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Top 12 Country Love Songs On My iPod

Updated on July 22, 2016

Country love songs

Everybody has their opinions about country music. You either love it or you hate it. I love it. Which is why I'm doing this Hub about the Top 12 Country Love Songs On My iPod.

Country music always tells a story in some way. I love the love songs that country produces. They always seem so heartfelt and deep. Like you know it's coming from the heart.

Not all country songs are about their wife leaving them, their dog dying, or their truck. Yes, there are some but not all.

While listening to the love songs on my iPod one day, I decided that the top 12 would make a good Hub!

Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean | Source

#12: Jason Aldean - The Truth

Coming in at number 12 is Jason Aldean with The Truth.

The Truth is about a broken hearted person who still has pride but doesn't want everybody to know the truth. He wants the person he is still in love with to cover for him, telling them anything but. He would rather everybody think he's off doing whatever in his life instead of them knowing the truth - that he is really in pain and hurting.

I imagine I would be doing something similar if anything was to happen to my relationship with my husband.

The Truth was written by Brett James and Ashley Monroe. It was originally recorded by Trent Willmon in 2008 but then covered by Jason Aldean for his album "Wide Open" in September 2009.

Dierks Bentley
Dierks Bentley | Source

#11: Dierks Bentley - 5-1-5-0

Coming in at number 11 is Dierks Bentley with 5-1-5-0.

5-1-5-0 is about a guy who is crazy in love with a girl. He cannot get her out of his head for anything because he's so in love with her.

5150 is code for crazy. If you want to get totally technical, it means involuntary psychiatric hold. (Note: I am not making light or fun of what 5150 really means.)

I have 5-1-5-0 as a ringtone for my husband although it can scare the dickens out of me if he calls from work in the middle of the night.

5-1-5-0 was written by Dierks Bentley, Brett Beavers, and Jim Beavers. It was released in April 2012 as the third single from Bentley's album "Home."

Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw | Source

#10: Tim McGraw - Stars Go Blue

Coming in at number 10 is Tim McGraw with Stars Go Blue.

The song is about the woman that he loves making the mistake of marrying someone else. The metaphor of being a marionette in wooden shoes means she's a puppet and can't escape from the man she's married. He's also saying that he will be there for her, no matter what, when she realizes the mistake she's made. He's asking where she goes when she is lonely and blue since she can't go to her husband.

Stars Go Blue was written by Ryan Adams. It was originally performed by Adams but then covered by Tim McGraw in 2006. The song was also covered by Celtic band The Corrs, featuring U2's Bono, and also Norwegian artists Venke Knutson and Kurt Nilsen as a duo.

Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan | Source

#9: Luke Bryan - Do I

Coming in at number 9 is Luke Bryan with Do I

Do I is about husband (or boyfriend, fiancé) wondering if his wife still loves him. He asks if he still turns her on. He remembers the good times of the past but is second guessing everything now. He wants to know what they're becoming because it feels like they're just doing the same thing day after day, and she could care less whether he's loving on her or not paying any attention to her. He wonders if he still wonders if she still loves him, still cares for him. He pleads with her to tell him if he does or does.

Do I was written by Luke Bryan, Dave Haywood, and Charles Kelley. It was the lead single off Bryan's album "Doin' My Thing" in May 2009.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood
Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood | Source

#8: Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood - Remind Me

Coming in at number eight is Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood with Remind Me.

Remind Me is a song about a couple who are longing for the past, because they both feel like the other doesn't love them or want them anymore. They keep begging the other to remind them of how it felt back in the early stages of their love. They want to hear that from the other person that they DO still love them, DO still care about them. They don't want them to just assume that they know the other person loves them.

Remind Me was written by Brad Paisley, Kelley Lovelace, and Chris DuBois. It was the third single off of Paisley's album "This Is Country Music." It was also named "Taste of Country's Song of The Year for 2011."

Sara Evans
Sara Evans | Source
Vince Gill
Vince Gill | Source

#7: Sara Evans & Vince Gill - No Place That Far

Coming in at number 7 is Sarah Evans and Vince Gill with No Place That Far.

No Place That Far is about a woman declaring her love for her partner, saying she always wants to keep them close. It doesn't matter if it involves mountains, bodies of water, running, crawling, or anything...she would do it to get to them. She will find a way, no matter what. Her greatest fear is not having her partner near, her whole world would be gone if she didn't have him.

No Place That Far was written by Sara Evans, Tom Shapiro, and Tony Martin. It was her second single from her debut album "No Place That Far" and was released in September 1998. It was her first #1 country single, as well as her first top 40 country song on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Vince Gill provides background vocals.

Reba McEntire
Reba McEntire | Source
Vince Gill
Vince Gill

#6: Reba McEntire & Vince Gill - The Heart Won't Lie

Coming in at number 6 is Reba McEntire and Vince Gill with The Heart Won't Lie.

