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Top 10 phones for a middle class person

Updated on October 19, 2016

Based on expert/user reviews and views of over 10000+ mobiles

So blackberry is moving out of hardware manufacturing business..... and once trusted brand Nokia is nowhere to be found now.

Likewise there has been a lot of unsteadiness in the smartphone segment for the past decade or so.
Today we have huge no of brands that we haven't even heard of but are of great quality and value for money.

I am going to present a list of top 10 mobile phone based on genuine reviews of users across India,the specifications(of course) and primarily : the affordability of a normal middle class/working class person in India(and countries whose economy is similar to India).

Mobiles considered here are under 450USD(30000INR) (Note: Mobile Cost is as per India).

Also all phones have a look into the future kind of features like 4G LTE,best processor,best user ratings,minimal to no flaws like battery heating/hanging problem etc.

1) One Plus 3 - a little overpriced but affordably powerful and a complete smartphone.

2)Asus Zenfone 3 - Best in its segment with ultimate performance.

3)LeEco Le2 - Amazing Phone under 180$.Trust me you won't regret buying this.

4)SAMSUNG Galaxy J7 - 6 (2016 edition) - You cannot leave out a samsung when it comes to common man's perspective. Beautufully done samsung.

5)Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - Hyped and delivered.

6)Moto G Plus 4th Gen - Most trusted and long lasting standard phone.

7)Lenovo Z2 Plus - Another phone that seals best affordable tag.

8)Asus Zenfone 2 Laser - The best voted and positively used smartphone.

9)Honor 5C - You will love the work done on the phone at such a cheap price.

10)Samsung galaxy on7 - Cheapest in the list yet smart and fast.

Note: The above list is purely driven from 1000's of reviews analysed carefully and can always change in future.
I really appreciate if your comments could bring the changes in the list.

© 2016 raghu199991


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