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Top 10 Tips For Succeeding as an Actor

Updated on February 14, 2017

Understand the Industry

As with any business how can you expect to succeed if you don’t know the industry your trying to succeed in. Go talk to working actors, agents, even crew. Understand what the industry looks for and how you can fit into it.

Manage Your Expectations

Don’t expect to be the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, that does not happen over night or over 10 years for that matter.Though you can earn a great living being a working actor without being a household name. Your expectations should be realistic and in this industry you never know what’s around the corner so work towards earning a great living from acting, if along the way you become famous then bonus.

Get Training

If you’re a new actor or seasoned actor never stop training. Take classes every year to address your weaknesses (auditioning, camera work, stage combat, dialog). You can take evening or weekend courses if your busy or work full-time. Without training how do you expect to continue this journey #fake it till you make it

Get Amazing Headshots

These are your tools of the trade, without them your nothing, just a name on paper. Don’t skimp on your photos, an awesome headshot is the difference between landing that career changing role or walking away back to your 9-5!

Get Practice

Don’t be ashamed to work for little money or free as it’s all great practice (depending on the project). Do student films, do short films, do YouTube videos, what ever it takes just keep doing something, and I don’t just mean extra work. If you want to become an actor you need to practice being an actor. Extra work is great for networking and gaining experience on set but that’s about it.


This is your blood line, your vain…without networking you have no links and without links you collapse. Join Facebook groups, attend events, hand out business cards, share your showreel, email agents, get yourself out there…no one else is going to do it for you. Build your acting community your second family. Join our Facebook Group here!

Stay Positive

No one likes a grumpy gus, and people talk so be positive and people will remember you that way. Always be polite and smile you never know who it is you’re talking to and what they can do for your career either now or later in the future. The people you meet at the bottom, you will meet again on your way up so be nice.

Know Your Type

If you’re a buff skin head with scars on your face, chances are your ideal role is a thug, if your rocking the long hair and beard you may go for more period roles or Game of Thrones style characters. Know who you are and were you fit into the industry, once you know your type you can push more for those roles and chances are you will get it. If your looks change dramatically don’t forget to update your headshots.

Actor Yusuf Bassir Instagram Flamedlotus
Actor Yusuf Bassir Instagram Flamedlotus

Embrace Rejection

“Sorry you’re not right for this role, but we will keep you on file”…You will hear this a lot. You will also get worse and be laughed at and rejected time and time again. Does that mean you should quit? FUCK NO. Chances are you will be rejected 9 out of 10 auditions until you become well knows and grounded within the industry and the casting directors have seen you several times, so embrace it and grow a thick skin. Could be worse just think how door to door sales men most feel like.

Know Success When You Have It

So you’re not Leo, Brad or Bruce but that doesn’t mean you haven’t made it. You can earn great money and be a successful working actor without being famous or a household name. Do you have 1 job a week or even every other week, are you always in and out of auditions…that’s more than most actors get so count yourself lucky and be thankful.


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