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Top 10 list of Life's funny guilty pleasures

Updated on February 21, 2012

Guilty Pleasures Galore

How enjoyable could life really be if we did not surrender to our guilty pleasures every once in a while? Oh come on it's alright to admit that you've taken the guilty pleasure plunge. There certainly is no need to be embarrassed because we have all succumbed one time or another to at least one of our guilty pleasures in life.

~Korman's Law-The trouble with resisting temptation is it may never come your way again.

What exactly is a guilty pleasure?

Some say it's doing something you enjoy, but don't want to admit it to anyone. While others say it's something that gives you pleasure, but may be considered unusual, immoral, or even twisted in the eyes of so called normal people. However you define a guilty pleasure, there is no need to be ashamed that you have partaken. After all, life needs to be lived on the edge and only you can define where that edge is. So let's go ahead and journey down the road of the topic I like to call Life's Top 10 list of Guilty Pleasures:

Top 10 list of Guilty Pleasures:

#10 Smoking-Let's face it, the trend in today's society is to go smoke-free in many organizations. You can no longer just smoke and hang out anywhere you desire anymore. Smokers are usually corralled and cordoned off to the one corner of the outside of the building where all the grass is dead and where non-smokers don't dare wander into. Avid smokers say smoking helps them relax and that the psychological pleasures of smoking outweighs the certainty of the bad health results. Due to the current trends, however, many smokers feel ostracized in today's health conscious non-smoking world, thus making them feel that taking a puff is indeed a guilty pleasure.

#9 Ice Cream and Cake-Ice cream and cake are always associated with happy events, so therefore the guilt of ingesting so many sugar calories easily dissipates as we're singing the "Happy Birthday Song". However, after all the candles have been blown out, that guilty feeling starts to set into your consciousness. How often have you caught yourself saying, "I sure hope the chocolate cake and Rocky Road doesn't go straight to my butt".

#8 Shopping-One survey revealed that 8 out 10 women felt guilty after they went on a shopping spree. Oh the shame of it all--but will that embarrassment stop future shopping trips? Probably not because that same survey showed that despite "all the baggage" associated with shopping, 7 out of 10 women will continue to shop habitually because it simply makes them feel good. (Hopefully the good feelings continue after the credit card bill arrives). :<)

#7 Fried Foods-Fried chicken, Fried bacon, Fried twinkies, French Fries, the list goes on and on. Everything tastes good fried and the deeper it's submerged in oil or fat the better it tastes. We all know that eating too much of a fried food can be unhealthy, but who can really resist the crispy texture of our favorite fried cuisine. I know I can't--Now bring on the fried chicken! (In moderation of course).

#6 Porn-Even in today's advanced and modern society porn is still considered a "taboo" in many circles. Although, the viewing of "pornos" has increased significantly, especially on the Internet, there are few men or women who will openly admit to watching porn. Most guilty pleasure porn viewers prefer to remain anonymous and will only watch it in the comforts of their private homes. However, just like any other guilty pleasure, if you get too obsessed with watching porn it can seriously detract from "real people" relationships and other parts of your personal life.

#5 Coffee or Insert favorite Coffee Establishment-Coffee gives drinkers an energy boost and increased mental alertness. The heightened physical/mental feelings comes from caffeine, which of course is also the addictive ingredient in coffee. There are billions of people who cannot resist their daily dosage of 1,2,3 or maybe 4 cups of java. Coffee cafes have sprouted up throughout the world in order to satisfy their coffee enthusiasts. Starbucks alone has over 17,000 stores worldwide and has a net worth well over $20 billion. Now that's the way to profit on people's guilty pleasures.

#4 Soda/Pop/Soft Drink-Carbonated soda water was first invented in 1767, by an Englishman named Joseph Priestley, who discovered that by infusing water with carbon dioxide you can come up with a refreshing drink that had a pleasant taste. Thus history was made and to this day man has had to battle with weight problems, tooth decay, and a disease called Hypokalemia, which is a low potassium level sickness related to chronic extreme consumption of colas. I know sounds pretty doom and gloom, but "can you please pass me my soda can because I need something to down my hot dog with."

#3 The Internet-I know a lot of you are probably saying, "How can you consider the Internet a guilty pleasure?" You may say, "The Internet is a valuable resource and is necessary in today's fast moving world." I certainly agree with that assessment, however, there are so many addictive things to do on the Internet (besides your job) that you can often feel guilty about being on your computer or electronic device too long. I've heard of horror stories of where people cannot even function in any type of personal relationship because they simply do not know how to relate to a real person. Now that's bad!!

#2 Alcohol-What is your alcohol guilty pleasure of choice? Is it tequila, gin, rum, beer, vodka or my personal favorite red wine? No matter what alcoholic beverage you prefer, alcohol only becomes a guilty pleasure if you are only worried about other aspects of alcohol (such as caloric intake), as opposed to the negative aspects associated with alcoholism, and/or harming yourself or others. Alcohol is considered a depressant and consuming alcohol can help you relax, but if you turn into the "lamp shade" head wearing drunk at the party or the mumbling and stumbling crazed idiot than the guilty pleasure line has been crossed.

#1 Being Lazy-The lyrics of Bruno Mars big guilty pleasure hit song "The Lazy Song", says it all (Watch the Video Below):

Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone
'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything

Laziness is defined according to Wikipedia, as the disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so. Hey I resemble that remark, but I don't take offense to it because Being Lazy is definitely this author's number one guilty pleasure. As my Facebook profile reads, under work status, "I work at Mostly Horizontal at Permanently Retired and Loving It."

Now let's get on with our Guilty Pleasures because Life is too Short not to.

Bruno Marks Swears he will not do anything today!

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Funny Guilty Pleasures Youtube video


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    • profile image

      RAKESH PODDAR 5 years ago


    • ronalina profile image

      ronalina 6 years ago

      Thank you for your nice comments!!

    • bangingbeauty profile image

      bangingbeauty 6 years ago

      I love indulging in guilty pleasures, life's too short. Love your article!

    • ronalina profile image

      ronalina 6 years ago

      Thanks Dan for your comments. I checked out your political blogs. Very nice.

    • Dan90017 profile image

      Dan90017 6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      I think I'm pretty guilty of just about all of these.

    • ronalina profile image

      ronalina 6 years ago

      Me too manthy guilty as charged but I don't care. haha..

    • ronalina profile image

      ronalina 6 years ago

      Wow Jaide you are the first one to submit a comment on any of my Hubs. They always say you will always remember the first one haha... Yep your right I escaped the rat race so I could enjoy my guilty pleasures :

    • manthy profile image

      Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

      LOL - Guilty as charged

    • profile image

      jaide 6 years ago

      So true I know I indulge in a few of these guilty pleasures myself. I love your facebook work status.