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Top 10 US Sitcoms

Updated on March 14, 2014
Friends (Sitcom)
Friends (Sitcom) | Source

No.1- Friends

Show description- 'Friends' is a US sitcom about six best of friends who give about their every day lives with the usual ups and downs. Relationship troubles is a typical episode in 'Friends' with each and every one of the group having their fair share of trouble in this department. The gathering for the friends usually takes place in what has become an iconic image for what a coffee house should be like which is called 'Central perk' or at Monica's apartment. The six friends are Monica (control freak), Rachel (adorable screw up), Phoebe (the crazy one), Ross (the sensitive one),Chandler (bad with woman) and Joey (the womaniser).

'Friends' Review- For me this is the No.1 Sitcom in the world but for the context which the review is under I am going to say that it is the No.1 sitcom in the US. Although it was a 90's running show ending in the early 2000s heading into the 21st Century even now in February 2014 it is the best Sitcom ever to set foot onto the screens. The combination of quirks which come from the characters in the show it makes for great television with more than a few laughs to be had as the series moves on. I loved the everyday feel about the show with six friends living the everyday life with the every day problems which the average Joe faces in young life. 'Friends' always cheers me up when ever I see it on TV with an ever lasting impression as I have seen each of the episodes countless times which is mostly due to the channel which I find myself watching in the evenings as it airs the 'Friends' sitcom constantly.

The characters all have their added qualities which make watching the show an absolute delight starting with the character Ross played by David Schwimmer who portrays the character with certainty over all his quirks. As the series moves forward Ross who eventually after years of admiring and loving someone who is only his friend Rachel Green get their chance in the sun when Ross finally declares his love for her. The relationship has its ups and downs as they are together, then they are split up to end up back together again with other short relationships taking place in-between with the two characters as they make attempts at moving on from one another. Although it was clearly meant to be for Ross and Rachel as when the series begin to come to a close they have a baby together named Emma which proved to still not be enough for the two to get together for good. Although all ends well as on the final 'Friends' episode Ross and Rachel get back together which seemed to be the one time which would last but I guess we will never know for sure.The Ross character is my favourite as he always seems to be up to something hilarious but I know that all 'Friends' fans will have their personal favourites when it comes to the six main characters in the show. Ross has the sensitive side to him which makes him prone to be a little over the top when it comes to love as well as romance and becomes known among the group as the divorcee as he got divorced a total of 3 times in the duration of the show. Leaving one to guess that the man has no luck when it comes to marriages with the first marriage ending because of a lesbian in the relationship which was quite a rational reason for ending their marriage.

Now the character Rachel Green has her quirks with a lovable edge which makes her quite the addition to the show. She struggles to make a cup of coffee yet finds herself working in a coffee house serving coffee to people on a daily basis. Gunther who managers the Central perk coffee house who has the hots for Rachel is was the reason for Rachel landing a job as a waitress in the first place. Which made me happy to see Rachel land a job in fashion which seemed to take a god awe full amount of time to happen but she got there in the end with mighty success moving up the ladder landing herself a great job working for Ralph Lauren. Rachels best friend and sister to Ross Monica made for a great match as the two seemed to click on screen which made the friendships between the group so believable. Rachels friendship with Monica and Phoebe was a truly exceptional one with each one playing their role within the group to keep them strong with a bond to last a lifetime.

The character Monica Geller who is the control freak within the group made a great addition to the unconventional group of friends. She tied in nicely with two of the characters from their past being Ross Geller who's her brother and Rachel who had gone to high school with her and remained a loyal friend when their paths crossed again in the coffee house 'Central perk' which at that time was a bar. Monica's character gained a new light in my opinion when her she found herself in a relationship with Chandler the funny sarcastic man with his sarcastic comments. Monica and Chandler jelled well together with the self confident control freak Monica and the sarcastic funny man Chandler which made them both a match made in heaven. Monica holds the group together with her self confident, neat freak attitude ensuring that everyone is happy looking out for all of the friends.

