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Top 10 Best Requested Songs

Updated on December 27, 2011

How I ranked them

I don't want to miss lead anyone about this hub. In no way am I saying that these songs are the best songs to ever grace my speakers. In some cases the opposite it true. The reason these songs are put on this list is because of the reason a guest made the request. Maybe I should have named this article the best dedications but I'll go with what I've got for now. I hope you enjoy reading about some of the fun I've had so far in my career.

10. I'm an Asshole - Dennis Leary

I've only ever played this song once at a karaoke event. A drunk, rude guest had sung 5 songs throughout the night and then asked me to pick a song for him, so I proceeded to play this song.

The crowd started laughing their asses off when they saw the song come up, and even more when the guy started really hamming it up while he sang. He was a bit nicer the rest of the night.

9. Sexy and I Know it - LMFAO

I'm guessing there isn't a lot of explaining to do on this one. The groom and groomsmen requested this song at a wedding so they could take over the dance floor. If that was the only thing that happened then this wouldn't have made the list.

Where the real humor came in was when the groomsmen all dropped their pants and were wearing Speedos, like in the video. The groom had no idea and fell down on the floor laughing for the rest of the song. Luckily the bride had a very good sense of humor.

8. Because I Got High - AfroMan

In the ten years I've been a wedding DJ I've had wedding crashers twice. The first time the crashers left when asked. The second time didn't go so well.

The location I was at had three weddings going on at the same time. I was in the middle ballroom and had started the dance music. Apparently one of the other wedding's DJ wasn't playing the right music so four of their guests decided to come join the wedding I was playing at. The bride and groom asked me to get them to leave. I played a slow song and walked over to them. They had a stench of weed on them and blood shot eyes so I was not looking forward to it. To my surprise they said sure. Fifteen minutes later they snuck back in. I had to get security to escort them out and the bride asked for this song to be played as they left.

7. Ur so Gay - Katy Perry

Before Katy Perry was big she had a few songs that never hit the main stream, which this was one of them. My brother-in-law had sent me a link to this video and said he dedicated this song to me. I thought it was funny so I bought a copy of it.

A few weeks later at a family reunion there was a son that was openly gay. His sister came up to me and asked for this song to be dedicated to her brother. When I put on the song he came running out to the dance floor singing and dancing like this was the greatest song in the world. Later that night I found out his grandma didn't know he was gay and when someone explained it to her she got so mad that she spent the rest of the night locked in a bedroom. The brother said she was a racist too so it didn't surprise him to hear her reaction.

6. The Stripper - David Rose

One of the first weddings I did in Arizona was for a professional dancer. Her 90 year old grandma used to be a dancer too. The only song her grandma would dance to now is "The Stripper". When I put on the song, the adorable and very short old lady made her way to the dance floor and started to shake her little booty like a flapper girl from the 50s. It was just about the cutest thing you would ever see. After the song was over she made her way back to her seat as if nothing had happened.

5. I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred

Years ago I played at a 30th birthday party. During the course of the night the birthday boy's son requested this song. His son was about 6 years old and proceeded to act out the song with about as much dramatic emphasis possible. As expected he got a standing ovation when he was done.

4. Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-a-Lot

This is one of the most over played song ever. For that alone I should ban it from any top ten list that has the word "Best" in the title. For me there is a reason why it's allowed to join this list.

I used to DJ regularly for two singles group; one called "The Big Difference". This is a singles group for big women and the men who love them. They requested this song twice a night at every event. They would strut around the floor shaking their goodies and having more fun then with any other song.

3. The Bad Touch - Blood Hound Gang

The only time I've ever played this song at a DJ event was epic in my mind. The bride and groom were very liberal with the type of music they wanted at the party; a lot of punk and heavy metal. The bride let the best man pick a lot of the songs so at the very end of the night for the grand exit he came over with his iPod and asked to plug it into the system. This is what came out as the newly wed couple left for the honeymoon suite.

My wife complains when I play this song at home, so personal bias may account for this song ranking so high on the list.

2. YMCA - The Village People

As mentioned I was a regular at two different companies that did singles dances. One was the big girls and the other was a faith based company. At the faith based dance I was asked to play YMCA. I should have known better but I played it anyway. As the dance floor filled up, a gentleman (that term is being used loosely) came up to me and started to scold me about how I was promoting homosexuality and that I should be ashamed of myself. The music was loud so I leaned toward him to speak and he stepped away and said "don't touch me!". I smiled big and said I'd be happy to change the song and I appreciated his input. As he walked away my thoughts of him were not appropriate for church so I kept them to myself.

Even though this experience was a negative one, I still think fondly on it. It's not everyday that you see someone so moved by a single song. This man was ready to fight for what he believed and to see that passion over music is inspiring to a DJ.

1. Gloria - Laura Branigan

This song has stuck with me for a long time. One of the first weddings I performed at; the bride had lost her mom when she was young and her dad raised her alone. They were very close so when the dad requested this song and his daughter came running to dance with him, I thought nothing of it. At the end of the song, I transitioned to another song but they stopped dancing and just hugged, both misty eyed. Later he told me that before his wife passed they would sing this at the tops of their lungs in the car with their daughter. It had become a sort of tribute to the brides mom.

Summing up

Music is such a big part of most peoples lives. Even the deaf can feel the beat and the passion of a song. I will always be impacted by the way others react to this art form and I hope to share many more stories like these in years to come.

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Thanks for reading.


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    • DJBudd profile image

      DJBudd 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona USA

      That's a great suggestion. I think I'll start on something like that before the week is out. As for your specific issue of find a song somewhere between cheesy pop and hard rock. What are some of your favorite bands that you consider in this zone? Do you like the high energy intro or something that sets a certain mood? You can look at "Ants Marching" from Dave Matthews or "Beautiful Day" from U2. Neither is over done but they are popular songs for the occasion. It may be helpful to know your age range to get a few more suggestions.

    • okaygrace profile image

      okaygrace 5 years ago

      I second that! Will check out your other blog in the meantime though. I was wondering if perhaps you could post a list to some good suggestions to "introduction" songs for weddings that are some of the best in your opinion? Trying to figure out what to pick for my own wedding and am lost lol. Looking for something in between the extremes of cheesy pop songs and hard rock. If that is any help? Just want something that has not already been way overdone if you catch my drift. Your expertise and advice is appreciated! Now that I am thinking about it you could probably get some good niche traffic by posting some top 10 lists of different categories of wedding songs. I know I would be interested, and I'm sure others will be too. All the best either way!

    • DJBudd profile image

      DJBudd 5 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona USA

      I've been spending more time on my own wordpress site. I'll be back once my page rank goes up a bit.

    • anndavis25 profile image

      anndavis25 5 years ago from Clearwater, Fl.

      DJ what's up? Missed you on here....

    • djtohire profile image

      djtohire 5 years ago from Great Britain

      Great article, good collection of tracks. Look forward to reading some of your other articles.

      Scott Wilkinson

    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 6 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Great collection of songs - funny that there is such a blend of older songs and a few new ones.

    • okaygrace profile image

      okaygrace 6 years ago

      Great read as always! Thanks for that!