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Top 20 Weird Facts You WONT Beleive

Updated on March 14, 2016


How many of you guys have seen or heard some super weird Things? Please Comment Below any things!

Top 20

1 - Nintendo was originally a trading card company?

2 - For every human there is living, there is 1.6 million ants!

3 - On Jupiter and Saturn it rains DIAMONDS!

4 - You chances of getting killed by a vending machine is twice as large as your chance being bitten by a shark

5 - No where in the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme says he's an egg

6 - Scotlands national animal is a Unicorn

7 - There are actually more FAKE flamingos than REAL ones

8 - Strawberries Is not considered a berry

9 - Number 8 is mind blowing But, Bananas ARE berries

10 - An Octopus has three hearts

11 - Buzz Aldrin was the first to pee on the moon

12 - The Man with the longest beard died tripping over his beard running away from a fire

13 - The longest snow flake was measured 16 inches long

14 - Rats and Horses can't vomit

15 - A Ducks Quack doesn't echo

16 - The Cigarette Light was invented before the Match

17 - Hot water is heavier than Cold water

18 - Sloths have two weeks to digest their food

19 - Guinea pigs and rabbits can sweat

20 - FINALLY, On average 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents DAILY


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