The Heart Won't Lie is about how your heart doesn't lie - it knows what it wants even tho you may try to deny it. If you think you can lie about your love, you are deluding yourself. The heart knows what it wants, even if it's something that you can't have.

The Heart Won't Lie was written by Kim Carnes and Donna Terry Weiss. It was the second single from Reba McEntire's album "It's Your Call" and was released in February 1993. It was originally for Reba and Kenny Rogers but they couldn't get it to work out because of the different range in their voices. The music video featured Vince Gill and Reba McEntire as soldiers in the military, Vince being Reba's superior. They loved each other but couldn't be together. Gill isn't a huge fan of music videos and had to endure a four day video shoot. Reba had to promise him if he did another song with her, he wouldn't have to do another four day video shoot.

Vince Gill (Yes, I really did put 3 pictures of him up here. He is so handsome.)
Vince Gill (Yes, I really did put 3 pictures of him up here. He is so handsome.) | Source

#5: Vince Gill - Look At Us

Coming in at number five is Vince Gill with Look At Us.

Look At Us is about a couple looking back on all of the years they have been together. They're still leaning on each other, even after all they've been through. He's still crazy over her after all these years. They are the epitome of true love. A love like theirs will go down in history and when people look back and reflect on their love, they will wonder how they made everything work out. Their love is basically a storybook romance.

Look At Us was written by Vince Gill and Max D. Barnes. It was the third single released from Gill's album "Pocket Full Of Gold" on September 1991. John Hughey, who was famous for his steel pedal guitar work, was featured on the track.

George Strait
George Strait | Source

#4: George Strait - It Just Comes Natural

Coming in at number four is George Strait with It Just Comes Natural.

It Just Comes Natural is about the person singing what comes natural - seasons changing, the sun shining, clouds raining, etc. They also say that their love for their partner also comes natural to them, like breathing. They were born to love them and that's so easy to do that they don't even have to think about it.

It Just Comes Natural was written by Marv Green and Jim Collins. It is the title track and second single from Georgie Strait's album "It Just Comes Natural." It was released in September 2006 and reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in February 2007. It Just Comes Natural was also Strait's 42nd Billboard number one single.

Heidi Newfield
Heidi Newfield | Source

#3: Heidi Newfield - Johnny and June

Coming in at number three is Heidi Newfield with Johnny and June.

Johnny and June is about the woman describing what kind of relationship she wants with her partner. In this song, it's specifically about the love between Johnny Cash and his wife, June Carter Cash. Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash were known for their deep love for each other.

The song was written by Heidi Newfield, Stephony Smith, and Deanna Bryant. It it from Newfield's 2008 album "What Am I Waiting For" and the song song reached a peak of #11 on the Hot Country Songs charts in late September 2008.

Rascal Flatts (Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney, and Jay DeMarcus L-R)
Rascal Flatts (Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney, and Jay DeMarcus L-R) | Source

#2: Rascal Flatts - Every Day

Coming in at number two is Rascal Flatts with Every Day.

Every Day is about a person who is telling their partner that every day, in some shape or form, they save their life. They knew that in the beginning they could have just bowed out or, knowing what they knew, they could have just said no and left them alone. Whether it's what they, knowingly or unknowingly, say or what they do, they save their life every day.

Every Day was written by Jeffrey Steele and Alissa Moreno. It was released on Rascal Flatts album "Still Feels Good" in 2008, as the third single, and their nineteenth Top Ten country, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

The video features strangers doing acts of kindness to other strangers in need.

Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton | Source

#1: Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You

Coming in at number one is Blake Shelton with God Gave Me You.

God Gave Me You is about a man saying he's been a mess lately but his partner has been right there with him the whole time and he needs her. He says that God gave her to him for a reason. He says that there is more to meets the eye about their relationship, there is a divine conspiracy. She is his angel, he is the martyr, and he needs her. When he's alone, he's only half - she makes him whole. No matter how much he doubts and no matter the ups & downs, God gave her to him.

God Gave Me You was written by Christian music singer Dave Barnes for his 2010 album. Country singer Blake Shelton covered the song in 2011 after hearing the song on the radio and knew he had to do it. Shelton said the song inspired him to propose to his then-girlfriend Miranda Lambert, who is in the video for the song.

Are you feeling the love?

I may be a little biased when it comes to the top 3 songs, as they are my husband and my's songs, but don't hold that against me!

Love songs can always tell a story, good or bad. Country songs almost always tell a story!

I hope you enjoyed this Hub and it made you get a warm and fuzzy feeling.

What are your favorite country love songs?


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    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      GH Price 

      4 years ago from North Florida

      But it's the truth!

    • sweetjamieblueyes profile imageAUTHOR

      Jamie Sykes 

      4 years ago from Lewisville, North Carolina

      You're lucky I love you or I would have denied that comment :P

    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      GH Price 

      4 years ago from North Florida

      SLAYER RULES! \m/


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