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Top 10 tech movies for the adventure seeking geek

Updated on September 29, 2015
top tech movie Netflix list
top tech movie Netflix list | Source

10.Jumpin jack flash 1986

This thriller movie directed by Penny marshal perhaps is the first movie that inspired me to watch tech movies. It is an unimaginable mix of a tech genius with the most lovable comedian.

Whoopis' trademark cocktail of wise knowledge with restless energy with some new age geek energy creates the first tech comedy hero in the history of movie making. A struggling customer rep in bank manages to get the attention of a client from the other side of the world, but pays the biggest price for trying to be a benefactor to this lonely trapped 'Jack' who turns out to be a spy.

The line that he uses is 'Jumpin jack flash' which meant some code that Terry Doolittle or Whoopi must decipher and help him escape.

What gives me some great movie time are the scenes of late night chatting with the friendly spy client that too at work, which is not just thrilling but is downright sneaky business that too in a bank out of all the places!

The linux screen makes the journey all the more sneaky. Whoopis' 'flu-voice' as usual lends credibility to this wild bank rep who goes one step too far. This ability to bring in her own character into each roles sets Whoopi Goldberg apart from anyone.

All this in 1986 when we never even imagined that we are the future users of an Android phones.

There is something about Whoopi Goldbergs authenticity, the flickering linux screen, the foul language and the heady environment of the 80s' that combine here to make this forgettable movie actually really watchable. The novice set design ultimately made it short of becoming a classic.

Jumpin Jack Flash trailer

9. War Games 1983

If you loved spy movies then War games is your top tech movie online directed by John Badham that will keep you glued to the screen. Again the power of the eighties does add its instant energetic high voltage effect.

Like most tech movies this one has tech geek involved in this case Matthew Broderick of Godzilla. However he gets access to a super computer called WOPR or War Operation Plan Response that creates a war response or zone that will operate the nuclear weapons kept in the military.

What follows is a high drama quest to find who is the person who triggered this fake war. They find its a high school student tech whiz who was too nosy.

Further up the boy finds out that even after he stops the game the computer automatically starts to play the real war game with the government.

And all hell is let loose to find a way to stop this computer game that is going to destroy the entire country of the USA.

Later it is revealed that it was a game created by a scientist who wanted revenge for the death of his whole family.

The movie also gives an indirect message about the dangers of using such potent weapons that could make Earth uninhabitable.

War Games Trailer

8. Sneakers 1992

What can sound more sneaky than a film titled 'sneakers?' This is another spy espionage tech movie that has some political blend to it.

Well this tech movie with Robert Redford as the main tech hero Martin, teaches us to check all black boxes if they contain some secret codes.

Martin is approached by the NSA to secure a box that was developed by mathematician that could help them find some secrets.

However once they check the box it contains the entire secret data of the world like a pandoras box or a magic wand.

Using this data means instant power.

And when power is at stake all the powerful people will want it back or use it against others.

So a wild tech adventure unfolds to scare everyone involved.

Sneakers 1992


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