Chandler is a character with a huge personality with so much to offer having made him very entertaining to watch on the screen. With his close relationship with his best friend and roommate Joey Tribbiani this is a pair which couldn't go wrong with entertaining the audiences at home. I always look forward to seeing the shenanigans which the pair get up to in their apartment as well as out and about because it is always sure to make me laugh. The sarcastic jokes which Chandler makes seem to rather than become annoying get funnier and grow on you as the series moves on.

Then there is the character Phoebe which seems such a complex character with her past being so depressing and sad but you soon lose that feeling when Phoebe goes into her hilarious giggles and comments along with the songs. Phoebe who has some talent with the guitar along with seriously little talent in singing makes for an entertaining scene as they are always such silly songs with the memorable song 'smelly cat'. She certainly adds to the group with a funny and quirky set of attributes which make her interesting to watch on screen. It was a relieving feeling when I saw her find Mike who she wound up marrying as the character at that point was hesitant in having a serious relationship which she happily got.

Finally there is the character Joey Tribbiani who is interesting to say the least with more than a though attributes which make him entertaining to watch on screen. Joey is the womaniser in the group with his smooth talking charms which get him a long line of woman which leads out into the streets. This is just one side to Joey as he is also a sweet character with a soft side for his friends which leads him to support them whenever they require an ear to listen to or a shoulder to cry on. This is just a few reasons why the character is entertaining to watch on screen but the main selling point for the character on the show is his strong bonded friendship with Chandler Bing aka his room mate who bounce of one another with their humour.

Overall in my opinion this is the sitcom you have to watch no matter who you are as it has something for everyone. It simply tells the story of the everyday life so there is nothing you can hate with the quirks from the characters and the well thought out story for these entertaining friends. Its all in the title which is self explanatory for what the show is all about.

The Big Bang Theory (Sitcom)
The Big Bang Theory (Sitcom) | Source

No.2- The Big Bang Theory

Show description- The big bang theory is about five friends, four of whom are geniuses and the other who is a failed actress working in the cheesecake factory. The five friends are Sheldon (OCD maniac genius), Leonard (geeky lover boy), Howard (creepy engineer), Raj (sensitive man unable to speak to woman) and Penny (gorgeous blond bimbo). These four geniuses and Penny suffer from certain issues in life which for all of them revolves around relationship difficulties.

'Big bang theory' review- The big bang theory is one of my favourite US sitcoms with a whole new look on the everyday life through the eyes of geniuses working for a university. The characters are all entertaining to view on screen with their certain issues which make every day life difficult for them with some being more normal in society than others. Sheldon's character is by far the most strange with the overwhelming issue over his love life because it is thought among his friends and family that he has no sexuality with no desire on his part to take part in coitus as Sheldon's character would say. This adds to making his character more interesting on screen leaving you wanting to see more of him to see whether he will make any move in the love department. Although this is not the only reason for his character being interesting on screen as he is also very funny in terms of handling every day social interactions with not driving, talking to a normal person and hygiene matters such as in restaurants.

Leonard's character who is best friends with Sheldon as well as his room mate makes for an interesting addition to the show with a geeky outlook to the character yet charming interior as he woos Penny, the next door neighbour with his lasting persistence and small gestures of kindness. Then after a year of liking Penny he finally gets a date with Penny who had become his friend as well as neighbour living in the same building in the apartment across the hall. Leonard has an issue when talking to attractive woman even struggling to at times to talk to Penny when she is his girlfriend which makes for a few laughs every now and then.

Mr Wolowitz (aka Howard Wolowitz) is the creepy one with the womanising mind except in reality he is is more of a woman repel-er with his attitude towards women being less than acceptable. Howard is a funny character gelling especially well with one of the friends in the group Raj Kuthropali. Howard and Raj from the very first episode give of a loving vibe towards each other with a few occasions leading you as the viewer to believe that there might be more than just friendship between the two characters. Howard is an entertaining addition to the group with a unique dress sense as well as a personality which cannot be ignored as the series progresses on with him finally meeting someone who is willing to spend more than the night with Howard who is Bernadette with her quirky edginess,

Raj Kuthropali is the one unable to speak at all to woman making him the quiet, cute one in the group when there is a woman in the room but as soon as it is back to just Raj and the guys he turns into the ass among the group with his offensive ways. Although Raj can at times come across as the ass, he has built up a bond with the group of friends especially with Howard where there is a clear bromance happening.

