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Top 10 - Unfortunately Placed Advertisements

Updated on December 31, 2010

Warning: These ads are not meant to be intentionally cruel or insensitive in any way. They are just unfortunately placed therefore giving the overall picture a different veiw. These are meant for humor only, not to be offensive or insensitve.

#10 - Opposition

Unfortunately I don't think that the billboard people communicate with advertisers regarding what sign their ad may be partnered with. This odd pairing must have had people doing a double take.

#9 - Become A Teachers Assistant?

 The random selection of web ads made this page seem a little too suggestive.

#8 - Oh Albert, Why?

It seems someone here is playing a cruel joke. But no it's just another example of unfortunately placed random web ads.

#7 - That. . . Is. . . .Unfortunate

Oh that's just wrong. Seriously, someone come up with a progam that matches ads with appropriate articles, there has to be a way.

#6 - Ironic?

 In case you can't read the blue sign, it reads: "If you don't have GIO Third Party Property Insurance, we suggest you don't hit this bus"  Now that's just funny.

#5 - Yes I Will Have A Second, Oh, Maybe I Shouldn't

 This random web ad is definately an instant failure due to it's article pairing.

#4 - Just Trying To Sell A Juicer Here People!

Um, No Comment.

#3 - Evil Fast Food, EEEEVIL

 The real question here is which ad do you think is going to win?

#2 - Because Yanni Gets Way Too Much Respect Already

I humbly apologize to any Yanni fans for this post. Wait, there are Yanni fans?

#1 - She Was Hot, Until She Started Licking That Dumpster.

Okay, okay, who put that dumpster there?


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    • RavenBiker profile image

      RavenBiker 6 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA.

      hahahaha Yanni never looked so good with Linda Evan's chest-----

    • susiequeue profile image

      susiequeue 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      There's nothing better than laughing and then immediately feeling bad about it...