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Top 10 Ways on How To Be A Superhero

Updated on December 20, 2012

With all the blockbuster movies inspired by fictional superheroes soaring in the movie industry these days, it’s not a surprise if majority of us dreamed to have the chance to fly, fight villains, and be a legionnaire of justice even for a day. If you believe that one needs superhuman strength, speed, and weird powers to be a superhero, you’re certainly wrong. We can still be superheroes in our own way. Why dream if you can actually become a superhero that everyone will love and look up to?

Luckily, I’ve already met several superheroes in the past 22 years of my life. The first one is my father who was always there for me. He taught me the meaning of courage and determination. Though he is not with us today, his memories still fill my heart with overwhelming inspiration. I came up with this list of the Top 10 Ways on How to Be a Superhero to serve as an inspiration especially to the youth of today. Let us all be superheroes of change and together guide our world towards a path of happiness, peace, and prosperity!

Superheros in the making!
Superheros in the making!

You don’t need to save everyone in danger or do something about wars fought in numerous countries today. Doing at least one good deed each day can make you deserving to be called a super hero. Make a delicious and healthy meal for the family and save your mother from the hassle of preparing food for the day. Express gratitude to your father for taking his hard work in keeping the family financially stable and being a role model. They may not respond as what you expect but the impact of these small good deeds to them can be unbelievable. Knowing that you appreciate their efforts will not only lift their spirits but make all their sacrifices worthwhile. Remember that there’s nothing more satisfying for a parent other than seeing their kids happy.

Don’t forget to extend your acts of kindness at school and in the community. A simple “Good Morning” to a stranger you pass by in the street is a good start. Keep your positive attitude high and always be ready to help. Keep in mind that kindness is not a onetime act but a lifelong devotion.

A superhero indeed!
A superhero indeed!

The time where young people would sacrifice to keep the elderly comfortable in any way seemed to have passed. I’ve proven this countless times while commuting on a bus. Teenagers rushed to secure their own seat while leaving the elderly standing. This is a very saddening truth. What could have influenced these young hearts to be so selfish? If you want to be a super hero, respecting and helping the elderly is imperative.

You don’t need to exaggerate things. Simply offering your seat is good enough. If you ended up tired after standing while commuting, imagine how much pain it would have caused to the old person’s body. They need our care and attention more than anything else. Whether you are related or not, respect for them is a must since they are the ones who honed this generation. Without their guidance, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Their existence today is far from being pointless since they serve as our inspirations and great sources of wisdom.

Sharing a bike means twice the fun!
Sharing a bike means twice the fun!

Give and give again until there’s nothing more. This principle might look foolish to some but it’s a challenge we should all accept. Why not consider this coming Christmas as a chance to start a life of giving? Your gifts don’t need to be fancy and expensive. The simplest gift count the most especially those that are given from the heart. Personally creating the gift can make it even more special. The one who’ll receive it will surely appreciate the effort and time you spent just to make him or happy.

If you know how to carve, search for a sturdy branch and start carving his name out of it. For those who are really good in drawing, create a piece of art that somehow relates to your special someone. Super heroes like Spiderman and Batman are known for being resourceful. Due to their lack of brute strength, they usually rely on things found in a battle scene to gain momentum and eventually defeat their enemy. Consider them as your example and you definitely won’t go astray.

A superhero who knows the true meaning of strength.
A superhero who knows the true meaning of strength.

Regardless what kind of strength you have, never use it to step on others. This is the basic principle of being a hero. Your goal must not to oppress but serve. Having a very good advantage in life should serve as a challenge for you to help those that don’t have any.

Sad to say, majority of us are very selfish. We tend to keep our skills for personal use and deny that there are things we can do to help others. This path is not what superheroes like Superman and the X-men would take. These mighty superheroes were given special gifts that could help them rule the world with ease. Yet they decided to do what is right and help fight for justice, peace, and prosperity. The temptation to use your strength for personal gain is always there. You might make a couple of mistakes along the way but never falter. Keep in mind that it’s not all about perfection but having the courage to stand up and try again after every fall.

Our superhero, savior, and the perfect role model of humility.
Our superhero, savior, and the perfect role model of humility.

Successful superheroes like the Justice League stayed humble despite all their achievements. We should aim to replicate such kind of humility. Our favorite super heroes might portray it with ease but being humble in real life is a very big challenge. In fact, this is something you can’t do alone. You need someone to honestly assess you every now and then. We just can’t figure out on our own whether power, influence, money, or our status in life changed us. By tapping someone to comment on our behavior, it would be easier for us to adjust and return to our true self.

Government officials and others who embrace vital positions in our society should practice humility above anyone else. They must still acknowledge their fault and apologize to the people if they did wrong. Humility should not only be in words but be put to action. No one best deserves to be called a super hero other than a humble leader who would do anything even sacrifice his personal goals just to supply the things our society truly needs.

Face each trial with an optimistic heart filled with hope.
Face each trial with an optimistic heart filled with hope.

