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Top 25 Christian Metal/Rock Songs

Updated on March 6, 2012

Below is a list of my top 25 Christian Metal/Rock songs with a short reason why for each one hope you enjoy .

Number 25


Off of the 1985 Whiteheart album by the same name(Hotline) always Love this song thought it had a nice Guitar riff love the concept of Christ always begin there on the Hotline but could never figure out why they had the intro of a number that was disconnected

Number 24

Newsboys-Simple Man

From Newboys first album "Hell Is For Wimps" a lot of people slept on this album but I feel it was their best album I love this song in particular the "oh,oh's" really pull you into the song and the song itself has a very upbeat feel to it the drums and rhythm keep the song moving at a steady paces and the vocals are great

Number 23

Jet Circus-Victory Dance

What can I say the song speaks for its self from Jet Circus album "Step On It' this song was just pure fun you can't help but tap your feet when you hear it it's great to know that there are a few bands out there that aren't afraid to try new things

Number 22

Mylon LeFevre-Crack the Sky

What can I say the drums at the beginning bring you into the song and never let you go although Mylon Lefevre has been known for some weak song like "Love God,Hate Sin" this was not one from the album with the same name I feel like this is Mylon at his best and I think we all can relate to the feeling of longing to leave the cares of this Earth behind and delight in our heavenly home

Number 21

Jerusalem -Dancing on the Head of Serpent

Let me start by saying normally I don't like songs with keyboard intro's but in this song it works Jerusalem is one of the best bands that you never heard of (in most cases) again this is a song that you have to get up and move when you hear it kind of a shame that the vocals got lost in the production but its not enough to ruin the song

Number 20

Geoff Moore-Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music

A christian rock anthem revamped by Geoff Moore while staying true to the roots by having Larry Norman (the Original Artist) as a guest artist this song declares why Christian Rock is around and is 100% true if nothing else Christians should have all the good music and this song is a step in the right direction

Number 19

One Bad Pig & Johnny Cash-The Man In Black

When I first heard this song I was amazed how well Johnny Cash fit in with this crazy punk band that went by the name of One Bad Pig this song is just great from beginning to end again one Bad Pig was one of the few Christian bands who weren't afraid to be original and have fun with their music this song really shows how good music can be when you say lets be true to who we are and have a good time while we do it whoever said Christian are boring never heard of One Bad Pig

Rick Cua-Don't Say Suicide

Rick Cua a former Bassist of the southern rock band The Outlaws showed he could rock with the suprisingly guitar heavy song coming from a bassist this song dealt with a very serious subject and still has the ability to keep your interest and get its message across Rick Cua was one of the few artist that was able to get radio play and when I first heard this song thinking it was DeGarmo & Key or Whiteheart it took me forever to find out who it really was once I did I was very happy with the whole album titled "Your My Road" if you have the chance to get it my opinion is it's a must have

Number 18

Number 17

Michael W. Smith- Secret Ambition

I know what your saying Michael W. Smith? But this song Rocked one of the few times that Smitty let his rock side show this song has a great intro and awesome guitar that smacks you in the the face and says listen to me I love how this song paints a picture of how Jesus was considered a threat to the religious leaders of his time and how those leaders had no clue of what Christ was about and how he was going to change everything by giving himself away

Number 16

Liaison-My God is a Rock

Liaison great band great song it has everything a hard riff pounding drums awesome chorus this it a anthem that just keeps rocking I've loved this band from the first time I heard them the had all the right mixture of pop and rock to satisfy everyone this song was also on a soundtrack put together for the power team to use as they roller up frying pans and bend horseshoes if you can't rock listening to these guys then you can't rock

Number 15

Messiah Prophet-Master of the Metal

Messiah Prophet Band masters of metal giving praise to the master of the metal another song that has it all dare I say metal at its best this song and album has all the power of bands like Judas Priest or Krokus these guys perfected Christian Metal with this song you can't help but put your fist in the air and pump it or whip out your air guitar and jam again another must have in my book

Number 14

Recon-Take Us Away

Comprised of members of other Christian Metal Bands Recon made a near perfect song with take us away another fist pumper there not much else I can say about this song it is great from the movie intro to the screeching solos if you don't like this song you need to check your rock pulse

Number 13

Disciple-Lay My Burdens Down

Disciple made my list with this power ballad this song just rocks and check out the lyrics: There are things that I'll never understand

The road I've walked that has made me who I am [Romans 8:28]
Reminiscing with the picture on the wall again
Reminding me just how far away I've been

I'm looking to lay my burdens down
They're something I can't carry anymore [Matthew 11:28]
I'm longing to lay my body down
Beside still waters and find rest for my soul [Psalm 23:2-3]

My knees are weak and my mind is tired [Hebrews 12:12-13]
I've followed every dream of every liar
If there's a place that you've prepared for me that I belong [John 14:2-3]
Then let these dry bones arise to live and breathe your song [Ezekiel 37:5]

