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A list of the 10 best romantic movies

Updated on August 31, 2014
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Remember me

An amazing love story between Ally and Tyler that totally changed their lives..

Remember me - Official trailer

Water for elephants

A beautiful love story between Jacob, a veterinary student who abandoned his studies after his parents were killed ,and Marlena, the beautiful wife of his boss!

Water for elephants - Official trailer

Wicker Park

A story about two friends that fell in love with one men, and how one of them, Alex, changed the truth just so Matt will be with her.

Wicker park - Official trailer

The other boleyn girl

A movie that shows how cruel people can be just to take power and authority. The movie is about two sisters fighting years so one of them can be the queen..

The other Boleyn girl - Official trailer

The mask of zorro

A movie based on the Zorro character with a love story between Zorro and Elena, the real daughter of De La Vega.

The mask of Zorro - Official trailer

Memoirs of a Geisha

A movie that shows how a Geisha suffer during his life just to please men and be as perfect as they want. A geisha cannot live the life she want, she cannot even choose the man she love.

Memoirs of a Geisha - Official trailer

A walk in the clouds

A young soldier returning from war wanted to help a young beautiful girl he met on his way, after knowing she's pregnant and her boyfriend left her. He went home with her and they told the girl's family he's his wife. After many days spent together, the fake husband and wife felled in love.

A walk in the clouds - Official trailer

Sweet november

Sara used to live every month with a different man. But during November, she lived with Nelson, and that month changed their life.

Sweet November - Official trailer

Pearl harbor

Pearl Harbor is a war film with action and romance. A nurse named Evelyn felled in love with Rafe who had the same feelings to her. Months later, Rafe, as a soldier, was shot during the war. His best friend Danny told Evelyn about what happened, he passed many times with her talking about Rafe and trying to help her forget his death. Evelyn and Danny started developing feeling to each other, when they discover Rafe is still alive..

Pearl Harbor - Official trailer

A walk to remember

A walk to remember may still the best romantic movie ever! it's about Landon Carter, a popular student, who felled in love with Jamie Sullivan the reverend's daughter, and the story began..

A walk to remember - Official trailer

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