Pleasing everyone is impossible. This is true even if you are as lovable as Superman. In fact, Superman’s avid rival, Lex Luthor hated Superman the moment their paths crossed. Lex aim for power yet Superman is always there to stop his wicked and selfish activities. How did Superman handle Lex Luthor’s criticisms? He simply faces them head on. The man of steel will stop at nothing in making sure that the world is completely safe from evil doers. In his eyes, criticisms are nothing but challenges that urges him to be better.

We may not have a body as tough as Superman’s or a vision as clear as his, all it takes is a brave heart to properly handle criticism. Regardless what others say, go on with what you are doing given you know it’s just and you’re not stepping on anyone along the way. Prove them wrong by being on top amidst their continuous effort to pull you down.

A superhero who managed to control intense anger.
A superhero who managed to control intense anger.

Anger will lead to nothing but pain and regrets. Don’t let anger get into to your no matter how fitted the situation may be. Though this is easier said than done, we must always remember that any action out of anger will result to nothing good. It’s a much better option to compose yourself and carefully plan your next move. Various situations in life can test whether you can handle anger well. What will you do if someone harassed someone you hold dear? Would you let anger fill your heart after losing a close friend forever because of the negligence of others?

Many failed to be a superhero they dreamed of after facing these horrifying life trials. It takes a lot of courage to stay away from vengeance and lean on forgiveness yet it’s the right thing to do. No matter how much pain someone brought to your life, he still deserves your forgiveness particularly if he honestly begged for it. Set anger aside and remember that it will only bear more misery and pain.

It may seem they have nothing but in reality, these happy kids have more.
It may seem they have nothing but in reality, these happy kids have more.

Being appreciative of what you presently have doesn’t mean not aiming for something better. However, if you really want to be a super hero, never miss on valuing the things you have today since what you’ll have in the near future won’t be around without them. Friends who have been around supporting you all the way through the years deserve gratitude. Your parents who never stopped from loving you even a second are definitely worth thanking for.

Aim high but never let your feet go off the ground. Use what you have now to the fullest and be sure to thank them after accomplishing your goals. You can’t go on alone since life is best experienced with others who truly care and love you. Don’t let any opportunity to appreciate their presence pass. If it seems you can’t find anything in your life worth thank for, look deeper. There’s always a silver lining behind the dark clouds and all you need to do is search for it.

Love like there's no tomorrow.
Love like there's no tomorrow.

Superheroes are usually inspired by love. A good example is Peter Parker also known as Spiderman. His love for Mary Jane helped him defy the boundaries of fear. It gave him the courage and strength he needs to surpass one trial after another. There’s no specific answer on how to be a superhero yet loving without expecting anything in return is certainly a part of it. This doesn’t have to be a feeling towards the opposite gender. Captain America love his country so much that he is more than willing to give up his life in keeping it safe. This hero’s patriotism is one of his best strengths and what made him among the most successful and influential super heroes of all time.

Do you currently have a special someone in your life? Is your love for her true and eternal? Be your partner’s superhero and never leave her side no matter what. Hold her hand tight and face every trial that life might throw with courage and hope. If she falls down, always be there to pull her up and be a source of inspiration.

Superman is outmatched in almost every aspect yet he continued to fight against Doomsday.
Superman is outmatched in almost every aspect yet he continued to fight against Doomsday.

Super heroes like Iron Man and Thor may be sometimes spoiled and immature but they know how to stand for what they deem is right. They won’t simply believe in something just because the majority is doing so. This is the mark of a true hero. No matter what others say or told you to do, stick with your values and stand firm. Don’t let them influence you by any means. If ever your environment is pulling you down, have enough courage to get out and search for a new and supportive one.

To be a hero is indeed very challenging. You’ll face a number of foes along the way and be in life-and-death situations. Whether you will end up seeing a new day entirely depends on your conviction. Keep your head up high since you are fighting for what is just. Never forget that good will always triumph and the fact that you choose to be a White Knight guarantees your success!

Superman at his best!

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    • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Davao City

      Thank you cperuzzi. I really had fun creating this hub. It's my honor to be an instrument of change and encourage everyone to be a hero through their own simple ways.

    • cperuzzi profile image

      Christopher Peruzzi 

      6 years ago from Freehold, NJ

      This was excellent and completely what I wasn't expecting.

      I was expecting things like "get bitten by a radioactive spider" or "be born on Krypton". This was practical real advice on the morality of a superhero and how to emulate them. It's good advice and runs on a Buddhist path.

      Nicely done.

    • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Davao City

      Thank you guys for appreciating! It inspires me most. Have a great day!

    • Geekdom profile image


      6 years ago

      This Hub was not what I was expecting when I first clicked but glad I took the time to read it. In response to 7, I always remember what my high school English teacher mentioned when discussing The Once and Future King that "Might in the Service of Right" was a revolutionary concept in a time when "Might was Right".

    • Scottie Futch profile image

      Scottie Futch 

      6 years ago from North Carolina

      I find it strange that this hub has no comments! It is well written and insightful. While I would have preferred to have discovered a method of becoming a super powered Kryptonian, the hub still made a solid impact!


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