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Top 10 best kamelot songs

Updated on October 5, 2014
Kamelot with Roy Khan as a vocalist
Kamelot with Roy Khan as a vocalist | Source

Kamelot, a power metal band from Tampa, Florida although 2 members, the vocalist Tommy Karevik and keyboardist Oliver Palotai are Sweden and German consecutively. Kamelot has been around since 1991 and already has 10 studio albums, their latest album entitled Silverthorn released in 2012. The band has cooperated with many famous musicians such as, Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir, Gus G, Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy, Simone Simons from Epica, and etc. which make the sound of this band so colorful. If you like to listen to power metal, a side of metal with less or no growl, no blast beat, and no killer riff, Kamelot is a must. So this is top 10 best songs of Kamelot.

10. Love You To Death

The ballad song from their 8th studio album Ghost Opera, one of the best ballads they have ever made. Roy Khan charismatic voice and angelic voice of Amanda Sommerville is the perfect combination to create a ‘feeling from being left by someone you love the most’ aura of this song. The lyrics are great and poetic, beautiful piano, perfect portion of solos. Well done.

Listen to love you to death

9. Falling Like The Fahrenheit

From their latest album Silverthorn, falling like a Fahrenheit is one of their best songs. Slow – mid tempo and poetic lyrics make everyone who listens feel calm and peaceful. This is also a proof of how Tommy the new vocalist has a charisma and angelic voice too like the great Khan. Not many female vocal this time, again the keyboardist did a great job, lyric writer, and everyone in this band.

Listen To Falling Like The Fahrenheit

Tommy Karevik, the new vocalist
Tommy Karevik, the new vocalist | Source
Gus G
Gus G | Source

8. Hunter's season

Gus G, guitarist of the godly heavy metal band Ozzy Osbourne is doing a little solo in this song, very great. Catchy chorus, Roy Khan charismatic voice, decent solo, good drum playing; this is definitely the best song of the poetry of the poisoned album.

Listen to Hunter's Season

7. Forever

Forever, taken from their album, Karma, released in 2001. Can’t say much about this song, fine lyrics, a great guitar playing, and Roy Khan’s voice as usual it’s just great, Very great.

Listen to Forever

6. The Human stain

Another great song from their 8th studio album Ghost opera, this song tells us how human basically don’t want to die so we beg for minute more to live, but that’s the cost of living in this world, you just have to die. I think this is the deepest lyrics of Kamelot’s song I’ve ever heard, musically, I love the drum playing, solos are in exact portion, and I love how they arranged the vocal part.

Listen to The Human Stain

Elise Ryd
Elise Ryd | Source

5. Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)

The first single of Kamelot’s latest album Siverthorn, this song featured Alissa White-Gluz from arch enemy doing harsh vocal, and Elize Ryd doing the clean vocal. They include the element of orchestration this time, which is very good to hear. This is a solid proof of how Tommy really deserves to replace the great Khan.

Listen to Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)

4. Karma

From the album entitled Karma, this is the best song in this album. What makes this song different is the Solos are great this time, the best solo Thomas Youngblood ever played I think. The lyrics are about the king who has done the best he could but bothered with karma which he thought he would get.

Listen to Karma

3. The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)

Alright, we are in top 3 now, the songs will more and more extremely enjoyable. We have the haunting in no.3 out of the 10 best Kamelot songs, taken from the album the black halo, Roy Khan sang together with Simone Simons from Epica this time. This song is epic, telling about how Ariel (roy khan) realized that Helena is dead and no one could ever replace her. This album anyway is continuing the story on the previous album Epica, which inspired by Goethe's Faust.

Listen to The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)

2. March of Memphisto

No.2! We have the first track of the black halo album March of memphisto, with Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir as Memphisto, The combination of both harsh vocal and clean vocal is awesome. This song is also a continuation of the previous album, and is about Memphisto's march trying to take control of Ariel.

Listen To March of Memphisto

1. Center of the Universe

Finally! no.1 of the best 10 Kamelot songs came from Epica their 2003 studio album, this album is the first part of the Goethe’ story, Roy Khan showed his godly skill, he can sing incredibly well at high tones and still has a charismatic low voice. This song is the beginning of all the stories, where Ariel began his journey to seek an answer.

Listen To Center of the Universe

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