Finally there is Penny the once girl among the gang with her charms immediately coming across offering the a few things which the group of friends clearly needed including a normal friend, a woman's touch and a lady friend for Leonard who immediately fell for Penny's charms.

To conclude the sitcom is one not to miss among the chaos which is TV as there is more than just a few laughs to be had watching the No.1 US sitcom hit 'the big bang theory'.

Two and a Half Men (Sitcom)
Two and a Half Men (Sitcom) | Source

No.3- Two and a half men

Show description- Two and a half men is made up of as it says on the tin two men and half a man (aka a boy). The two men are Charlie Harper (womaniser/successful jingle writer) and Alan Harper (woman repel-er/unsuccessful Doctor) along with the half a man (aka boy) Jake Harper. To clarify the two men Charlie and Alan are brothers with the boy Jake who is Alan's son which all add to make for an entertaining sitcom. The three of them live in Charlie's Malibu beach house which has seen more than a few woman enter its front door with a lot of drama, mischief and failed relationships.

'Two and a half men' review- Two and half men is not one of the worlds most watched sitcoms for nothing as it has more than enough funny moments to laugh a lifetime. The two brothers Charlie and Alan clash every time they are the same room with Alan's sensitivity and Charlie's drunken ways which make for a hilarious evening viewing on the TV. The character Jake Harper adds to the show very well with the raw stupidity which annoys the father Alan Harper as he is so desperate to turn his son into someone successful in life which could be argued is to ensure that Alan has someone to sponge money off when he becomes old.

The show has so much to offer with a different approach to the typical family sitcoms as this dysfunctional family comes with more than a few quirks making it unique in comparison to the other sitcoms airing on the TV. The twist of two brothers helping to raise a boy really is ingenious since the characters are so different yet gel so well with one another making it a very realistic show to watch. The first time I saw the show I wasn't sure whether it would be all it was cracked up to be but I soon found out just how wrong I was as the sitcom was one of the funniest I had ever seen. Usually I am more into the friend based sitcoms but the issues going on with the characters in Two and a half men made it all worth while.

Charlie Harper, played by Charlie Sheen is my favourite character with a charming exterior with an emotional, liver damaged interior which helps his personality into becoming an interesting and very watch able character on screen. Charlie has a lot of issues with woman which has helped cause his womaniser ways which he believes is caused by the bad relationship which he has with his mother. This is clear as the sun is bright when you see the two characters clash with Charlie's resentment to his mother which you would have thought to e uncomfortable to watch on screen but as it turns out is very funny to watch.

Alan Harper, the metro sexual one who is cheap sponging off his softy of a brother Charlie living in Charlie's Malibu beach house with his son Jake. Alan is a chiropractor paying most of his income to his ex-wife and mother to his son Jake Harper, Judith who Alan has turned to hate as he sees his beloved money go to the woman he despises. Nothing means more to Alan than his money which comes across on more than one occasion during the show as Alan makes his typical attempt to get Charlie to pay for everything even the food he eats.

Possibly the most entertaining part of the show is when the Harper brothers mother Evelyn Harper pops onto the scene with her condescending methods to manipulate the two brothers to be on her beck and call. She needs someone to go with her to a party, that would be one of the brothers jobs, or to spend the evening shopping, this would be one of the boys jobs and well you get the picture. This is hilarious as she turns the two brothers into nervous wrecks afraid to be in the same room as her at times as they afraid their souls will be taken by her supposed evil.

To conclude this is one sitcom not to miss with a great cast, great sitcom creator and great story line. This sitcom is one to watch again and again just as funny as the previous viewing which is rear among most sitcoms as once is usually enough.

