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Top 200 Amazing Trivia Facts 1 - 50

Updated on April 30, 2010

1. Average number of words spoken by a man each day: 2,000

2. Average number of words spoken by a woman each day: 7,000

3. Average number of years right handed people will live longer than left handed individuals: 9

4. Likelihood that an American traffic death was a pedestrian: 16.6

5. Likelihood that a traffic death in New York City was a pedestrian: 50

6. Percent of all pregnancies that are unintended: 56

7. Percent of unintended pregnancies that occur to teenagers: 66

8. Average number of eggs laid each year by the American Oyster: 500 million

9. Average number of bacteria on each square inch of the human body: 32 million

10. Acres of rainforest destroyed daily: 74,000

11. Number of species of birds that could be found in a four square mile patch of rainforest: 400

12. Number of mail - order houses sold by Sears between 1908 and 1940: 100,000

13. Percent chance that a teenager will experience sexual harassment in school: 80

14. Likelihood that a woman in college will be a victim of sexual assault: 1 in 4

15. Percentage of rape victims assaulted by strangers: 22

16. Estimated number of women of child - bearing age who have no health insurance: 10,000,000

17. Ranking of U.S. in infant mortality rates: 19

18. Annual number of adults struck by clinical depression: 12,000,000

19. Cost of clinical depression in worker absenteeism, lost productivity and health care, in billions: 27

20. Square footage of floor space at Mall Of America, in millions: 4.2

21. Cost to build the Mall Of America, in millions of dollars: 625

22. Number of parking spaces at the Mall of America: 12,750

23. Median sentence in state prison, in months: 72

24. Average months served for a rape conviction: 29

25. Chance that an American volunteers time to an organization or institution: 1 in 5

26. Chance that an American will develop skin cancer: 1 in 6

27. Percent of all skin cancer deaths that are malignant melanomas: 75

28. Number of women worldwide who contract HIV daily: 3000

29. Number of women worldwide who die from AIDS daily: 500

30. Percentage of these women who are between the ages of fifteen and twenty - five: 70

31. Percentage of Americans who believe Elvis could still be alive: 7

32. Weight of a large adult whale, in tons: 220

33. Weight of an adult lion, in pounds: 400

34. Weight of a larger moose, in pounds: 2000

35. Year that hot dogs were invented: 1603

36. Calories in an average breakfast: 1500

37. Minimum "Desirable Weight" of a woman 5'6" with a small frame, in pounds: 120

38. Maximum "Desirable Weight" of a woman 5'6" with a large frame, in pounds: 160

39. Amount of calories a male eighteen years or older trying to lose up to 50 pounds would eat per day while following Jenny Craig's diet plan: 1500

40. Amount of calories a female eighteen years or older trying to lose up to 50 pounds would eat per day while following the same plan: 1200

41. Grams of fat in 3 ounces of lean, broiled pork chops: 8.91

42. Grams of fat in 3 ounces of white chicken meat: 3.83

43. Percent of Vitamin C in broccoli lost by boiling: 67

44. Percent of Vitamin C in broccoli lost in steaming: 21

45. The average number of hours a house cat sleeps in each day: 17

46. Percentage of Americans who say there's been "a great deal" of progress towards Martin Luther King's dream: 59

47. Percentage of Black people who say the nation has done too little to help racial minorities: 75

48. Percentage of white people who agree with above: 39

49. Estimated worldwide volume of high - level nuclear waste: 80,000

50. Number of commercial nuclear reactors worldwide: 413

Continued In Top 200 Amazing Trivia Facts 51 - 100


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    • quicksand profile image


      8 years ago

      Could you not design a software by means of which you could hyphenate all the 2000 words spoken by a male? :)


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