What once was dead has now come alive [Ephesians 2:1-5]

Number 12

Tourniquet-You Get What You Pray For

From the start with "all the sudden" this song grabs you and shakes you in to a Metal frenzy Tourniquet was a thrash/power metal band but I'm not sure this fits in with that sound but it is like nothing i've ever heard before or since loud, hard, fast but not a copy of Megadeth or any other this is for sure the best song Tourniquet made

Number 11

Barren Cross-Imaginary Music

I can still remember listen to this song over and over again I could picture like they said the stage the lights the crowd I also love how they point out that a lot of it is imaginary in the music world and everything isn't what it seem never the less I did spend hours playing air guitar to this song as a kid this is one of those songs that I can never get sick still love to rock it to this day


Bloodgood yes these guys rock and yes they we're around before Stryper I love this song my favorite part of the song "he got caught his own pants down,Couldn't imagine how it must of felt,should of tight'en up your Bible Belt" what I took as a jab to all the T.V. evangelist that were wrapped up in scandals after years of bashing Christian rock overall a good jam with a nice hooky guitar riff

Number 10

D.C.Talk-Jesus Freak

Yeah Yeah I know D.C. Talk that's not rock or metal but this song rocked and it came out when there wasn't a lot of rock out there besides grunge so this song made me smile from ear to ear after the shock of hearing a completely un-rap version of D.C. so this song gets high marks on my list if you disagree I dare you to listen to this song and not rock out

Number 9

Number 8

Rez Band-Silence Screams

A Band that's been rocking for years this song is just a great mixture of Hard Rock and Blues Glenn Kaiser knows how to rock that's no doubt and again not your run of the mill song saying "Jesus loves You " over and over again but talking about a real life issue of abortion to bad this became a catch phrase for some groups that took their beliefs to an extreme and and used it as a right to cause harm to doctors and women but still a good song and i'm sure that Rez Band did not intend for this song to be used to promote ill will to any man born or unborn

Holy Soldier-We are Young,We are Strong

Wow check out the riff in the intro you know this song is going places from the jump heard this song on the demo tape that a girlfriend had as part of there street team as soon the disc was released I had to get it this song was the reason why this was the 80's metal sound at it's best it doesn't get any better then this

Number 7

Number 6

Guardian-Power Of Love

After A weak 1st album Guardian took the world by storm with this album "Fire And Love" and this song to me was the stand out song love the intro and the flow of the song with this song and album Guardian proved they could hang with the big boys like Stryper and Petra and some may say Guardian put it in high gear and flew past those bands what ever you think you can't deny they can rock

Number 5


"I Feel Like A Monster" rock is back in the 2000s in part thanks to Skillet they had been building up to this rock anthem for years and once it hit everyone noticed it was every where you went videos,movies,radio and the punk kid stereo across the street what can I say when rock is good it's really GOOD

Petra-Mine Field

Wow love it all with John Schlitt (formally of Head East) prove they could still rock this song is great the subject is again a real life issue that everyone can relate to

Number 4

Number 3

Stryper-More Then A Man

Stryper....Stryper....STRYPER has become the first thing some think of when you say Christian Metal and with this song they put a little more of a edge then normal yes there are many Stryper songs that could be listed but this is my favorite

Number 2

Angelica-Cover Me

Love how this song starts out light and acoustic and then blows up right in front of you with thundering guitar and booming vocals that just make you want to stand up and shout "YEAH!" just a perfectly polished song again another must have in my book

Number 1

Your Turn To Pick

Whats the best Christian Rock/Metal band in your book?

See results

Deliverance-Weapons Of Our Warfare

When this came out after their 1st album Deliverance came back with another Rocking album that proved that they could hang with Metallica and Megadeth and proved that Christian Metal can be something to contend with this song the title song for the album was the perfect song to announce that message loud and clear just as Stryper did years earlier


I know,I know what about Whitecross, Crystavox, and Shout or Sacred Warrior all good bands with many good song but this is my top 25 right now and trust me its always changing and always will.....thanks for checking it out tell me what you think with a comment below Your Boy ETURNL


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      mi cancion favorita de todos los tiempos creo que es beat the sistem PETRA mi banda favorita

    • Omnivium profile image


      6 years ago

      You could add The Crimson Armada's first album to the list, if the are not too intense for you.

    • Eturnl profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Colorado

      Thank guys this was a hard list to comprises

      So many good bands out there and so many good songs

    • TheHeavyReview profile image


      6 years ago

      Good stuff! I like Tourniquet and Deliverance. I would also add Extol, Trouble, and Mortification. Rock on!

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 

      6 years ago from The Garden State

      Nice picks! Love those Deliverance, Barren Cross, Stryper, Messiah Prophet and Recon albums.


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