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5 Soaps you should be watching:

Updated on April 3, 2016

Now we all watch T.V. Since I already know that you spend a chuck of your time in front of the flat-screen, why don’t help you make your time worth it. These are the top 5 soaps that everyone should be watching.

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1. Downton Abbey

This soap is not everyone’s cup of tea. But this soap has also been rated as one of the most watched television series. So there must be something in it which makes it so appreciated world-wide. It is a British drama set in the 1920s. So the things you can expect are: upstairs/downstairs, aristocracy, estates, gloves, hats, and of course, the typical characteristics that makes any show appealing – drama, jealousy and romance.

2. Gossip Girl

This is another drama set very much in the 21st century with five overly good-looking people taking up the lead roles. I found the story-line a little depressing to be honest-so much bad blood between friends, but I could never deny that it was boring. Quite the opposite actually. It had kept me hooked in for the entire length of the six-season series. And now that I think back, it had a lot to do because of its novelty. I can’t think of any other soap similar to this one.

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3. Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory. Pretty sure you’ve watched it, or at least heard about it. The show seriously knows how to dish out useful (read: useless) trivia. I have learnt so much about super-hero comics and Star Trek. The best part of the show is, however, the fact that they have very relatable characters. And it is downright hilarious.

4. White Collar

The reason I started watching this show is because of the lead actor’s eyes. Yes, his eyes make me sprout poetry. That’s how beautiful they are. White Collar is about an ex-con man who is every bit of an erotic hero (like the ones we read in Crossfire series and Dublin Street), just without the billions. This is ex-con man works side-by-side with an FBI Officer from the White Collar division to track down other con-man. The storyline isn’t that great, or unique (Much like Castle or The Mentalist), but you can watch the entire season just for the lead actor’s classiness.

5. How I Met Your Mother

There are plenty of hilarious T.V shows. Friends, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family...but nothing like this show. This show tops them all. The only time I ever laugh out loud, like really LOL is when I watch How I Met your Mother. Full of delightful characters – the writers of this show are amazing! And the deliveries of the actors are to perfection. This storyline isn’t that awesome or anything (nothing like How to get away with Murder), but man, it is soooo funny that you’ll die laughing.

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