the question many of the traditional writers on the internet will simply not entertain this form of medium. Little do they realise, the entertaining has switched sides on YouTube's web platform.

Truth be told, back in 2004, more than a decade ago blogger sites were seen as trash content sites and would not have received much affection from readers who roamed onto these sites for one reason or another. This will have created a negative flow of writers feeling unappreciated, and almost as though they have made a tragic mistake in ever thinking that anything that they could ever say online could be received in a positive light. Hell, a decade later, and in 2014 bloggers were telling the news before the news ever even got to it.

The internet has received trillions and trillions of views, and writing a blog has become more and more accepted as the popular and famous who do this for a living have proven to the world that they can be reliable if someone simply gives them the chance to be seen in that most wanted positive light.

If you have made it this far down the list, then you must be a tech enthusiast, and all of the listed YouTube channels should strike interest and conversation
If you have made it this far down the list, then you must be a tech enthusiast, and all of the listed YouTube channels should strike interest and conversation

Then, Along Came YouTube

YouTube covers all forms of media, from news, politics, entertainment, gaming, but the more important one that is to be covered in todays post is for that of tech. The world of tech has extremely good coverage on the contemporary professional format for YouTube's most followed tech channels.

These tech channels all started out their careers on YouTube with shaky camera angles, poor lighting, terrible audio equipment, and it was through being in front of the camera, and through extended periods of time editing videos that they managed to hone in on their professional speaking abilities in front of camera. And, over time these channels would start making money, and as they did the channel owners will have invested in upgraded camera, audio and lighting equipment for their production value and professionalism to show organically before someone even starts talking.

CaseyNeistat YouTube channel - 7 million subscribers
CaseyNeistat YouTube channel - 7 million subscribers

No.10 - CaseyNeistat

Casey Neistat is YouTube’s favourite vlogger, and was best known for his daily vlog videos that would take you into a life of a YouTube star.

If you have seen Casey Neistat’s YouTube videos then you should know that he is essentially a movie maker, but instead of making actual movies he makes his own YouTube video movies, then are essentially documenting Casey’s daily life in the fast lane of being a mogul for professional video making.

This post is highlighting the best YouTube channels for tech talks, and CaseyNeistat is a channel that should be of some interest to tech enthusiasts as Casey uses some high-spec cameras and audio equipment for his daily vlogging.

Casey’s vlogging equipment is often spoken about within his videos, and he also shares his entire selection of vlogging/video-making equipment from the past to the present, as within his working studio is stores all of his movie making camera, video, editing and audio equipment. Seriously, it is like a shrine for the CaseyNeistat show, storing all of his cameras, video-footage, fan letters/mail, and any works that he has done in the past collaborating with other people/professionals.

On occasion, being a tech enthusiast and a fan of the CaseyNeistat channel truly pays off, as Casey will on certain product release dates share his review and opinions of the product. He tends to spec review popular tech branded items, such as the Galaxy S8, the latest Sony 4K camera, the latest iPhone, etc. All of which are top notch technology item reviews. You can trust Casey.

Mrwhosetheboss YouTube channel - 660 thousand subscribers
Mrwhosetheboss YouTube channel - 660 thousand subscribers

No.9 - Mrwhosetheboss

Ahhh, Mrwhosetheboss is the technology enthusiast that has a fascinating story in rising to fame on YouTube. Basically, Mrwhosetheboss started his YouTube channel on YouTube whilst he was at university, and every day he would upload a new video whilst his viewer count was abysmal, but he did not give up.

After uploading videos non-stop Mrwhosetheboss was able to make enough money to buy a 4K camera for filming on his channel. He could later buy a better audio mic for commentating on his channel, and eventually he was in a luxurious enough position where he could entirely kit-out his home workspace with a tech set-up that cost him approximately $15,000 overall.

600,000 subscribers later, and more than 100 million views later, Mrwhosetheboss has gained a steady stream of support for his daily video uploads related around the topic of personal tech equipment. It truly takes a quality YouTube channel to receive such support as Mrwhosetheboss’s channel has, in that it receives on average between 200,000 to 300,000 views per video upload.

Mrwhosetheboss is covering all news about tech that is effecting the tech-using world. This includes smartphone tech, android, iOS, iPhones, Google’s Pixel brand, laptop tech, PC tech, gaming tech, and pretty much any other kind of tech coverage that you could imagine.

Android Authority YouTube channel - 2 million subscribers
Android Authority YouTube channel - 2 million subscribers

No.8 - Android Authority

This is an unfortunate tech coverage YouTube channel, as being all about Android this means that they will not have any coverage on the iPhone or the Apple brand as a whole. Perhaps not the YouTube channel for those who have complete support for the Apple tech company.

But, if you are an Android smartphone user, or have interests in the Android tech world then this may be a YouTube channel of interest. They cover all tech news and conflicts revolving around the Android tech universe.

Austin Evans YouTube channel - 2 million subscribers
Austin Evans YouTube channel - 2 million subscribers

No.7 - Austin Evans

Austin Evans is a tech nerd, and he knows everything that anyone could ever want to know about the tech world, let alone the things that you simply need to know.

Austin Evans has appeared on Unbox Therapy's YouTube channel at least once before, so we feel that it might be safe to say that Austin Evans is an official friend of the Unbox Therapy channel. Not that this should come as a surprise, because both channels equally know how to show the world of electronic consumers exactly what it is that you want to buy before you ever even have a chance to open up a web screen.

TechnoBuffalo YouTube Channel - 1 million subscribers
TechnoBuffalo YouTube Channel - 1 million subscribers

No.6 - TechnoBuffalo

These guys review all kinds of cool tech. Smartphones covered. Laptops/PC's covered. Tech accessories covered. Gaming covered. Tech software and hardware covered. Heck, they even on occasion review cars, but this is usually in a situation where the car has some kind of awesome tech featured on the inside. Still, pretty interesting material to cover.

