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Top 10 most recognisable songs

Updated on June 23, 2014

Music is a funny old thing.Songs have a habit of growing on us, becoming our favourite so we listen to them more often and then we get bored of them and don't want to listen to them.But there are some songs out there that just seem to be instantly recognisable from their distinct riff. This is a list of some of the songs-that aren't necessarily the most famous ones- but with tunes that just seem to switch on that musical light of nostalgia in the head:


A song with a meaningful message,MGMT's 2008 hit record simply has an unforgettable tune.


I don't need to bang on about this track too much.The groovy, funked-out beat,composed with a synthesizer and a baseline is utterly brilliant.The song's popularity and positive critical acclaim when the accompanying video was released a month later only enhanced it.

#8:Everybody Dance Now!

A famous song by Chic, this shot straight up into the Billboard Hot 100 songs list in 1978 and is one of the most heavily featured songs in the film industry in musical history.

#7:Crocodile Rock

Lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! La-la-la-la lahhhhhhhhh la-la-la-la lahhhh la-la-la-la-lah! Elton John's Self-referential song was released in the U.K on 27th October 1972 and in the U.S three weeks later.The riff is absolutely timeless.The video listed here is his live version on the piano as I think this one's the best.

#6:Gangnam Style

Horses at the ready,this unlikely global sensation of yesteryear was one of the first songs to become a smash hit in almost every country in the world, initiating 20,000 strong dance mobs in Indonesia,France and Italy.The secret to a song almost entirely sung in South Korean becoming such a success? The internet.The advent of the internet enabled Psy's 2012 tune to become renowned throughout the world resulting in it becoming the first video in Internet History to be viewed more than a billion times.

#5:Sweet Child O' mine

Awesome doesn't spring to mind often.But when it does,IT DOES.Gun's n' roses euphoric tune smashed previous records when it shot to the top of the charts in 1988, surprising everyone, not least the band itself who composed it in 5 minutes as filler for the record.


This humble Spanish dance song by Los Del Rio about the eponymous woman amassed huge fame when it went international in 1995-6, mainly because of its charismatic Clave rhythm which is so well suited to the dance and satisfying to the ear,


This irresistible synthpop record is everyone's favourite with even unrepentant rockers and Dubstep Diehards indulging in this fabulous tune.Cynthia Johnson just about does justice on the vocals for this 1980 wonder.

#2:Sweet Home Alabama

This controversial take on racism and slavery in the southern parts of the U.S is an absolute cracking tune.Lynyrd Skynyrd did very well with this one-it stood the test of time so not only Neil Young have remembered but we've all too.

#1:Eye Of The Tiger

This song was simply intended for the film "Rocky" but due to its ultra-catchy,euphonic tune and smooth,rhythmic,inspiring lyrics, the track became hugely popular and highly memorable thus being eternally emblazoned on musical history.

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    • Aaron Seitler profile image

      Aaron Seitler 3 years ago from Manchester, United Kingdom

      That anthem would've made a good No.11

    • profile image

      Joshua 3 years ago

      Don't Stop Believin - Journey