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Nicki Minaj : Top 15 Things She Wants You To Know

Updated on May 24, 2016

The Saviour Of Female Rap

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj | Source

Worldwide Success

Nicki Minaj is known throughout the world and is one of the biggest pop success stories of the 2010s. She has conquered one of the most male dominated industries in the entire universe, Hip hop music. Her name joins an elite few in that it is more than just an individuals name but an entire business, like Jackie Chan, Madonna and Steven Spielberg. Based on interviews, here are 15 interesting facts you need to know about the phenomenon that is Nicki Minaj.

Bras And Thongs

She hates bras, but loves and adores thongs, especially black ones.

C'mon guys....drooling is so uncool
C'mon guys....drooling is so uncool | Source

Bus Driver

At eight years old Nicki (Onika Tanya Maraj as she was known then, as it is her real name) wanted to be a bus driver and was jealous of bus drivers, as they got to drive buses all day.

La Guardia High school

Nicki studied at La Guardia High School, which specializes in music and the visual and performing arts. She had to audition for singing and dancing. She got the gig, but cannot remember which monologue she did, although the name "Polymethius" was in it.

Porn Star Gig

Her first paying gig was in Brooklyn, New York. She did a show and shared it with a porn star, who got all the attention. She made $750.

Get In The Myx

Myx Fusions is the name of a drink by Nicki. She endorses it and is also the co-owner. It is a fruit infused beverage, blended with natural fruit juices and flavours. She wants it to be a lifestyle drink

I am so excited to team with the Myx brand. I have no doubt that it will be number one. It's a great-tasting, amazing product that people will love.
I am so excited to team with the Myx brand. I have no doubt that it will be number one. It's a great-tasting, amazing product that people will love. | Source


She can do several accents, she breaks into them on some of her records, but her British accent is absolutely brilliant.

Nickis British Accent


She says "It's a white girl thing. If a white girl does something that seems to be black. Blacks think, Oh! She's embracing our culture, they ride with it. White people think she must be cool, she's doing something black. If a black person does a black thing it ain't that popular".

Woman In A Mans World

It wasn't easy, in fact she says it was crazy, being a woman in a mans Hip Hop world. Most guys don't want their women spitting the rhymes. She can certainly stand her own. She is a business woman, she knows what she wants, she knows how to handle it and whatever she does in the future will be a success. Watching her in any interview for only a few minutes will confirm that.

Nicki with the other 2013 American Idol panellists Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban
Nicki with the other 2013 American Idol panellists Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban | Source

American Idol

She did it. It was a great learning experience. She had fun on the panel, but she wouldn't do it again. It was scary.

Mariah Carey

"We're both professionals and we're both adults. She doesn't want another woman on the show. That's fine, but I'm here and we gotta work together. We're moving on and let bygones be bygones."

Nicki said it was disappointing when someone you admire gets on like that. She was hurt.


Nicki Minaj has 17 million twitter followers. That's more than the population of Chile in South America.

When designing her clothes line, The Nicki Minaj Collection, she asked for the opinions of her followers.


Her opinion of this song is that it puts everything into one tiny little song. It describes everything she was feeling, everything that has been said to her and everything she would like to say to the world.

Aggresive Driver

Describes herself as an aggressive driver. She hates slow drivers and if she were president her biggest pet peave, illegal U-turns, would be legalised.

Harajuku Barbie

Harajuku Barbie is Nickis description of her clothing line " The Nicki Minaj Collection". She launched her first fragrance "Pink Friday", the bottle of which looks like Nicki as she appears on her Pink Friday album. Her second fragrance "Minajesty" was released in September 2013.

Crispy Bacon

Finally, if you are really lucky enough to take Nicki out on a date and she asks for bacon. Make sure it is really crispy. That's the way she likes it.


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    • villyvacker profile image

      Billy Turnock 10 months ago from Manchester England

      Kgotlelelo Mariri ...whats happening is you are growing up. There are many singers who don't have a slutty image. When you are twelve and thirteen years old it is common to have a hero you look up to. When you get older you begin to get your own personality. I'm sure you could be a singer without copying anyone elses image. Create your own image and take the bits you do like about Nicki then be yourself. Good luck.

    • profile image

      kgotlelelo mariri 10 months ago

      i used to look up to her and now i donot know what to think about her.if this how live your life as i singer,well right now i think that i donot want to be a a singer you have to be a slut,show your whole ass and you have no time of your self i think am not ready to be a singer and nicki just showed me that,i am a 16 year old who just wanted to be like nicki,but me being a slut is not part of the deal

    • profile image

      Mely 3 years ago

      They are Maori dancers diefnetily because they are performing the haka which is also performed before all New Zealand (mens) sporting events ka mate ka mate

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 3 years ago from Philippines

      Never heard of her until American Idol. She isn't my generation. But, she can be interesting. I still laugh when I remember Keith Urban saying he felt like a cat scratching pole between her and Mariah:). Nice hub.

    • profile image

      shanae 3 years ago

      i love and admire nicki minaj sooooo much............