If there is some kind of tech that has gained your interest then chances are TechnoBuffalo will have it covered in one of their videos. If there is a form of tech that you did not have on your list to research today then once again it may be worth checking out this YouTube channel to get your latest feed for the tech devices that are going viral.

EverythingApplePro YouTube channel - 4 million subscribers
EverythingApplePro YouTube channel - 4 million subscribers

No.5 - EverythingApplePro

This is the one-stop-pony-shop for everyone and anyone who is interested in the latest and greatest Apple tech products. This should be a website that you will want to immediately go and check out if you are aiming to buy the iPhone 8, or even if you have plans on holding out for the iPhone X. These guys know what Apple innovation means to consumers, and this is why they hold nothing back.

Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel - 4 million subscribers
Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel - 4 million subscribers

No.4 - Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips have niched themselves well within the YouTube community of tech advice providers, as they actually give you how-to guides on top asked questions from their large number of subscribers.

The channel reminds me a little of Unbox Therapy, but has an entirely different need to be filled. Basically, if you like to stay up to date on all of the latest tech out on the marketplace, then these guys will be sure to help in directions in deciding exactly what it is that you might want.

Plus, they do actually have a lot of videos dedicated to helping with some of those tech issues that bug people on a daily basis, so might be handy to scroll through their videos for the answers, and might be an even better idea to subscribe to the channel so you never miss out on the latest tech tips delivered daily.

The Verge YouTube channel - 1 million subscribers
The Verge YouTube channel - 1 million subscribers

No.3 - The Verge

The Verge may be a brand that rings a bell as you first read it, as they are also a blog which is shown through their website, also named "The Verge".

Heck, they are the ultimate tech geeks to fill your mind with all of that useful tech information that stretches from today, all the way into the past of the past, and also speculates about tech that will be in the future, and way, way into the future.

It might also be recommended at this point for those who have heard of The Verge (website) blog to check out The Verge YouTube channel. And, vice versa for those who have come across the YouTube channel to go and check out The Verge (website) blog.

Flossy Carter YouTube channel - 660 thousand subscribers
Flossy Carter YouTube channel - 660 thousand subscribers

No.2 - Flossy Carter

Flossy Carter is your mobile phone tech man. He has got the personality that sticks to you for some time, just give one his videos a try.

Carter's YouTube channel covers smart phone reviews, and he doesn't miss a single darned phone release. If it has got the media buzzing, then Flossy Carter will have certain coverage for these mobile phone models.

The reason Flossy Carter is number two on our list is because he always seems to know exactly what to say to get your blood pumping for the launch of a new phone model. Be it a flagship phone, or a younger brother or sister phone model Flossy has got it covered.

Flossy Carter states clearly on his video intros that he is the guy giving you the 'real' reviews for the mobile phones that he is covering. This is basically being said to reassure his followers (standing at a number higher than half a million) that he is not being paid by phone manufacturers or suppliers to showcase their products. Instead, Carter is simply a consumer of mobile phones (that quite frankly must be in the hundreds by this point) who wants to share his views with his viewers. A straight up mobile phone tech geek (he wouldn't like being called this...) who knows what the people want.

On Flossy Carter's channel you can expect super professional showmanship alongside the showcasing of everyones favourite mobile phone brands, as well as some lesser known mobile phone brands. All worth checking out, as you will learn a thing or two about the great quality that is available from some smaller brands of smartphone manufacturing from around the world.

Flossy Carter's channel also covers accessories and tech items that would be used alongside your kingpin mobile phone. This includes tech reviews for ear phones (a lot of brands, seriously!), smartphone covers (only the best!), gym tech accessories (they will stick!), and lots of other gear that can be used in extension to the mobile phone device.

As a super fan of Flossy Carter's, all that we would like to say is, "we love you Zeus". Oh, and he has a cat named Zeus.

Unbox Therapy YouTube channel (our list hot spot) - 8 million subscribers
Unbox Therapy YouTube channel (our list hot spot) - 8 million subscribers

No.1 - Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is the unchallengeable winner for being the greatest tech channel available for viewing on YouTube.

What do Unbox Therapy's channel do? The clue is in the title, as it is true... they unbox virtually anything new that comes onto the tech market and give a solid review there and then on what they think of the product.

What I like about Unbox Therapy is that it is bare bones, with the only focus being on the unboxing presenter, Lou, and the technology item that is being unboxed and reviewed.

It is a 50/50 partnership between Lou (the presenter) and the product (tech item) that makes the videos on Unbox Therapy so entertaining. The camera work is super-professional, and its presenter Lou is the man behind the ownership for the channel, having started the channel years ago, and I feel honoured to have followed the channel as it has grown and prospered.

This is one of those YouTube channels that truly shows as it grows in viewership, subscriber numbers, and the amount of business that they receive from sponsors, endorsement deal, etc. as this all enables a more professional environment to be presented between the charismatic Lou (the presenter), and the experience that the viewers get watching Lou's reaction as he tries the product out for the first time.

What is meant by the noticing of the channel as it becomes bigger and larger as a source of entertainment for its audiences, is that by having a larger viewership for each of his videos that stretches into the millions, Lou is more likely to receive free promotional tech gifts from the manufacturers. A similar situation will begin to occur more often with sponsorship deals being made formally whereby Lou will make a deal with Mercedes Benz for instance. This situation could mean showcasing MB's new online service by having Lou try out their latest line of vehicles, and then in turn give audiences something back in perhaps winning some form of a prize.

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