Modern Family (Sitcom)
Modern Family (Sitcom) | Source

No.4- Modern family

Show description- Modern family is based around the lives of the middle class to the upper class lives of three different family's which are related including the Dunphy's, the Pritchett's, and then the Pritchett/Tucker family. The three family's all have their equal problems which come from the everyday life but these families make it look so funny.

'Modern family' review- The show is one of the most closely related to a real life family with all the problems related to the every day life which make this a show for the entire family to enjoy and possibly even relate to. The way in which the three families relate to one another is with the Pritchett's as Jay Pritchett is the father of Claire Dunphy and Mitchell Pritchett.

The first family which I will talk about is the Dunphy's as they are my favourite with their dysfunctional everyday problems as they are the typical American family with the husband, wife and three children living in a suburban area with a mini van which makes them in my eyes the most realistic and believable family on the show. Phil Dunphy is one of the most funny men on the TV in my opinion as he is gullible which I find to be a hilarious quality which the character has and this reflects the performance of Phil throughout the show. Whereas Claire, Phil's wife is the complete opposite with a control driven personality who likes to be in charge of all the decisions made in the household which I find truly hilarious especially when things do not go her way.

The second family is the Pritchett's which is a little unorthodox as Jay Pritchett who is in his 50's is married to a much younger woman Gloria who has a son Manny who needs Jay to learn how to become a man in the city life. Although a little unorthodox the family works making a great addition to the show with a lot of funny moments happening in the Pritchett household.

The third and final family in the sitcom is the Pritchett/Tucker family which is made up of Mitchell Pritchett (the son of Jay Pritchett and the brother of Claire Dunphy) and Cameron Tucker who are both partners with their adopted Vietnamese child Lily. This family certainly receives their fair share of daily issues concerning the rocky relationship which Mitchell has with his father Jay as well as learning to become good parents as they master the art of parenthood.

To conclude I would advice anyone to watch this show as it is suitable for the whole family with laughs to be had for all age groups. As most sitcoms these days are aimed towards an older age group, it is nice to see a great family oriented sitcom which the entire family can sit down together and watch.

Rules of Engagement (Sitcom)
Rules of Engagement (Sitcom) | Source

No.5- Rules of engagement

Show description- Rules of engagement is set around a group of friends who all lead there own lives with the show set heavily around the relationships within the group of friends. The group of friends include the married couple, Jeff and Audrey Bingham, the engaged couple, Adam and Jennifer, the illegible bachelor Russell and Russell's personal assistant/best friend Timmy.

'Rules of engagement' review- Rules of engagement really is the dos and don't dos in a relationship which means that there are a lot of people out there who could learn a lot from this show. It is entertaining from the very moment you see the sitcom title pop up on the TV during the show introduction with a lot of funny moments to be seen throughout all of the episodes. There is one thing for sure which I have seen whilst watching this show and that is that there is never a dull episode in the series I have seen so far in rules of engagement.

The married couple among the group of friends, Jeff and Audrey Bingham really are hilarious with their comments to one another. Jeff in particular is a personal favourite of mine in the show as he is always saying something funny whether it is his wife when he is being sarcastic or to one of the guys when he is in the Diner. Although Audrey has her moments in the show as well which is usually when she dislikes something which seems to happen an awful lot when Jeff is around.

The newly engaged couple, Adam and Jennifer are a great addition to the show with a lot happening with the two of them which is usually due to Adams charming stupidity. Adam is an entertaining character all by himself with his everyday stupidity which is picked up by Jeff and Russell which leads to a lot of mocking in the Diner. Adam and Jennifer both gel well with one another with the difference in their personalities leading to some seriously funny scenes.

Then there is the final relationship happening in the show which is a little different to the other two relationships as this one is a little less physical and a little more dysfunctional with the two best friends and co workers Russell and Timmy. The two of them have some funny times which is usually at Timmy's expense as Russell takes advantage of his personal assistant/best friend Timmy making him run personal er-ons for him. Russell is the womaniser in the show with his youth long gone, he tries to cling on to the youth which has long gone by sleeping with a number of young woman to make him feel young again. Whereas Timmy is more straight forward and respectable towards woman with a healthy respect for the opposite sex. Timmy has very little of a personal life as most of his time is taken up by his job working for Russell who is needy expecting 24 hour assistance from Timmy.

