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Top 20 Chopped and Screwed Songs of 2010

Updated on January 10, 2011

20. Tyga- Well Done

Young Money Records has recruited high caliber artists and Tyga exemplifies that. The 2010 DJ Drama Mixtape, also titled, “Well Done" is a plethora of exquisite instrumentals but this one takes the crown. When screwed up, Tyga's voice resembles that of a young Jadakiss.

19. Lloyd Banks- Goodbye

LloydBanks' 2010 album, "Hungry for More 2," doesn't feature this monster track. Actually, the source of this track is undisclosed. Still, LloydBanks' well-written lyrics also gives this dark, menacing melody a subtle sad feeling. Banks is completely frustrated with others in this song. He'd rather handle business consistently without worrying about free loaders or scandalous women. 

18. T-Pain- Black and Yellow Remix

Wiz Khalifa released one of the year's most popular rap songs, with "Black and Yellow". Many remixes were released including versions by Snoop Dogg and The Game (Purp and Yellow), Fabolous (White and Navy), Young Jeezy, and Layzie Bone. T-Pain's version makes the list because of the high energy he exudes on the song.

17. Short Dawg- Power Freestyle

The original song Short Dawg is freestyling on, "Power," (KanyeWest) has faint guitar rifts within the instrumentals, but the Don Cannon Southern Flame Spitta version has the metal guitars turned up. The result is a metal/african chant mash. Short Dawg assists in destroying the beat with his punchlines like, "Southern bread n**** but the flow is so awkward/I'm Awesome like AllenRossum, these n***** garbage" or, "Chevy Tahoe all black like the panther party". I hope Young Money records designs decent instrumentals for his upcoming album.

16. DJ Kay Slay ft Busta Rhymes, Twista, Jaz-O, and Layzie Bone- 60 Second Assassins

KaySlay conspired with America's fastest flowing rappers to bring listeners the year's fastest rap song. Even when slowed down to an understandable speed, these rappers are still the quickest tongue twisters on the list. save 

15. Short Dawg- Miss Me Freestyle

Once again, this Short Dawg freestyle has a few instrumental alterations. Still, Short Dawg's punch-line packed verses and ability to mimic the original artist's style creates a similar atmosphere in the song.

14. Yelawolf- Lambo

Who the hell is Yelawolf? Why didn't anyone in Texas inform me of his 2009 song with Bun B called, "Good to Go"? Why didn't anyone point him out when he sang Slim Thug's chorus on "I Run"? I guess people may overlook this song too. Too bad. The slower beat allows listeners to enjoy a more casual flow, as if Yelawolf were having a one-sided conversation.

13. Lil Wayne- 6ft 7ft

For a few days in December 2010, this Chopped and Screwed song was the only version of LilWayne's "6ft 7ft" on YouTube. Viewers rushed to get a taste of the long awaited single. The song sounds as those "A Milli," LilWayne's smash single off of the Carter 3, had a few visits to Balco laboratories and to BarryBond's trainer. This track is probably going on people's Top Ten list in 2011.   

12. Roscoe Dash-Ready, Set, Go

Yes, Roscoe Dash and Wale had a 2010 hit single with, "No Hands," but this song easily creates the same atmosphere: Women furiously booty popping and money being thrown about. When slowed, Roscoe Dash has a manlier voice and the chorus is mellower. 

11. Kid Ink- Keep it Rollin

This song seemingly hypnotizes girls into feeling sexy. Kid Ink has an abnormal style- an east coast vibe with a west coast heart.  With clever lines like, "Walking like a giant/ Fi Fie foeing," and, "You would think it was christmas/ how I got her open," Kid Ink is fun to listen to as well.  

10. Young Jeezy- Dope Boy Swag

Young Jeezy takes Soulja Boy's track "Pretty Boy Swag" and makes it bearable. I don't know exactly what Jeezy is on in this song, But the song is clearly different from his normal style. 

9. Smoke DZA- Ralph LifShitz

This song has many references about clothing, including the name,"RalphLifshitz" also known as RalphLauren's real name. The beat is produced by Boi-1da who creates a relaxed sound with Smoke DZA's catchy lyrics. The song is basic, yet has much depth because Smoke DZA focuses on a few topics. 

8. Short Dawg-Bill Gates Freestyle

If this track had flesh, Short Dawg just tore it into cornmeal pieces. Short Dawg annihilates with witty lines such as, "Give a n**** brains real quick, straight cram," or, "Slugs the size of cigarettes out the trans am," and has a sound that is only comparable to JermaineDupri or Too Short. After this track, I'm sure Short Dawg calmly wiped his hands clean and hopped back into his spaceship; on to the next track. 

7. Consequence- Bearer of Bad News

Consequence has been doing this rap thing since 1996. He has made songs with many artists including KanyeWest, A tribe Called Quest, and JohnLegend. He has several mixtapes and his upcoming album is schedule to be released in 2011. This song is reminiscent of 1970s funk music. Consequences adds to the beat's vibe with his clean verse and smooth punch lines.

6. B.O.B- Beast Mode

In 2010, B.O.B. made a global name for himself. The smash hit songs, "Airplanes" and "Nothing on you" are his most popular songs. However, the song, "Beast Mode" expresses B.O.B's true feelings towards his newfound success. With lines such as, "So High, I don't get high/ I don't even know what I got weed for," this song will captivate listeners who are more fond of street rap than mainstream rap.

5. Drake ft. Lil Wayne-Miss Me

The second single off of Drake's "Thank Me Later" proves it's not the lyrics that hook listeners but the sound of the rapper's voice meshing together with the beat . The instrumental is similar to 3 6 Mafia's Grammy winning song, "Poppin my Collar" in its repetitive nature. Even though Drake and LilWayne copy directly from other artists the song is definitely bearable.(Drake says, "What's happening?" the same way it's said in "Lean with it, Rock with it" by Dem Franchise Boys and Lil Wayne copies from the 1970s song "Love Machine") 

4. Z-Ro-Driving Me Wild

This song, off of Z-Ro's "Heroin" album, borrows a chorus line which has already been used twice. "That pretty brown round/ Driving Me Wild," is the chorus for Juvenile's song, "Rodeo" and was originally R.Kelly's lyrics from his song, "Bump N Grind". Z-Ro puts his spin on the chorus, turning it from a lovely statement to a component of graphic sexual depictions. Did I mention the instrumental is smooth and seductive?

3. Slim Thug Ft Trae Plies- Something Real

This is that classic Houston sound that seems to have slowly faded away.  Just something real from the realest rappers in the industry.  

2. Ciara Ft Ludacris-Ride

Ciara's inclusion of screwed music in her work has made her even more popular in the south. "Ride" begins with a Houston-like freestyle bit from Ciara. Its low pitch gives unfamiliar listeners the impression that a man is drunkenly freestyling during the introduction. Still, with lines like, "Catch me in the mall/you know I buy it out/ G5 planes/Yeah I fly it out," Ciara might as well release a screwed up freestyle mixtape. 

1. Drake-Over

The year's smash single, "Over" has a dreadful tone. Honestly, it's monotone. Drake never steers from this style during the song. Thankfully, the chopped and screwed music genre took this track under its wing, told it to slow down, and allows listeners to enjoy the instrumentals complexity. The once rapidly fluttering violins tiptoe then float for what seems like an eternity. The marching band style beat in the verse portions becomes overwhelmed by the stretched bassline. The song lingers in your mind even longer than before.


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