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Top 200 Amazing Trivia Facts 101 - 150

Updated on April 30, 2010

101. Percentage of 18 to 29 year olds who say they see homeless people so often they are no longer bothered by the sight: 55

102. Percent of those over 64 who felt that way: 30

103. Average number of American workers injured on the job each year: 9 million

104. Chance that an American worker will die of an occupationally - related disease: 1 in 6

105. Number of individuals and businesses who don't file tax returns each year: 10 million

106. Cost to government: $10 billion

107. Percentage of stock shares owned by richest 1% of Americans: 50

108. Percentage of investment real estate owned by richest 1% of Americans: 45

109. Annual cost of welfare to government: $23 billion

110. Percentage of men who would choose to do something completely different with their lives if they could: 37

111. Percentage of women who would choose to do so: 33

112. Ratio of gay or lesbian teenagers who commit suicide versus heterosexual teenagers: 3:1

113. Estimated number of illegal aliens living in the United States: 4.2 million

114. Percentage of illegal residents who are from Mexico: 31

115. Percentage of illegal aliens who applied for citizenship that worked in farming, fishing or forestry occupations: 4

116. Percentage of illegal aliens applying for citizenship who worked in service occupations: 30

117. Percentage of illegal aliens applying for citizenship who worked as operators, fabricators or laborers: 34

118. Percentage of applicants who did not work because they were children, homemakers or retirees: 20

119. Number of high school students who drop out of school each day: 2000

120. Percentage of young people aged 10 - 24 who die from preventable causes other than disease: 75

121. Percentage of elementary school boys who say they are "happy the way they are": 69

122. Percentage of elementary school girls who say they are "happy the way they are": 60

123. Percentage of boys who said so in high school: 46

124. Percentage of girls who said so in high school: 29

125. Percentage of teens who regard drinking as a bigger problem in their schools than violence: 47

126. Percentage of teens who say drinking's not necessary to have fun: 77

127. Percentage of teens who found school - based alcohol awareness programs effective: 11

128. Estimated number of homeless in the state of California: 1 million

129. Percentage of homeless mothers who have been physically and/or sexually abused: 89

130. Percentage of underweight women who think they are too fat: 45

131. Percentage of 18 - year - old high school girls unhappy with their bodies: 78

132. Chance that an American woman meets the requirements of a model's size and shape: 1:40,000

133. Number of American women enrolled in Weight Watchers: 9,000,000

134. Estimated gross annual profit of the diet industry: $43 billion

135. Number of computers connected by the ARPANET in 1969, the predecessor to the Internet: 4

136. Cokes drunk per minute around the world: 311,571

137. Percentage of Americans who say they're losing faith in doctors: 70

138. Percentage of Americans who think doctors are far too interested in making money: 69

139. Ratio of American average doctor's income with the average wage earner: 6:1

140. Ratio of British average doctor's income with the average wage earner: 2:1

141. Time a Nevada man spent in jail for jay walking: 24 days

142. Greatest weight ever lifted by a human: 6,270 pounds

143. Ratio of ozone hole over Antarctica to size of the U.S.: 3:1

144. Chance that an American high school senior cannot locate Latin America on a map: 1 in 3

145. Percentage of Americans who expect to go to Heaven when they die: 66

146. Amount earned by Wizard of Oz on its initial release in 1939: $3 million

147. Weight of Bert Lahr's Cowardly Lion costume: 100 pounds

148. Number of midgets hired to play Munchkins: 124

149. Percentage of American college students who say most people only look out for themselves: 82

150. Percentage who believe private corporations are too concerned with profits: 81

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