To conclude the show is one of the best on TV with more worth while viewing to be had after every episode which leads you straight to the next with anticipation. The look on relationships in this show is truly entertaining with a great cast and tremendous story which makes it all worth watching.

Whitney (Sitcom)
Whitney (Sitcom) | Source

No.6- Whitney

Show description- Whitney is based around the lives of two people in particular Whitney and Alex who are a couple and their friends, Mark, Neal, RJ, Lily and Roxanne. The story is set around Whitney and the grasp which she has on her life with the addition of the friends which all have their story to tell.

'Whitney' review- Whitney is a great sitcom with a lot of quirks with a lot to offer. The show is set mainly around Whitney and Alex who both gel well with one another and the friends really add to the entertainment of the show.

Whitney and Alex I thought went well with one another as a couple which makes the show very believable and I loved the difference in the problems which the couple were having as they are always so strange. This is due to Whitney being anything but normal with her personality being a big one with a lot going on with her and the normality of her life is practically none existent outside of her relationship with Alex. If the quirks aren't enough then I would not recommend the show to you but this really is a sitcom with a difference and I feel this is the perfect sitcom to fill the gap for one required on TV.

The heat between Roxanne and Mark in the show really is unbearable at times as you can see the tension between the two of them and you know they are right for one another yet they just never seem to except that which leaves them both unhappy with their relationship life with one failed one after another. They are both a funny addition to the show with a lot to offer especially when they are with the rest of the group of friends as something funny always happens.

Lily and Neale soon become an item on the show but ends in disaster as the two find out that one another really were not made for one another. Neale clashes too much with Lily's overactive personality which leaves the two of them back happily single in search again for their Mr and Mrs right. The two of them both add to the show with Neale's serious sarcasm and Lily's over active personality just says it all.

The last but in no means least entertaining addition to the show is RJ who works for Neale in his bar and offers some very funny scenes throughout the show with Neale connecting well with RJ making the two of them more than enough to do something stupid to create a scene you could watch over and over.

To conclude if you want to watch a sitcom with personalities which are a little different and a little insane then this is the sitcom for you. I personal thought the sitcom was great with a lot to offer and the difference in personalities among the characters really did create something great.

How I Met Your Mother (Sitcom)
How I Met Your Mother (Sitcom) | Source

No.7- How I met your mother

Show description- How I met your mother is a sitcom based around the lives of 5 friends. There is Marshall and Lilly who are married, Ted and Robin the two who could have/should have been a couple and Barney the womaniser. They all have their fair share of relationship trouble but no one quite seems as bad as Ted in that department with all of his relationships ending in disaster.

'How I met your mother' review- How I met your mother has its ups and downs with some episodes more entertaining than others but there is no mistaking this show for being hilarious in the story line. I liked the basis which the show is based upon with the story being told of how Ted met his children's mother which really does seem like an ever so long story which is being told. Although there are no complaints from me as I am not quite a fan of the How I met your mother sitcom with its unmistakable humour which is right up my alley.

Ted the love troubled one really does have a soft personality within the show almost being the too mature one within the group. His character is an architect, fairly successful with opportunities coming up within the show for him to design the new building for Barney's company. Although he is an architect in the show he soon finds himself lecturing classes in a university which wasn't the plan but seems to suit his character as he is very good at talking. Ted is by far my favourite character on the show with his well mannered, fun personality and driver glove wearing hands. The show really is made as funny as it with his character tying all of the others together.

Barney who is the womaniser in the show has an ambitious streak with his strange obsession with wearing suits and a clear obsession with being the alpha male among the group of friends. The classic guy things are always brought up when Barney is around especially around Ted and Marshall as he makes his attempts to get the guys to start groups, go to strip clubs and test their manliness in strange competitions. I have grown fond of the character as he is very funny on screen with some hilarious moments taking place throughout the series which clearly adds to the success of the sitcom.

