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Top 15 Amateur Singing Moments: Singing to the Karaoke the Right Way...or Not?

Updated on August 12, 2009

Sounds familiar or not quite?

We all love to sing and listen to music. We sing while working out, we sing while working. We sing off key and we sing on demand. Especially for Pinoys like me, singing is part of our lives. Every Pinoy sings, whether their neighbors like it or not. And we’re never afraid to hold the microphone. In almost every celebration we have, singing will never be absent.

Sometimes, though, lyrics are muddled up and we just have to make up the lyrics, lest we get a low grade from the machine. Am sure that this is not exclusive to Filipinos, but here in the Philippines, mumbling words that sound like the lyrics of the song is called “amateur singing”.

Before I give you the top 15 funniest amateur singing moments, let me first walk you through the evolution of “sing-alongs” here in the Philippines.

The Minus One Cassette Tapes

This is your good old cassette tapes, except that it can be tweaked to remove the lyrics. This works only (of course) in cassette players and you usually have to mute the left speaker to isolate the music from the lyrics. You can then sing along to the song. Many local celebrities have made their career out of being Minus One singers. They will usually sound like the popular artists of the time and this will be their claim to fame. With the extinction of cassette players of course came the demise of the minus ones.

The Karaoke

This is a much improved and much more entertaining version of the Minus One. The lyrics and music can be isolated from each other. But this one is played on a television monitor, with the lyrics flashing and some accompanying images. It is accompanied by a Karaoke player which is like a very big radio. It also has the very exciting scores feature, 100 being the highest. It is commonly believed that those with loud voices and exact pronunciation of the words flashed usually get a perfect score. A perfect excuse for an off key song, right?

The Videoke

Although similar to a Karaoke, the Videoke’s main advantage is the number of songs it can have in one disk. It is also played in a regular dvd or cd player. Depending on the machine used, it can also display scores, a source of fun and amusement to everyone listening. This became so popular, there was even a movie about it that featured one of the local superstars in showbusiness!

Manny is a singer, too!

The Magic Sing

Now this is the ultimate in sing-alongs if you ask me. It is a microphone, with a built-in chip that contains tens of thousands of songs. Tens of thousands, yup! You program it to your tv, and you can call on the songs by punching in the numbers from the mic. The magic sing or magic mic is a standard “must bring” for almost all Pinoys working abroad. It is so popular, its celebrity endorser is no less than the Pound for Pound King, Manny Pacquiao.

There you have it! Suffice it to say, Filipinos have had a long affair with singing, more specifically, sing-along. So, without much further ado, I present to you the “Top 15 Amateur Singing Moments”.

Here they are, the top amateur singing moments, as compiled by a very popular morning radio show here, The Morning Rush. I’ve inserted some I’ve heard. Have fun determining what the songs are and what the real lyrics are. (Those in parentheses are my comments). If you can’t guess them, let me know and I’ll be very glad to help you!

Day 2 HubChallenge

Top 15 Amateur Singing Moments

  1.  “You ain’t nothing but a hotdog, catsup all the time…” (not that far off, eh?)
  2.  “Kiss me and smaffle me, tell me that you’ll wait for me…” (smaffle? Why not, sounds good!)
  3.  “She’s got a chicken to ride…” (this is so easy!)
  4.  “One monay, gimme just one monay…” (Monay is the local term for a bun)
  5. “Silver gray hair, neatly combed in space, there were four generations of loving her face” (you have to guess this!)
  6. “I just can’t taft avenue…”
  7. “My only nest is killing me…” (yeah!)
  8. “London distance love affair, whoa…”
  9.  “Starry starry night…paint your panty blue and gray…” (he must be turning in his grave!)
  10. “Get set loud, get set loud!”
  11. “Rectangle…she’s been living in a rectang-world” (well, at least it’s consistent)
  12. “And I’m here to remind you of the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me…” (well, you oughta know the lyrics if you wanted to sing it)
  13.  “I can’t live…if Lebanese without you…I can’t live…” (this is better than Bulgarian Idol’s Ken Lee)
  14. “Why do you giddyap, buttercup baby when you let me down…”
  15. “One moment inside…” (Classic. And this song is a big favorite in many singing contests so it also gets muddled up a lot of times)


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      there was one time, we were at the beach and there was a woman singing karaoke somewhere. she was horribly off key but what got us laughing was "give a sign, hate me bebe one more time..."

    • mommyfreelancer profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Philippines

      Haha, good one! There are more, but some of them are in Tagalog :)

    • emievil profile image


      10 years ago from Philippines

      LOL. I can add one from the Dancing Queen song - You can dance, you can ji-be. That was really something.

    • mommyfreelancer profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Philippines

      Hi, Emievil! Am sure you can relate very much to these, huh!

    • emievil profile image


      10 years ago from Philippines

      LOL. These are funny. Wonder how you heard them =).


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