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Top 200 Amazing Trivia Facts 151 - 200

Updated on April 30, 2010

151. Percentage who would support stronger environmental legislation even at the expense of economic growth: 73

152. Percentage who oppose raising taxes to reduce the federal deficit: 63

153. Rank of battering among causes of injury to women in the United States: 1

154. Number of skin cancer cases expected to result from ozone loss: 1,000,000,000

155. Expected deaths: 17,000,000

156. Number of tools on original Swiss Army Knife: 4

157. Number of tools on most popular modern Swiss Army Knife: 6

158. Approximate number of facial muscles it takes to frown: 50

159. Approximate number of facial muscles it takes to smile:13

160. Year in which most Windows '95 features were available on the Macintosh: 1988

161. Amount of dung an average elephant produces each day: 50

162. Average number of leaves a mature oak tree sheds in the fall: 700,000

163. Amount of water in gallons an average person drinks in a lifetime: 16,000

164. Number of cookies the average American will eat in a lifetime: 35,000

165. Number of hairs on an average person's scalp: 100,000

166. Number of strands of hair an average person will lose in a day: 80

167. Number of inches an average person's hair will grow in a lifetime: 590

168. Pounds of peanut butter the average American eats per year: 3.36

169. Percent of Americans whose favorite peanut butter is crunchy: 33

170. Cans of soda the average American drinks per day: 2

171. Percent of key editorial jobs at daily newspapers held by women: 19.4

172. Percent of newspaper publishers who are women: 8.7

173. Dollar amount of excess auto maintenance the average driver can expect to incur per year as a result of potholes: 240

174. Percent decrease in road damage if a 10% cut in weight per axle were enforced for a few weeks each spring: 40

175. Number of insect fragments the FDA allows per 100 grams of peanut butter: 30

176. Number of yards the linen bandages used to wrap Egyptian mummies averaged: 1,000

177. Number of words in the vocabulary of the average person: 5,000

178. Percentage of women who will be the victim of sexual assault during their lifetimes: 33%

179. Estimated frequency in rapes of U.S. Women: Every 1.3 minutes

180. Percentage of college men who said they would rape if they were "certain they could get away with it": 51%

181. Number of times more likely rape victims will attempt suicide over non victims: 9

182. Number of women killed every day by their husbands or boyfriends: 4

183. Percentage of battered women who are beaten while they are pregnant: 60%

184. Percentage of underweight women who think they are too fat: 45%

185. Number of anorexics and bulimics that are women: 9 in 10

186. Number of American women who die of anorexia each year: 150,000

187. Number of teenage girls who will become pregnant each year: 1 million

188. Percentage of bias crimes against lesbians that go unreported: 85%

189. Percentage of sexual harassment victims who are unwilling to come forward: 90%

190. Number of girls who are sexually abused before they are 18: 8 million

191. Percentage of rape victims who expect to be raped again: 41%

192. Percentage of rape victims who know their attacker: 75%

193. Percentage of women in prison who are mothers: 80%

194. Times prison terms are longer for killing husbands than for killing wives: 2

195. Percentage of women spouse killers who had been battered by their mates: 93%

196. Chances that a woman has been raped in marriage: 1 in 7

197. States in which marital rape is legal: 2

198. Year of the first Miss America pageant: 1920

199. Year in which American women received the right to vote: 1920

200. Average number of websites which are visited by Americans more frequently than HubPages: 140

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