Lily and Marshall, the strong willed married couple within the group of friends which help keep the group together through the tough times. As the series progresses Lily and Marshall have a child which makes for a great addition to the show and as a couple, Lily and Marshall really feel as though they have an unbreakable bond. I especially enjoy it when Lily go's off on one of her rants with a member of the group and when Marshall has a competition with Barney as it always ends up in trouble for someone.

Robin, the one with a soft side for Ted but no matter how many times they get together in the show they never quite tie the knot and get married which seems to get annoying throughout the show as they always seem like such a fitting couple. Robins job in the show is by far the most interesting as an anchor working for the channel ? news as it always seems to have something funny going on whilst she is on the job, occasionally saying something hilarious leading to the guys mocking her.

To conclude the sitcom is great with very few unfunny episodes with a lot of good humour throughout the show. The narration from Ted throughout the show is interesting in a way adding to the drama within the sitcom with one thing or another happening. It is certainly a must watch if you are in the mood for a bit of drama with a bit of comedy at the same time.

Arrested Development (Sitcom)
Arrested Development (Sitcom) | Source

No.8- Arrested development

Show description- Arrested development is all about a family crisis with the Bluth family going through a tragic time as they struggle to cope when the father George Bluth Sr ends up in prison. The wife to George Bluth Sr is Lucille Bluth, the three sons, Michael Bluth, Gob Bluth and Buster Bluth, the daughter, Lindsay Bluth, the son of Michael Bluth, George Michael Bluth, the husband of Lindsay Bluth, Tobias Funke and their daughter Maeby Funke. The sitcome is largely basedv on the families struggle to get George out of prison, keep the family business afloat and keep the family afloat.

'Arrested development' review- Arrested development is one of the funniest sitcoms 'Fox' have ever produced with so many laughs to be had watching it. I was pleased to hear that recently the TV/movie streaming service 'Netflix' starting airing the show as I absolutely love arrested development. The eldest son Michael Bluth is the one keeping the family business afloat with his leadership skills certainly coming in handy throughout the story as it progresses and he really is unaware of just how funny he is in the show as his character really does not try to be funny but always winds up being hilarious on the show.

Michaels brothers Gob and Buster are a whole new set of personalities with a lot to offer to the show. Gob is the brother who is a little lazy when it comes to work and would rather stay at home than go help out with their fathers company which would go bust if effort was not put in to keep it alive. With Buster being the hopeless one who also happens to be the mummy's boy with any issues reported straight to their mother by Buster. The three brothers are so silly in their ways which would not work with a lot of others actors playing the roles of these characters but with these three it works so unbelievably well.

Tobias who is the husband to the sister of the three brothers, Lindsay has a lot to offer to the show as he is also hopeless in his ways with a lot of personality flaws which make his character like all of the others individually hilarious. Lindsay like her brothers and husband is also hopeless which would explain why she married Tobias. But this sure does make for a great sitcom which you do not want to miss on the TV.

The other characters all offer something to the show with a magnificent performance from the entire cast and I can not think of a single issue with the show which would make it a little bad as they entire sitcom as a whole is a piece of art which I only hope brings more to the work as it is one of the best sitcoms ever to set foot on TV.

To conclude How I met your mother is a sitcom you would be a fool to miss as the cast is superb, the story line is flawless and the episodes all offer something new which help to form one of the best shows on TV, sitcom or otherwise.

Everybody Loves Raymond (Sitcom)
Everybody Loves Raymond (Sitcom) | Source

No. 9- Everybody loves Raymond

Show description- Everybody loves Raymond is about a family man Raymond Barone and his family with their everyday life troubles. Their is Raymond's wife Debra Barone, mother Marie Barone, father Frank Barone and brother Robert Barone. This is quite simply a show about a family man and his everyday life which as it turns out happens to be quite funny.

'Everybody loves Raymond' review- Everybody loves Raymond is the 90's sitcom everybody loves with some classic moments with a fun to watch every time no matter how many times you have seen it. The everyday troubles are always relate-able to the average persons life which adds to its humour and popularity as a sitcom.

