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Top 10 romantic heroes

Updated on July 7, 2015

I need a hero

There is a great deal of romantic movies in the world. But despite the abundance of love stories in cinema, it’s still very hard to find a truly romantic character. Here are the 10 most romantic heroes in movies.

If you think I’ve missed anyone out, tell me in the comments.

Jack Dawson

Number one romantic hero

Titanic story might be the one of cliché and overrated story of all times, but Leonardo Di Caprio’s Jack Dawson automatically pops up, when you think about romantic heros in movies. He is not a prince charming, he is not a rich man of high social status, he is just adventurous dreamer, starving artist without brilliant future ahead. This guy has nothing to give- no privileges, no diamonds, but he could give the wings to fly, he could offer a full freedom. He will make your heart go on... Whatever happens, he will be by your side, reassuring that you will win the battle with evil fate.

Fitzwilliam Darcy

Mr Perfect

Fitzwilliam Darcy is one of the central characters in Pride and Prejudice. He is portrayed as aloof and unsympathetic character from Elizabeth Bennet’s point of view. This all changes, however, when a number of events are revealed to Elizabeth and she realizes, that Mr Darcy is a man of honour.

Charming, elegant, reserved, a gentleman of few words. His devotion for honourable deeds and honesty, his impeccable manners says more than any words.

Mr Darcy is perfect, and I bet he is that man, most of women would prefer to go on a date with.

Jamal Malik

Everlasting love

To be frank, I am a great fan of this movie. It`s not like anything else. It’s not about falling in love, but saving the one you already love. Jamal Malik was raised in the slums of India. It’s there where he met Latika, his single love he wants to find and protect. I love, that Jamal never gave up hope that he would find Latika. He’s optimistic, no matter what obstacles the future stores for him. Jamal, who has suffered so many losts in his life, so many grieves managed to save his heart clean and sincere.

Jamal is an embodiement of devoting pure love, that never ends.

Every time I see the final scene in the station, when Jamal meets his beloved Latica, I can hardly retain my tears ,but I am glad to know, that true love does exist and hopefully not just on the screen.

Milo gladiator

Genuine man

Pompei isn`t as popular as other cinema stories, but the love story is indeed captivating.

Milo is a young slave gladiator slave and Cassia is a noble lady. There is a precipice between them, but powerfull love makes it happen.

I love Milo for his male beauty and absolutely stunning fighting abilities, for his intrepid courage, for his noble feeling of friendship and affection to beloved woman.

I love him as a true man, who spits on fate and safety to rescue his beloved girl.

Sam Wheat

Never leave You

Portrayed by Patrick Swayzee, Sam Wheat becomes a ghost after being murdered and can walk through solid objects, but can no longer be seen or heard by Molly. And that`s the point, he cannot bear to leave Molly just yet even as a shaft of light from heaven beckons him to move on to the afterlife. The unforgettable “See You” in the end makes me cry even if it`s a hundred time I see the farewell scene.

The Ghost movie remains one of the most spectacular romantic and tearfull stories, ever narrated on screen. Unchained melody is the hymn of true love and Sam who cannot put up with his separation with beloved one is the proof of eternal love existence.

I will never forget Patrick Swaysee, I will never forget Sam Wheat !


Knight of my heart

I don`t know why him. Maybe I just cannot resist Richard Gere charms, but First Knight Lancelot is not just awfully handsome but is a perfect knight, both adventurous and chivalrous to the highest degree.

Oh, it must be great to be Guinevere!

Colonel Brandon

Rare romantic

Colonel Brandon is very noble man. The heart of a veritable knight of chivalry beat in his chest, willing to undertake any task solely to serve his lady, exhibiting the at least four of the five virtues of a true knight: friendship, generosity, chastity, courtesy, and piety.

Of course, he is not the man, you instantly fall in love. He is delicate, calm, reserved, so at first sight you can consider him a dull and boring. Most of all He appreciates honour and honesty, but if he loves he loves with all his heart. He is admrable rare romantic hero. He mourned his lost love and cherished his memory of her in the true romantic style of the poetry Colonel Brandon was distinguished by his selfless desire to secure the comfort of others in general, and Marianne’s happiness in particular.


Charming dream

Leopold, a dashing English duke and inventor from 1876 who’s transported to present-day New York, where he encounters the wonders of safety razors, toasters and automobiles, sweaters and trousers.

Leopold at first befuddles and impresses with his noble bearing and courtly manners.

He is perfect in each detail of his gorgeous aristocratic image, but he is not snobbish or arrogant.Leopold is the dream himself!

Captain Wentworth

Captain Romantic

Yet another true romantic of Jane Austen.

Maintaining the good manners, consideration, and sensitivity of the older type,Frederic Wentworth is gallant, independent, and brave hero. His resoluteness and visible indifference makes his character just hypnotizing!

He is truest romantic. These words of him makes it obvious:

"I must go, uncertain of my fate; but I shall return hither, or follow your party, as soon as possible. A word, a look, will be enough to decide whether I enter your father's house this evening or never."


Wild child

I cannot forget about this gorgeous and nature-born handsome Unkas(Eric Schweig). Just look into his profound wild magnetik eyes and you will feel that primordial true feeling, each of us wants to feel. Though he is not the main character of Last of the Mohicans, but my attention complete attention was devoted to Uncas, played by the gorgeous Eric Schweig. I cannot forgis fully absorbed with that guy.

The love story of Uncas and Cora`s sister Alice are similar to Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed lovers doomed to tragedy.

And when Alice sees Uncas dies before her, she begins to slowly edge away from Magua and to the edge of the cliff. It`s one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking scenes. Without a word, she turns away from him and jumps off the cliff and down to her death to join Uncas. And I understand her in this way. Uncas is unforgettable!

Most romantic

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