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Top 10 The Wanted songs

Updated on September 5, 2012


The Wanted, consisting of Tom Parker, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness and Nathan Sykes, are a British-Irish band who is one of the world’s biggest bands. Their career started in the UK when Jayne Collins, a manager, held auditions to find males interested in being in an upcoming, new boy band. After a 9 month audition process, the band was made in November 2009 with these 5 members being chosen. That was just the beginning. Immediately after, the band began to write material for their 1st album. They did a schools tour for around 3 months, where they performed the songs which would make up their 1st album. The Wanted also had a youtube account where they would post weekly videos, and through these, the band generated a small following. In July 2010, The Wanted’s debut single, All Time Low, was released. It all went uphill from there. Since then, the band has been successful with 2 number 1 singles, 3 number 2 singles, and 2 top 5 albums. In my opinion, these next songs I’m going to write about my 10 favourite.

10. Golden

This song is Track 8 of their self-titled debut album, “The Wanted”. The instrumental for this track is played on the piano. The simplicity of the sound is one of the factors which makes the song so beautiful. “Golden” is a song which shows the difference between each member’s voice, yet shows how well their voices sound together. The chorus is sung with lovely harmonies, which adds to the beauty of the song.

My favourite lyric in this song is: “We try to we fall and we live another day.”

9. Glad You Came

“Glad You Came” is the second single from The Wanted’s second album, “Battleground”. It is their 5th single in the UK and their 1st single in the USA. This song has a significant summer, party sound. The reception for this single was wonderful. It was number 1 on the UK singles chart for 2 weeks, in July 2011. “Glad You Came” was their debut number 1 in Ireland, and it remained at the top of the Irish chart for 5 weeks It also reached number 1 on the US Billboard Pop Songs and number 3 on the US Billboard Hot 100. “Glad You Came” has played a huge role in the band’s success in America. There was lots of promotion for it around the world, and the band had the chance to go on The Ellen Show, Jay Leno Show, Chelsea Lately Show, American Idol, and many other programmes and radio stations in order to perform and promote this single. There was a huge amount of airplay for “Glad You Came”, especially in the UK and USA. In fact, “Glad You Came” has received a Triple Platinum certificate in USA, and a Gold certificate in the UK.

Due to the amount of success the single had around the world, I think that pretty much explains that the song was a huge hit!

8. Rocket

Track 7 of “Battleground” is “Rocket”. It is also track 10 of the special edition of “The Wanted EP” which was released on April 24th, 2012 in the United States of America and Canada. This song has a slight electro pop sound. In addition, “Rocket” also shows the variety of pitch in each member’s voices. This was the only song which wasn’t released as a single in the UK to be on the American/Canadian EP. My favourite lyric of this song is: “I’ll do something epic and they won’t forget it”, sung by Tom in the second verse.

7. Lie To Me

“Lie To Me” is track 10 of album #2 by The Wanted, “Battleground”. Due to reaction from fans, I would assume that it is probably one of the all-round favourite songs from this album. Even in my opinion, it is one of the best. This song was written by a member of the band, Tom Parker, along with songwriters Eliot Kennedy and Nina Woodford. “Smiling, like there’s nothing wrong, you’re good at smiling, so keep it plastered on until the morning” is my personal favourite lyric of the track.

6. Personal Soldier

This song is on The Wanted’s first album, “The Wanted”. It is track 10. “Personal Soldier” had the best reaction from fans because when the band asked the fans to vote for their favourite song on “The Wanted” album, as part of The Wanted Awards, the result was that “Personal Soldier” came out top. Guy Chambers wrote this song with Steph Jones, and he also produced it along with Richard Flack. The song has a cute, sentimental meaning, which is probably one of the reasons the fans instantly loved it. It’s definitely one of my reasons.

5. All Time Low

The debut single which launched The Wanted’s career is “All Time Low”. A week after it’s release on July 26th 2010, the song was the number 1 spot on the UK singles chart. Within the first week of release, more than 80,000 copies of the single were sold. Even before the single was released, in June 2010, the band was asked to perform at Capital’s Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium, in front of a crowd of 70,000 people. “All Time Low” was the only song they performed. As “All Time Low” was the debut single of a band that had never been heard of by the media, there was lots of attention on them. This obviously had a positive effect and helped the band to gain a bigger following. The fact that the track has a very catchy chorus made the song very memorable. My favourite lyric of this song is: “Hating won’t do it”.

4. Heart Vacancy

The second single for The Wanted was “Heart Vacancy”. On their album “The Wanted”, it is track 2. This is one of the ballads on the album. I can remember the first time I heard this song on the radio, I was instantly in love. The instrumental of the song and their voices and the lyrics just made the perfect combination. “Heart Vacancy” charted at number 2 in the UK. The song is about desire and longing for a girl. Therefore, it is another song by The Wanted to have a sentimental feeling to it. “This ain’t the Heartbreak Hotel, even though I know it well” is the lyric which shows exactly what the person is feeling and what he has been through, so that is why it is my favourite lyric of the track.

3. Weakness

My personal favourite track from The Wanted’s debut album, “The Wanted”, is “Weakness”. The band co-wrote this song, so it makes the song more personal and helps the fans to connect with them. The song is about being completely head-over-heels for a girl and not being able to live without her. The lyric which stood out to me the most was “A look from her is like oxygen, how would I keep breathing without her?”

2. I'll Be Your Strength

Nathan Sykes and Jay McGuiness, two members of the band, co-wrote this track. This was the song which reached out to fans the most because, in fact, they wrote it for the fans. At their show in London’s O2 Arena, as part of their arena tour in 2012, the two of them explained that they wrote it for the times when the fans were upset and just having a bad day, so that they could listen to it and know that they’re not alone. To quote, Nathan said, “Whenever you’re down, for whatever reason, remember we love you and we always will,” while Jay said, “We read your fan mail and we don’t always know what to say, but we think sometimes just being there helps.” The song is purely a piano with the band singing. “We can make it through the stormy weather, we can go through it all together” is my favourite lyric of the song.

1. Gold Forever

And finally, my number 1 The Wanted song is “Gold Forever”. It is the 4th single for the band, and the first single to be released off their 2nd album, “Battleground”. This song was the official Comic Relief song in March 2011. It peaked at #3 on the UK Singles Chart. The track is about a day in your life that is unforgettable and will supposedly stay ‘Gold Forever’. The lyrics along with the melody make the perfect mixture because the lyrics are sweet and slightly soppy, in a good way, yet the melody isn’t slow; it is an upbeat track with many different instruments. Also, the video for this song was one that I immediately loved. It’s not one of those staged, boyband videos with a choreographed dance routine; it is a video where the band act like themselves. You can tell that they feel completely comfortable around each other and it includes the little in-jokes that the fans have with the band. This is the most significant music video where the personality of each member comes out. To conclude, the song along with the music video together is what makes “Gold Forever” stand out to me as the best song by The Wanted.

Here is a link to their must have debut album!


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