Raymond truly is the guy everybody loves with some timeless moments in sitcom history which is why this is one of the best sitcoms to ever air on TV. Raymond and his wife Debra are a couple of hilarious characters which when clashed with Raymond's mum and dad are seriously funny.

Raymond's parents are great characters with a lot to add to the show which is brilliant since they both live next door to Raymond which makes it all the more easy for the characters Marie and Frank to harass Raymond and Debra. The tensions sure rise an awful lot during the show which is apart of its appeal because you do not see humour like this in sitcoms any more.

To conclude Everybody loves Raymond is a sitcom which although may be a classic now on TV still has its place on TV with some timeless comedy which is not to be missed. With some other very funny characters on the show including Raymond's brother Robert who sure managers to get under Raymond's skin which seriously makes me laugh every time. But to end the review on a high note the show is the one which is lost in time but not on TV so give it a viewing.

The Middle (Sitcom)
The Middle (Sitcom) | Source

No.10- The middle

Show description- The middle is set around a family's ordinary life living in Orson, Indiana where very little happens, some may even say it is the most boring place to live in America. The Heck family is made up of the father Mike, mother Frankie, two sons Axl and Brick and the daughter Sue Heck. The story is set around the ordinary everyday life of a family living in America with the Heck families issues taking to the forefront of the show.

'The middle' review- The middle is by far one of the best portrayals of an ordinary family with the problems which happen in a family with the parents troubles with work, bills and children. As well as the children's worries with school, friends, and the future. This is why the middle is such a great sitcom because it is not afraid to show a family for how it would actually be in reality but not in a boring way but in a funny relate-able way.

The parents Mike and Frankie are the typical boring parents with so little happening in their lives yet so much happening in their everyday life a they struggle to keep the family operating at its full potential. Mike is the straight forward one with his interest in American football and first for beer with Frankie the rush around mum with a similar first for beer which help the two to forget about the troubles of the day so that they may move onto the troubles of tomorrow.

The children made up of the two brothers, Axl and Brick are the complete opposite which I find very realistic with Axl the cool, football player, flunking student and lazy teenager whereas Brick is the quiet book reader with an interest for all things books and a lack of interest for the social life. Then finally there is Sue the sister who is quite awkward around normal people as she struggles to get through school as she attempts to find an extra curricular activity which she can excel in which as it turns out is nothing. This all makes for a funny and very entertaining show which is suitable for the whole family in major competition with modern family which is the other family oriented show which is also suitable for the whole family.

To conclude this a sitcom with a realistic relate-able edge over other sitcoms which is suitable for all ages which will get a laugh out of the whole family with some extremely funny moments which we can all appreciate.

Thank you for reading my hub, I hope you have enjoyed my 'top 10 US sitcom' list and comments are much appreciated. Please feel free to comment on the hub below and feel free to check out my other hubs.


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    • profile image

      altin 2 years ago

      two and a half men is the best ever

    • profile image

      Debbie 2 years ago

      Greatest Sitcoms of All Time The Honeymooners, All in the Family,

      The Golden Girls, Cheers, Frazier, Murphy Brown, Seinfeld, Will and Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Odd Couple, Friends

    • profile image

      bcvegg 3 years ago

      All in the Family should have been listed

    • profile image

      community 3 years ago


    • Craig Easom profile image

      Dreammore 3 years ago from British Empire

      Hi Thief12,

      All of the sitcoms you have seen are great as well as the ones you haven't seen. If you ever get the time, I would advise giving the sitcoms you haven't seen a watch as they all have something to offer.

    • Thief12 profile image

      Thief12 3 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I've seen most of Friends, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Rules of Engagement. Enjoy all to varying degrees.

      I haven't seen How I Met Your Mother, Whitney, Arrested Development, Two and a Half Men, or The Middle.

    • Craig Easom profile image

      Dreammore 3 years ago from British Empire

      Thank you for the comment Thief12 and honestly every sitcom on this list is well worth seeing.

    • Thief12 profile image

      Thief12 4 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I haven't seen a couple of these shows, but I enjoy the others a lot.